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25 days ago

This pre-release fixes a major Subscriptions bug and a regression introduced in 2.0a2.


  • A change in behavior of httpx affected download of order assets in 2.0a2. We're working around this change in behavior (#685).
  • Subscriptions API methods communicating with particular subscription endpoints (cancel_subscription, update_subscription, get_subscription, and get_results) were broken due to missing 'f' prefixes (#687). The prefixes have been added.
  • STAC metadata can now be added to Orders requests (#676).
  • More help and better error messages around bundles and asset types have been added to the Orders API (#650, #675).
  • Help for planet-subscriptions-describe and update commands has been corrected, resolving the issue reported in #658.


1 month ago
Bug fixes:
  • Require requests-futures<1.0 as in version 1.4.9. Version 1.0.0 of requests-futures breaks order downloads for an unknown reason.


2 months ago
  • Upgrade httpx to 0.23, change how quota exceptions are caught
  • Increase reliability of communication with Planet servers and avoid clobbering them
  • Add CLI data stats
  • CLI search-quick -> search, API quick-search -> search
  • limit option: remove None as a possibility, value of zero means no limit
  • fix sort param field
  • add sort option to planet data search-quick


2 months ago
  • Fix: execution of the v1 CLI now prints a more clear, yellow colored warning message aimed at CLI users. A more detailed version of the same warning is also printed in the planet commands usage message (#652).
  • Fix: the deprecation warning emitted on import of planet.api now uses stacklevel=2 and thus points at the module which imports planet.api (#652).


3 months ago

Work on new features for version 1 of this software has ceased. Version 2 is under development and the final 2.0.0 release is expected at the end of 2022. There will not be a 1.6.0 release. Releases in the 1.5.x series will be made to fix major bugs on a quarterly cadence. There may be one such bug fix release for version 1 after 2.0.0 is released, but probably not more. Packages for planet versions < 2 will remain on the Python Package Index indefinitely.

Version 2 will be packaged as "planet" and its command line programs will also use the name "planet". Thus it will replace version 1. Version 2 will not be backwards compatible with version 1. That is to say that applications which depend on version 1 will not work with version 2. This goes for the command line programs as well. Version 2's "planet orders", for example, has usage changes that will likely have an impact on scripts written for version 1.

Users of version 1 who do not wish to upgrade to version 2 should ensure that their project requirements specify "planet<2", because when 2.0.0 is published to the Python Package Index pip install planet (for example) will download and install 2.0.0.

A 2.0a1 pre-release is available now on PyPI. The Python package installer pip requires that you opt in to pre-releases by executing pip install --pre planet or be specifying the pre-release version precisely as in pip install planet==2.0a1.

All that said, we want migration to 2.0.0 to be a win for users. Early feedback on the new Python API and CLI are critical to making it so. How can we support your existing workflows and systems while providing new features and more powerful abstractions? Please send the Planet Dev Rel email at or join one of the project discussions on GitHub. You can have a say on what 2.0.0 looks like. We're eager to hear from you.


Importing the planet.api module from version 1.5.x will result in a warning about the removal of planet.api in version 2.0.0. Running any command line program from version 1.5.x will show the same warning.


3 months ago

This is the first pre-release of the new features and interfaces coming in version 2.0.0 later this year. A more complete listing of changes in this package is coming soon. The highlights are

  • Requirement of Python version 3.7 or newer.
  • Support for Planet Data, Orders, and Subscription APIs.
  • A Python package (the SDK) with asyncio support.
  • A new and improved command line interface (the CLI).


4 months ago
  • Fix: restore compatibility with click versions >= 8.1.0.
  • Fix: handle FeedSource array in analytics API.


