pypi i telewater


A telegram bot that applies watermark on images, gifs, and videos.

by Aahnik Daw

0.1.5.post2 (see all)License:MIT
pypi i telewater


A telegram bot that applies watermark on images, gifs and videos.


  • Fast because it is made using async libraries.
  • Simple to use.
  • Any one who uses an instance of the bot will have to use the same watermark and position. This is meant to be used by single person/organization (by only you or your team), as configuration is stored at a global level instead of per user basis.
  • No database connection required.
  • It does not store media (photos/videos/gifs) on the server. Media is deleted immediately after the watermarked version is sent to the user.

Watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use and deploy this bot.


Using the bot is very simple. Just send a photo, video or gif to the bot. The bot will reply with the watermarked media.

The bot commands /set and /get can set and get the value of the configuration variables. The commands are simple and intuitive. The bot will show you the usage if you send an incorrect argument.


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Read the Guide to Deploy to Digital Ocean.

This application can also be easily deployed to Heroku, which is extremely good if you want to enjoy a free tier.

You may read further to learn about more more deployment options.


Click on the above button. A form will appear, where you need to enter the credentials for the bot. After the app is deployed sucessfully, turn on the woker dyno to start the bot.


The following is the guide to install telewater on your computer, or VPS.

If you are a beginner, don't bother yourself with these. Just go ahead with the heroku method described abvoe.

If you are familiar with Docker then click here otherwise, continue reading.


Make sure to have these installed in your system.

  • python3.9+ and pip (the bot is built with the telethon library)
  • ffmpeg (used by the bot for applying watermark)


Open you terminal to check if you have all basic requirements properly installed.

  1. Run python --version and you should get something like this Python 3.9.2 (or above).

  2. Run pip --version and you should get pip 20.2.2 (or above).

    Some systems may require to use python3 and pip3 instead of the above.

  3. Run ffmpeg -h and it should display a help message and version above 4.2.4.

Install via pip

pip install telewater

Starting telewater

Telewater has a simple command line interface to start the bot.

Simply open your terminal and run telewater. It will prompt you to enter the required information.

Further reading

For any further help, feel free to create an issue in the GitHub repo.

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