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Client for Disque, an in-memory, distributed job queue.

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Create a new Disque client by passing a list of nodes:

from pydisque.client import Client
client = Client(["", "", ""])

If it can't connect to first node, it will try to connect to second, etc.., if it can't connect to any node, it will raise a redis.exceptions.ConnectionError as you can imagine.

Now you can add jobs:

client.add_job("test_queue", json.dumps(["print", "hello", "world", time.time()]), timeout=100)

It will push the job "print" to the queue "test_queue" with a timeout of 100 ms, and return the id of the job if it was received and replicated in time. If it can't reach the node - maybe it was shutdown etc. - it will retry to connect to another node in given node list, and then send the job. If there is no avail nodes in your node list, it will obviously raise a ConnectionError

Then, your workers will do something like this:

while True:
    jobs = client.get_job(['test_queue'])
    for queue_name, job_id, job in jobs:
        job = json.loads(job)
        print ">>> received job:", job

also check examples directory.

While waiting jobs your connected node may go down, pydisque will try to connect to next node, so you can restart your nodes without taking down your clients.


For now please check docstrings in disque/, implemented commands are

  • info
  • add_job
  • get_job
  • ack_job
  • nack_job
  • fast_ack
  • working
  • qlen
  • qstat
  • qpeek
  • qscan
  • jscan
  • enqueue
  • dequeue
  • del_job
  • show
  • pause
  • hello


You can install it using pip.

$ pip install pydisque


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license