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An Async Bot/API wrapper for Twitch made in Python.

by TwitchIO

2.5.0 (see all)License:MIT
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TwitchIO is an asynchronous Python wrapper around the Twitch API and IRC, with a powerful command extension for creating Twitch Chat Bots. TwitchIO covers almost all of the new Twitch API and features support for commands, PubSub, Webhooks, and EventSub.


For the Official Documentation: Click Here! <>_


For support using TwitchIO, please join the official support server <> on Discord <>.


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TwitchIO requires Python 3.7+. You can download the latest version of Python here <>_.


.. code:: sh

py -m pip install -U twitchio


.. code:: sh

python -m pip install -U twitchio

Access Tokens

Visit Token Generator <>_ for a simple way to generate tokens for use with TwitchIO.

Getting Started

A simple Chat Bot.

.. code:: python

from twitchio.ext import commands

class Bot(commands.Bot):

    def __init__(self):
        # Initialise our Bot with our access token, prefix and a list of channels to join on boot...
        super().__init__(token='ACCESS_TOKEN', prefix='?', initial_channels=['...'])

    async def event_ready(self):
        # We are logged in and ready to chat and use commands...
        print(f'Logged in as | {self.nick}')
        print(f'User id is | {self.user_id}')

    async def hello(self, ctx: commands.Context):
        # Send a hello back!
        await ctx.send(f'Hello {}!')

bot = Bot()


TwitchIO currently uses the Black <>_ formatter to enforce sensible style formatting.

Before creating a Pull Request it is encouraged you install and run black on your code.

The Line Length limit for TwitchIO is 120.

For installation and usage of Black visit: Black Formatter <>_

For integrating Black into your IDE visit: Black IDE Usage <>_

Special Thanks

Thank you to all those who contribute and help TwitchIO grow.

Special thanks to:

SnowyLuma <>_

Harmon <>_

Tom <>_

Tesence <>_

Adure <>_

Scragly <>_

Chillymosh <>_

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know <3: EvieePy <>_