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Nice pytest plugin to help you with Django pluggable application testing.

by Igor Starikov

1.0.0 (see all)License:BSD 3-Clause License
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Nice pytest plugin to help you with Django pluggable application testing.

This exposes some useful tools for Django applications developers to facilitate tests authoring, including:

  • Settings overriding
  • Template tags testing
  • User creation
  • Request object creation
  • Management command calls
  • Mailing
  • Migrations
  • Messages
  • DB queries audit
  • etc.

Suitable for testing apps for Django 1.8+.

How to use

Let's say you have classical tests placing (inside application directory):

.. code-block::

|__ myapp
|  |__ __init__.py
|  |__ tests
|  |  |__ __init__.py
|  |  |__ conftest.py  <- Configure djangoapp here.
|__ setup.py

Add the following lines into conftest.py to configure djangoapp and start using it:

.. code-block:: python

# conftest.py
from pytest_djangoapp import configure_djangoapp_plugin

pytest_plugins = configure_djangoapp_plugin()

Fixtures usage examples can be found in the documentation and the source code.

Testing an entire project

Despite the fact that djangoapp is primarily aimed to reusable Django applications testing one can use it also to test a project (a set of apps). For that, pass a dotted settings module path into settings argument:

.. code-block:: python

pytest_plugins = configure_djangoapp_plugin(
    migrate=False,  # If you do not want to apply migrations.

What about pytest-django

pytest-djangoapp does not depend on pytest-django.

There are design decisions in pytest-django that might make it uncomfortable to work with.

  1. It uses setuptools entrypoints feature for pytest plugin discovery. It's not a problem by itself, but all kinds of bootstrapping with side effects made by pytest-django just on startup, make the plugin a poor choice for cases of system-wide (i.e. not venv) installations.

  2. Philosophy that next to no unit test should require DB access may be quite annoying.

  3. Some fixtures (e.g. django_assert_num_queries) usability arouse questions.

Despite that pytest-django is nice, of course.

pytest-djangoapp fixtures allow the use of Django without marking all relevant tests as needing a database, as is required by pytest-django which provides the django_db mark and db fixtures.

If you have pytest-django already installed, it can be disabled for projects using pytest-djangoapp by adding the following lines into pytest.ini:

.. code-block:: ini

# pytest.ini
addopts = -p no:django



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