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Pywbem - A WBEM client and related utilities, written in pure Python.

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1.5.0 (see all)License:LGPL version 2.1, or (at your option) any later version
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Pywbem is a WBEM client and WBEM indication listener and provides related WBEM client-side functionality. It is written in pure Python and runs on Python 2 and Python 3.

WBEM is a standardized approach for systems management defined by the DMTF <> that is used in the industry for a wide variety of systems management tasks. See WBEM Standards <> for more information. An important use of this approach is the SMI-S <> standard defined by SNIA <> for managing storage.

A WBEM client allows issuing operations to a WBEM server for the purpose of performing systems management tasks. A WBEM indication listener is used to wait for and process notifications emitted by a WBEM server for the purpose of systems management.

For more information on pywbem version |pywbem-version-mn|:

  • Readme file on GitHub_
  • Documentation on RTD_
  • Change log on RTD_

.. _CIM/WBEM standards:

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