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🏃‍♀️ ptr - Python Test Runner 🏃‍♂️

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Python Test Runner (ptr) was born to run tests in an opinionated way, within arbitrary code repositories. ptr supports many Python projects with unit tests defined in their setup.(cfg|py) files per repository. ptr allows developers to test multiple projects/modules in one Python environment through the use of a single test virtual environment.

  • ptr requires >= python 3.6
  • ptr itself uses ptr to run its tests 👌🏼
  • ptr is supported and tested on Linux, MacOS + Windows Operating Systems

By adding ptr configuration to your setup.cfg or you can have ptr perform the following, per test suite, in parallel:

  • run your test suite
  • check and enforce coverage requirements (via coverage),
  • format code (via black)
  • perform static type analysis (via mypy)


  • Install ptr into you virtualenv
    • pip install ptr
  • Ensure your tests have a base file that can be executed directly
    • i.e. python3 (possibly using unittest.main())
  • After adding ptr_params to (see example below), run:
cd repo

How does ptr perform this magic? 🎩

I'm glad you ask. Under the covers ptr performs:

  • Recursively searches for setup.(cfg|py) files from BASE_DIR (defaults to your "current working directory" (CWD))
    • AST parses out the config for each test requirements
    • If a setup.cfg exists, load via configparser and prefer if a [ptr] section exists
  • Creates a Python Virtual Environment (OPTIONALLY pointed at an internal PyPI mirror)
  • Runs ATONCE tests suites in parallel (i.e. per setup.(cfg|ptr))
  • All steps will be run for each suite and ONLY FAILED runs will have output written to stdout

Usage 🤓

To use ptr all you need to do is cd to your project or set the base dir via -b and execute:

$ ptr [-dk] [-b some/path] [--venv /tmp/existing_venv]

For faster runs when testing, it is recommended to reuse a Virtual Environment:

  • -k - To keep the virtualenv created by ptr.
  • Use --venv VENV_PATH to reuse to an existing virtualenv created by the user.

Help Output 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️

usage: [-h] [-a ATONCE] [-b BASE_DIR] [-d] [-e] [-k] [-m MIRROR]
              [--print-cov] [--print-non-configured]
              [--progress-interval PROGRESS_INTERVAL] [--run-disabled]
              [--stats-file STATS_FILE] [--system-site-packages] [--venv VENV]
              [--venv-timeout VENV_TIMEOUT]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a ATONCE, --atonce ATONCE
                        How many tests to run at once [Default: 6]
  -b BASE_DIR, --base-dir BASE_DIR
                        Path to recursively look for files [Default:
  -d, --debug           Verbose debug output
  -e, --error-on-warnings
                        Have Python warnings raise DeprecationWarning on tests
  -k, --keep-venv       Do not remove created venv
  -m MIRROR, --mirror MIRROR
                        URL for pip to use for Simple API [Default:
  --print-cov           Print modules coverage report
                        Print modules not configured to run ptr
  --progress-interval PROGRESS_INTERVAL
                        Seconds between status update on test running
                        [Default: Disabled]
  --run-disabled        Force any disabled tests suites to run
  --stats-file STATS_FILE
                        JSON statistics file [Default: /var/folders/tc/hbwxh76
                        Give the virtual environment access to the system
                        site-packages dir
  --venv VENV           Path to venv to reuse
  --venv-timeout VENV_TIMEOUT
                        Timeout in seconds for venv creation + deps install
                        [Default: 120]

Configuration 🧰

ptr is configured by placing directives in one or more of the following files. .ptrconfig provides base configuration and default values for all projects in the repository, while each setup.(cfg|py) overrides the base configuration for the respective packages they define.


ptr supports a general config in ini (ConfigParser) format. A .ptrconfig file can be placed at the root of any repository or in any directory within your repository. The first .ptrconfig file found via a recursive walk to the root ("/" in POSIX systems) will be used.

Please refer to ptrconfig.sample for the options available.

