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Yandex.Cloud Python SDK

by yandex-cloud

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Yandex.Cloud SDK (Python)

Need to automate your infrastructure or use services provided by Yandex.Cloud? We've got you covered.


pip install yandexcloud

Getting started

There are several options for authorization your requests - OAuth Token, Metadata Service (if you're executing your code inside VMs or Cloud Functions running in Yandex.Cloud), Service Account Keys, and externally created IAM tokens.

OAuth Token

sdk = yandexcloud.SDK(token='AQAD-.....')

Metadata Service

Don't forget to assign Service Account for your Instance or Function and grant required roles.

sdk = yandexcloud.SDK()

Service Account Keys

# you can store and read it from JSON file 
sa_key = {
    "id": "...",
    "service_account_id": "...",
    "private_key": "..."

sdk = yandexcloud.SDK(service_account_key=sa_key)

IAM tokens

sdk = yandexcloud.SDK(iam_token="t1.9eu...")

Check examples directory for more examples.



Use make deps command to install library, its production and development dependencies.


Use make format to autoformat code with black tool.


  • make test to run tests for current python version
  • make lint to run only linters for current python version
  • make tox-current to run all checks (tests + code style checks + linters + format check) for current python version
  • make tox to run all checks for all supported (installed in your system) python versions
  • make test-all-versions to run all checks for all supported python versions in docker container


If pull request consists of several meaningful commits, that should be preserved, then use "Rebase and merge" option. Otherwise use "Squash and merge".

New release (changelog, tag and pypi upload) will be automatically created on each push to master via Github Actions workflow.