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1 year ago

Read here for details about this release.


2 years ago

Adds fn get_time() -> u64 to core-io-guest, which wraps the new __asml_abi_clock_time_get ABI call.

The ABI calls __asml_abi_event_{ptr|len} were renamed __asml_abi_io_{ptr|len}; this is a breaking change, but shouldn't be noticed if using the asml CLI.

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2 years ago


2 years ago

Adds asml make to the CLI commands. See #24 for details.


2 years ago

This release fully introduces the IO module implementation, based around Cap'n Proto RPC.

The memory management of Threader, which provides the binding between the Wasmer runtime and AssemblyLift, has also been improved with a simple block-based allocator.

The AssemblyLift CLI project spec now supports defining basic HTTP API's.

Some packages have also been renamed. In particular, core-event is now core-io as the old "Event system" has been renamed & reworked.


2 years ago

This is the first release, available on! 🥳

Run cargo install assemblylift-cli to get started. A proper "getting started" guide will be posted soon.

Be warned: this is still really unstable! Repeated function invocations tend to crash the runtime 🙃


2 years ago

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