A collection of tools that interact with reddit's API providing moderator utilities, subreddit statistics, and keyword alerts.





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BBOE's PRAWtools

PRAWtools is a collection of tools that utilize reddit's API through PRAW. PRAWtools is currently made up of three utillities:

  • modutils
  • reddit_alert
  • subreddit_stats

PRAWtools Installation

Ubuntu/debian installation

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install prawtools

Arch Linux installation

sudo pacman -S python-pip
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install prawtools

Mac OS X installation

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install prawtools


modutils is a tool to assist reddit community moderators in moderating their community. At present, it is mostly useful for automatically building flair templates from existing user flair, however, it can also be used to quickly list banned users, contributors, and moderators.

modutils examples

Note: all examples require you to be a moderator for the subreddit

  1. List banned users for subreddit foo

    modutils -l banned foo
  2. Get current flair for subreddit bar

    modutils -f bar
  3. Synchronize flair templates with existing flair for subreddit baz, building non-editable templates for any flair whose flair-text is common among at least 2 users.

        modutils --sync --ignore-css --limit=2 baz
  4. Send a message to approved submitters of subreddit blah. You will be prompted for the message, and asked to verify prior to sending the messages.

        modutils --message contributors --subject "The message subject" blah


reddit_alert will notify you when certain keywords are used in comments. For instance, to be notified whenever your username is mentioned you might run it as:

reddit_alert bboe

You can receive multiple alerts by specifying multiple keywords separated by spaces. If you want to be alerted for keyphrases (those containing spaces) you must put quotes around the term:

reddit_alert bboe praw "reddit api"

By default reddit_alert will only provide links to the same terminal screen (or command prompt) it's running in. To be notified via a reddit message specify the -m USER option:

reddit_alert -m bboe bboe praw "reddit_api"

When using the -m USER you will be prompted to login.

By default comments from all subreddits are considered. If you want to restrict the notifications to only a few subreddits use one or more -s SUBREDDIT options:

reddit_alert -m bboe -s redditdev -s learnpython bboe praw "reddit_api"

Finally, you may want to ignore notifications from certain users. You can use the -I USER option to ignore comments from a certain user:

reddit_alert -m bboe -I bizarrobboe bboe

To see a complete set of available options run:

reddit_alert --help


subreddit_stats is a tool to provide basic statistics on a subreddit. To see the what sort of output subreddit stats generates check out /r/subreddit_stats.

The tool will only analyze up to 1,000 submissions.


In order to run subreddit_stats you will need to create a praw.ini file in the same directory that you run the scripts in. This file should look like:

client_id: XXX
client_secret: XXX
password: XXX
username: XXX

subreddit_stats examples

  1. Generate stats for subreddit foo for the last 30 days.

    subreddit_stats foo 30

Passing a number, N, as the second argument will get all submissions from the last N days, but will ignore submissions from the most recent 24 hours. As a result, you may experience messages like "No submissions found". To analyze the top submissions made within the last month run:

    subreddit_stats foo month

Similarly, to analyze the top submissions to foo over the last year, run:

    subreddit_stats foo year
  1. To see other possible options

    subreddit_stats --help

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