This is per project in your repository. A simple example, based on ptr itself:

# Specific Python Test Runner (ptr) params for Unit Testing Enforcement
ptr_params = {
    # Where mypy will run to type check your program
    "entry_point_module": "ptr",
    # Base Unittest file
    "test_suite": "ptr_tests",
    "test_suite_timeout": 300,
    # Relative path from to module (e.g. ptr ==
    "required_coverage": {"": 99, "TOTAL": 99},
    # Run `black --check` or not
    "run_black": False,
    # Run mypy or not
    "run_mypy": True,


This is per project in your repository and if exists is preferred over

Please refer to setup.cfg.sample for the options available + format.

mypy Specifics

When enabled, (in setup.(cfg|py)) mypy can support using a custom mypy.ini for each (module) defined.

To have ptr run mypy using you config:

  • create a mypy.ini in the same directory as your
  • OR add [mypy] section to your setup.cfg

mypy Configuration Documentation can be found here

  • An example setup.cfg can be seen here.

Example Output 📝

Here are some example runs.

Successful ptr Run:

Here is what you want to see in your CI logs!

[2019-02-06 21:51:45,442] INFO: Starting (
[2019-02-06 21:51:59,471] INFO: Successfully created venv @ /var/folders/tc/hbwxh76j1hn6gqjd2n2sjn4j9k1glp/T/ptr_venv_24397 to run tests (14s) (
[2019-02-06 21:51:59,472] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2019-02-06 21:52:00,726] INFO: Running /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ tests via coverage (
[2019-02-06 21:52:04,153] INFO: Analyzing coverage report for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-02-06 21:52:04,368] INFO: Running mypy for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:54:09,915] INFO: Running flake8 for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:54:10,422] INFO: Running pylint for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:54:14,020] INFO: Running pyre for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-02-06 21:52:07,733] INFO: /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ has passed all configured tests (
-- Summary (total time 22s):

 PASS: 1
 FAIL: 0
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

Unsuccessful ptr Run Examples:

Here are some examples of runs failing. Any "step" can fail. All output is predominately the underlying tool.

Unit Test Failure

[2019-02-06 21:53:58,121] INFO: Starting (
[2019-02-06 21:53:58,143] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2019-02-06 21:53:59,698] INFO: Running /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ tests via coverage (
-- Summary (total time 5s):

 PASS: 0
 FAIL: 1
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

-- Failure Output --

/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (failed 'tests_run' step):
FAIL: test_config (__main__.TestPtr)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/", line 125, in test_config
    self.assertEqual(len(sc["ptr"]["venv_pkgs"].split()), 4)
AssertionError: 5 != 4

Ran 24 tests in 3.221s

FAILED (failures=1)


[2019-02-06 21:55:42,947] INFO: Starting (
[2019-02-06 21:55:42,969] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2019-02-06 21:55:44,920] INFO: Running /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ tests via coverage (
[2019-02-06 21:55:49,628] INFO: Analyzing coverage report for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
-- Summary (total time 7s):

 PASS: 0
 FAIL: 1
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

-- Failure Output --

/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (failed 'analyze_coverage' step):
The following files did not meet coverage requirements: 84 < 99 - Missing: 146-147, 175, 209, 245, 269, 288-291, 334-336, 414-415, 425-446, 466, 497, 506, 541-543, 562, 611-614, 639-688


[2019-02-06 22:34:20,029] INFO: Starting (
[2019-02-06 22:34:20,060] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2019-02-06 22:34:21,614] INFO: Running /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ tests via coverage (
[2019-02-06 22:34:25,208] INFO: Analyzing coverage report for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-02-06 22:34:25,450] INFO: Running mypy for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-02-06 22:34:26,422] INFO: Running black for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
-- Summary (total time 7s):

 PASS: 0
 FAIL: 1
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

-- Failure Output --

/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (failed 'black_run' step):
would reformat /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/
All done! 💥 💔 💥
1 file would be reformatted, 4 files would be left unchanged.


