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A simple gallery app for Wagtail.

by Teemu

0.9.1 (see all)License:MIT License
pypi i wagtail-simple-gallery

Wagtail Simple Gallery

Is an extension for Torchbox's Wagtail CMS for creating a simple image gallery either by creating a page using the template or a templatetag.

Current version works with Wagtail 2.8.x - 2.16.x & Django 2.2.x - 4.1.x.

Getting started


  • Install via pip pip install wagtail-simple-gallery.
  • Add wagtail_simple_gallery to INSTALLED_APPS in your project settings.
  • Run python migrate wagtail_simple_gallery.


  • Create a new collection in Wagtail CMS: Settings -> Collections.
  • Add or upload images to the collection.
  • Create a new page using the Gallery index type and select the new collection.
  • You are done, preview or publish the page and you should see the gallery in action.

Features / Options

  • Toggleable Lightbox for viewing images.
  • Show images from selected collection.
  • The amount of images shown on one page (before the paginator kicks in) is changeable.
  • A crude way to order the images shown on a gallery page. By default newest images are shown first, but this can be changed in the page content settings. If it's set to "Image title" then you can manually order images by inserting [<number>] into their title: "[00004] Cute cat".
  • Tags.


You can override the SimpleGalleryIndex page template with this setting. Default: wagtail_simple_gallery/simple_gallery_index.html

You can use this with the Admin Interface if you use something other than "admin" for accessing the cms admin panel. Default: admin

The page type presented to a Wagtail CMS user can be adjusted with this setting. Default: Gallery index.


{% load wagtailsimplegallery_tags %}

Uses the template wagtail_simple_gallery/simple_gallery.html. You can use the simple-gallery style with this tag using: <link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static 'css/simple-gallery.css' %}">.

  • collection (default: None): Show images from this collection. Required, example: {% simple_gallery collection="Root" %}.
  • tags (default: None): Filter images by their tags. Example: {% simple_gallery tags="cats dogs" %}.
  • image_limit (default: None): Limit the amount of images to show. Example: {% simple_gallery image_limit=4 %}.
  • use_lightbox (default: True): Use lightbox for viewing images. Example: {% simple_gallery use_lightbox=False %}.

{% img|original_url %} filter

  • Takes wagtails Image object and returns its real original url instead of the one that wagtail creates. Example: /media/original_images/foo.jpg.

{% img.alt|hide_num_order %} filter

  • Hides the first occurance of [<number>] in the image title. E.g "[0010] Cute cat" -> "Cute cat"


Look at simple_gallery_index.html template for an example or copy paste it and start modifying to make it look a part of your page. Your custom simple_gallery_index.html template should reside in /templates/wagtail_simple_gallery/simple_gallery_index.html

Or if simple_gallery_index.html is good enough for your use, then you can just create a simple_gallery_base.html in your own templates directory with the following content:

{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block content %}{% endblock %}

Admin Interface

It is suggested to take advantage of the existing Wagtail setting:


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