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Volvo On Call


Retrieve statistics about your Volvo from the Volvo On Call (VOC) online service No licence, public domain, no guarantees, feel free to use for anything. Please contribute improvements/bugfixes etc.

Also contains an MQTT gateway for publishing information and bidirectional communication with e.g. Home Assistant.

system requirements

  • At least python 3.8 or higher


To use just the API in volvooncall.py or the Home Assistant bindings in dashboard.py, simply install the package as usual with pip:

pip install volvooncall

To use console features (i.e. the voc command documented below):

pip install volvooncall[console]

To use MQTT features:

pip install volvooncall[mqtt]

how to use

> voc --help
Retrieve information from VOC

  voc (-h | --help)
  voc --version
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] list
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] status
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] trips
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] owntracks
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] print [<attribute>]
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] (lock | unlock)
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] heater (start | stop)
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] engine (start | stop)
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] call <method>
  voc [-v|-vv] [options] mqtt

  -u <username>         VOC username
  -p <password>         VOC password
  -r <region>           VOC region (na, cn, etc.)
  -s <url>              VOC service URL
  -i <vin>              Vehicle VIN or registration number
  -g                    Geolocate position
  --owntracks_key=<key> Owntracks encryption password
  -I <interval>         Polling interval (seconds) [default: 300]
  -h --help             Show this message
  -v,-vv                Increase verbosity
  --scandinavian_miles  Report using Scandinavian miles instead of km ISO unit
  --usa_units           Report using USA units (miles, mph, mpg, gal, etc.)
  --version             Show version

Retrieving basic status:

> voc status
ABC123 (XC60/2014) ABCD1234567890 92891km (fuel 25% 210km)
    position: 12.34567890,12.34567890
    locked: yes
    heater: off

Printing raw properties:

> voc print windows.frontLeftWindowOpen
./voc print fuelAmount

Printing some relevant iofo:

> voc dashboard
ABC123 Door lock: Locked
ABC123 Heater: Off
ABC123 Odometer: 12792 mil
ABC123 Fuel amount: 32 L

Periodically polling the VOC server and republishing all information to a MQTT server

> voc mqtt

Configuration file in $HOME/.voc.conf:

username: <username>
password: <password>


https://web.archive.org/web/20180817103553/https://paulpeelen.com/2013/02/08/volvo-on-call-voc-api/ and a lot of random contributors

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