[2019-02-06 22:35:39,480] INFO: Starting (
[2019-02-06 22:35:39,531] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2019-02-06 22:35:41,203] INFO: Running /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ tests via coverage (
[2019-02-06 22:35:45,156] INFO: Analyzing coverage report for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-02-06 22:35:45,413] INFO: Running mypy for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
-- Summary (total time 6s):

 PASS: 0
 FAIL: 1
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

-- Failure Output --

/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (failed 'mypy_run' step):
/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ note: In function "_write_stats_file":
/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ error: Argument 1 to "open" has incompatible type "Path"; expected "Union[str, bytes, int]"
/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ note: In function "run_tests":
/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ error: Argument 1 to "_write_stats_file" has incompatible type "str"; expected "Path"


cooper-mbp1:ptr cooper$ /tmp/tp/bin/ptr --venv /var/folders/tc/hbwxh76j1hn6gqjd2n2sjn4j9k1glp/T/ptr_venv_49117
[2019-05-03 14:51:43,623] INFO: Starting /tmp/tp/bin/ptr (
[2019-05-03 14:51:43,657] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2019-05-03 14:51:44,840] INFO: Running ptr_tests tests via coverage (
[2019-05-03 14:51:47,361] INFO: Analyzing coverage report for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:51:47,559] INFO: Running mypy for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:51:47,827] INFO: Running black for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:51:47,996] INFO: Running flake8 for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:51:48,566] INFO: Running pylint for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:51:52,301] INFO: Running pyre for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2019-05-03 14:51:54,983] INFO: /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ has passed all configured tests (
-- Summary (total time 11s):

 PASS: 1
 FAIL: 0
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

-- Failure Output --

/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (failed 'pyre_run' step):
2019-05-03 14:54:14,173 INFO No binary specified, looking for `pyre.bin` in PATH
2019-05-03 14:54:14,174 INFO Found: `/var/folders/tc/hbwxh76j1hn6gqjd2n2sjn4j9k1glp/T/ptr_venv_49117/bin/pyre.bin`
... *(truncated)* ... Undefined name [18]: Global name `stdout` is not defined, or there is at least one control flow path that doesn't define `stdout`.


If your imports are not making usort happy it would look like this:

[2021-05-29 09:30:56,044] INFO: Starting /tmp/tp/bin/ptr (
[2021-05-29 09:30:56,051] INFO: Installing /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ + deps (
[2021-05-29 09:30:56,587] INFO: Running ptr_tests tests via coverage (
[2021-05-29 09:30:58,238] INFO: Analyzing coverage report for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2021-05-29 09:30:58,341] INFO: Running mypy for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
[2021-05-29 09:30:58,436] INFO: Running usort for /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (
-- Summary (total time 2s):

 PASS: 0
 FAIL: 1
 ️⌛ TIMEOUT: 0
💩 TOTAL: 1

-- 1 / 1 (100%) ``'s have `ptr` tests running

-- Failure Output --

/Users/cooper/repos/ptr/ (failed 'usort_run' step):
Would sort /Users/cooper/repos/ptr/

FAQ ⁉️

Q. How do I debug? I need output!

  • ptr developers recommend that if you want output, please cause a test to fail
    • e.g. raise ZeroDivisionError
  • Another recommended way is to run your tests with the default test using a ptr created venv:
    • cd to/my/code
    • /tmp/venv/bin/python test

Q. How do I get specific version of black, coverage, mypy etc.?

  • Just simply hard set the version in the .ptrconfig in your repo or use requirements.txt to pre-install before running ptr
  • All pip PEP 440 version specifiers are supported

Q. Why is the venv creation so slow?

  • ptr attempts to update from a PyPI compatible mirror (PEP 381) or PyPI itself
  • Running a package cache or local mirror can greatly increase speed. Example software to do this:
    • bandersnatch: Can do selected or FULL PyPI mirrors. The maintainer is also devilishly good looking.
    • devpi: Can be ran and used to proxy packages locally when pip goes out to grab your dependencies.
  • Please ensure you're using the -k or --venv option to no recreate a virtualenv each run when debugging your tests!

Q. Why is ptr not able to run pyre on Windows?

  • pyre (pyre-check on PyPI) does not ship a Windows wheel with the ocaml pyre.bin

Q. Why do you depend on >= coverage 5.0.1

  • coverage 5.0 introduced using sqlite and we don't want to have a mix of 4.x and 5.x for ptr
  • < 5.0 could possibly still work as we now ensure to run each projects tests from setup_py.parent CWD with subprocess

Contact or join the ptr community 💬

To chat in real time, hit us up on IRC. Otherwise, GitHub issues are always welcome! IRC: #pythontestrunner on FreeNode

See the CONTRIBUTING file for how to help out.


ptr is MIT licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.

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