cargo install caesium


Caesium is an alternative crate registry for Rust, allowing crates to be publshed directly from Cargo.

by Chris Swindle

0.1.0 (see all)License:MIT
cargo install caesium


Caesium is an alternative crate registry for Rust, allowing crates to be publshed directly from Cargo. Below are the key features of Caesium:

  • it is designed to fit into different enterprise systems
  • it has a number of areas that modules can implement support for different systems, these are:
    • storage, where the crates can be stored. This currently includes support for the following:
      • local file system
      • upload to Artifactory

The key areas which it does not have compared to are:

  • Web UI for querying crates
  • Caesium only supports the publish API

How to use it

There are two parts that are required for Caesium, these are:

  • git repository for storing information which Cargo uses
  • the actual Caesium server (this application)

The following sections will go through how to set each of these up.

Setting up git index

You will need a new Git repository which needs to contain a config.json file at the base of the repository. This needs to contain the following information (note this is subject to change as the interface is still evolving):

  "dl": "file:///path/to/my/crates/store",
  "api": ""

The dl field is the URL that uploaded crates can be downloaded from, note that using a file based URL is only sensible if all machines that need to download crates have access to the same location.

The api field provides details of the URL to access the Caesium server.

Setting up Caesium configuration

Caesium loads registry.toml from the current directory for the configuration, an example of the configuration is shown below:

index = "ssh://git@git.server/index.git"

location = "/path/to/my/crates/store"

The index field is the URL for the Git index that was setup in the previous step.

Configuration guide

Below are the key areas of config, the items in bold are mandatory:

Registry Config - MANDATORY

This just has a single entry for the index, which is mandatory, below is an example:

index = "ssh://git@git.server/index.git"

Storage Config - MANDATORY

The storage config contains the following options (one of which must be set):

  • [storage.file]
  • [storage.artifactory]

File based storage

There is only one key for file based storage, that is the location of where to store the crates. Below is an example:

location = "/crates/storage/path"

Artifactory based storage

Artifactory includes the following configuration:

  • base_url
  • api_key

Below is an example:

base_url = "https://artifactory.server/caesium"
api_key = "ABSSJKDNAKSNCNUuansiasncsMKA..."

Server config

The server config just has one optional field, this allows setting the port that Caesium sets the server up on (by default this is 3000). Below is an example:

port = 3000

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