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Python API for Xena Hub

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pypi i xenaPython


Python API for Xena Hub


support python2 python3


pip install xenaPython

Upgrade Installation

pip install --upgrade xenaPython


>>> import xenaPython as Xena


1: Query four samples and three identifers expression
import xenaPython as xena

hub = "https://toil.xenahubs.net"
dataset = "tcga_RSEM_gene_tpm"
samples = ["TCGA-02-0047-01","TCGA-02-0055-01","TCGA-02-2483-01","TCGA-02-2485-01"]
probes = ['ENSG00000282740.1', 'ENSG00000000005.5', 'ENSG00000000419.12']
[position, [ENSG00000282740_1, ENSG00000000005_5, ENSG00000000419_12]] = xena.dataset_probe_values(hub, dataset, samples, probes)
2: Query four samples and three genes expression, when the dataset you want to query has a identifier-to-gene mapping (i.e. xena probeMap)
hub = "https://toil.xenahubs.net"
dataset = "tcga_RSEM_gene_tpm"
samples = ["TCGA-02-0047-01","TCGA-02-0055-01","TCGA-02-2483-01","TCGA-02-2485-01"]
genes =["TP53", "RB1", "PIK3CA"]
xena.dataset_gene_probe_avg(hub, dataset, samples, genes)
3: If the dataset does not have id-to-gene mapping, but the dataset used gene names as its identifier, you can query gene expression like example 1, example 2 will not work.
hub = "https://toil.xenahubs.net"
dataset = "tcga_RSEM_Hugo_norm_count"
samples = ["TCGA-02-0047-01","TCGA-02-0055-01","TCGA-02-2483-01","TCGA-02-2485-01"]
probes =["TP53", "RB1", "PIK3CA"]
[position, [TP53, RB1, PIK3CA]] = xena.dataset_probe_values (hub, dataset, samples, probes)
4: Find out the samples in a dataset
hub = "https://tcga.xenahubs.net"
dataset = "TCGA.BLCA.sampleMap/HiSeqV2"
xena.dataset_samples (hub, dataset, 10)
xena.dataset_samples (hub, dataset, None)
5: Find out the identifiers in a dataset
hub = "https://tcga.xenahubs.net"
dataset = "TCGA.BLCA.sampleMap/HiSeqV2"
xena.dataset_field (hub, dataset)
6. Find out the number of idnetifiers in a dataset
hub = "https://tcga.xenahubs.net"
dataset = "TCGA.BLCA.sampleMap/HiSeqV2"
xena.dataset_field_n (hub, dataset)
7. Find out hub id, dataset id
use xena browser datasets tool:  https://xenabrowser.net/datapages/


>>> import xenaPython
>>> help(xenaPython)

Help on package xenaPython:


xenaPython - Methods for querying data from UCSC Xena hubs


Data rows are associated with "sample" IDs.
Sample IDs are unique within a "cohort".
A "dataset" is a particular assay of a cohort, e.g. gene expression.
Datasets have associated metadata, specifying their data type and cohort.

There are three primary data types: dense matrix (samples by probes),
sparse (sample, position, variant), and segmented (sample, position, value).

Dense matrices can be genotypic or phenotypic. Phenotypic matrices have
associated field metadata (descriptive names, codes, etc.).

Genotypic matricies may have an associated probeMap, which maps probes to
genomic locations. If a matrix has hugo probeMap, the probes themselves
are gene names. Otherwise, a probeMap is used to map a gene location to a
set of probes.


all_cohorts(host, exclude)


    Count the number datasets with non-null cohort

all_field_metadata(host, dataset)
    Metadata for all dataset fields (phenotypic datasets)

cohort_samples(host, cohort, limit)
    All samples in cohort

cohort_summary(host, exclude)
    Count datasets per-cohort, excluding the given dataset types
    xena.cohort_summary(xena.PUBLIC_HUBS["pancanAtlasHub"], ["probeMap"])

dataset_fetch(host, dataset, samples, probes)
    Probe values for give samples

dataset_field(host, dataset)
    All field (probe) names in dataset

dataset_field_examples(host, dataset, count)
    Field names in dataset, up to <count>

dataset_field_n(host, dataset)
    Number of fields in dataset

dataset_gene_probe_avg(host, dataset, samples, genes)
    Probe average, per-gene, for given samples

dataset_gene_probes_values(host, dataset, samples, genes)
    Probe values in gene, and probe genomic positions, for given samples

dataset_list(host, cohorts)
    Dataset metadata for datasets in the given cohorts

dataset_metadata(host, dataset)
    Dataset metadata

dataset_probe_signature(host, dataset, samples, probes, weights)
    Computed probe signature for given samples and weight array

dataset_probe_values(host, dataset, samples, probes)
    Probe values for given samples, and probe genomic positions
    host = xena.PUBLIC_HUBS["pancanAtlasHub"]
    dataset = "EB++AdjustPANCAN_IlluminaHiSeq_RNASeqV2.geneExp.xena"
    samples = xena.dataset_samples(host, dataset, None)
    [position, [foxm1, tp53]] = xena.dataset_probe_values(host, dataset, samples, ["FOXM1", "TP53"])

dataset_samples(host, dataset, limit)
    All samples in dataset (optional limit)
    samples = xena.dataset_samples(xena.PUBLIC_HUBS["pancanAtlasHub"], "EB++AdjustPANCAN_IlluminaHiSeq_RNASeqV2.geneExp.xena", None)

dataset_samples_n_dense_matrix(host, dataset)
    All samples in dataset (faster, for dense matrix dataset only)


feature_list(host, dataset)
    Dataset field names and long titles (phenotypic datasets)

field_codes(host, dataset, fields)
    Codes for categorical fields

field_metadata(host, dataset, fields)
    Metadata for given fields (phenotypic datasets)

gene_transcripts(host, dataset, gene)
    Gene transcripts

match_fields(host, dataset, names)
    Find fields matching names (must be lower-case)

probe_count(host, dataset)

    Find probemaps

ref_gene_exons(host, dataset, genes)
    Gene model

ref_gene_position(host, dataset, gene)
    Gene position from gene model

ref_gene_range(host, dataset, chr, start, end)
    Gene models overlapping range

segment_data_examples(host, dataset, count)
    Initial segmented data rows, with limit

segmented_data_range(host, dataset, samples, chr, start, end)
    Segmented (copy number) data overlapping range

sparse_data(host, dataset, samples, genes)
    Sparse (mutation) data rows for genes

sparse_data_examples(host, dataset, count)
    Initial sparse data rows, with limit

sparse_data_match_field(host, field, dataset, names)
    Genes in sparse (mutation) dataset matching given names

sparse_data_match_field_slow(host, field, dataset, names)
    Genes in sparse (mutation) dataset matching given names, case-insensitive (names must be lower-case)

sparse_data_match_partial_field(host, field, dataset, names, limit)
    Partial match genes in sparse (mutation) dataset

sparse_data_range(host, dataset, samples, chr, start, end)
    Sparse (mutation) data rows overlapping the given range, for the given samples

transcript_expression(host, transcripts, studyA, subtypeA, studyB, subtypeB, dataset)


LOCAL_HUB = 'https://local.xena.ucsc.edu:7223'
PUBLIC_HUBS = {'gdcHub': 'https://gdc.xenahubs.net', 'icgcHub': 'https...
excludeType = ['probeMap', 'probemap', 'genePredExt']


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