10 months ago
  • New: analytic_8b_udm2 asset
  • New: basic_analytic_8b_udm2 asset
  • New: analytic_8b_sr_udm2 asset
  • New: analytic_3b_udm2 asset
  • Add support for 8-band asset types
  • Add support for 3-band UDM2 asset type


10 months ago
  • New: ortho_analytic_3b asset
  • Fix: broken links in documentation & readme
  • New: requests now use custom X-Planet-App client header for tracking


1 year ago
  • New: basic_l1_all_frames asset
  • New: PSSCene 8-band assets & item type
  • New: ortho_analytic_sr asset
  • Fix: Raise NoPermission exception when the user does not have download access
  • Fix: force zip of entire order via cli and create test of download
  • Fix: fixed orders model object with next key, Fix #226


2 years ago
  • New: you can now pass a search string to the Orders CLI via --ids_from_search
  • New: the Orders CLI now has a shortcut --clip for clipping operations
  • Fix: you can now download Order locations one by one
  • Multiple test fixes: Python 2.7 tests, flake8, & make html-docs warning
  • Add support for new 5-band asset types


3 years ago
  • Add support for new skysat video item and asset types
  • Add strict keyword argument to searches


3 years ago
  • Pin requests-futures version to avoid error message.
  • Fix broke jq parsing for regular data search
  • Under certain conditions the response body can get printed more than once


3 years ago
  • Updating copyright date for modified files
  • Removing monkey patch
  • Make sure base_url has a trailing /
  • Simplified configuration of analytics client to be consistent


3 years ago

Add new asset type


3 years ago

Fix quick search regression: allow multiple item types as options in quick search again


3 years ago
  • Add CLI support for Planet Orders API


3 years ago
  • add new skysat asset types


3 years ago
  • report the default value for item limit
  • replace hardcoded values with global variables
  • add header for data examples in Examples page
  • adding before, after options, separating features list from `features
  • Added default limit of 100 to analytics collections features list
  • Added separate analytics collections features list-all that will keep retrieving results with no limit
  • Added before, after options to both analytics collections features list and analytics collections features list-all


3 years ago

Added support for Analytic Feeds

  • Fixing incorrect shorthand CLI arg
  • Add comment to explain why the get resource entrypoint won't work in AF next.
  • bump version
  • unit tests for analytics commands
  • Adding auto-pagination for analytics commands
  • Misc fixup for flake8 and test dependencies
  • Add additional mosaics entrypoints to list mosaics for a series, as well mosaics for AF resources
  • Separate out analytics configuration to allow for using analytics alongside mosaics, even in AF next
  • Flesh out analytics CLI entrypoints and client funcs
  • Stub out analytics entrypoints


3 years ago
  • Add new UDM2 and related asset types


3 years ago
  • Authenticate item and asset type calls from CLI
  • Update tox config to remove obsolete Python 3 versions and allow pytest args
  • mimetypes.guess_extension() returns either .tif or .tiff - test accordingly
  • Let date_range filter handle dates given with and without timezones
  • Update copyright date
  • Update Planet address
  • Limit arg is required for items_iter()
  • Add pywin32 dep for windows platforms
  • Flake8 fixes
  • Fix improper handling of mixed states when activating multiple assets with Downloader.
  • Force TravisCI to upgrade pytest to avoid conflicts
  • Add new item types to CLI tool in order to match API's item-types endpoint.
  • Don't let final report get swallowed up with ANSI output
  • Output the same report for all downloads via CLI


4 years ago
  • Use requests' urlparse for Py2 & Py3 compatibility
  • Prevent empty filenames when attempting to download assets without a Content-Disposition header
  • Add more Python 3.7 support by removing keywords
  • Rename --rbox to --bbox and leave --bbox as an alias for backwards compatibility
  • De-duplicate explicit jq hyperlink (avoids sphinx warning)
  • Add examples of mosaic functionality
  • Update CLI command help info for mosaic functionality
  • Add LICENSE explicitly to so that pex can find it


4 years ago
  • set login headers as content-type:application/json during planet init


4 years ago
  • Added support for mosaics
  • Unpinned setuptools
  • Upgraded setuptools and pip
  • Built universal wheels.
  • Implemented filter combining in the CLI
  • Fixed flake8 violations, mostly trivial
  • Added sentinel1 item type
  • Added SR & skysat asset types to defaults
  • Added tox config for testing against multiple Python versions
  • Regenerated docs


5 years ago
  • update docs to use cloud_cover as field_name
  • move version and update user agent with client name and version
  • fix cli reference doc generation, flags have dash
  • Support new assets as they become available in the API without changes needed to the client.


5 years ago
  • update the doc strings with defaults
  • update allowed item/asset types for skysat
  • date_range improvements, handle Z suffix in strp_lenient


6 years ago

Despite the current date, this is an actual release.


7 years ago
  • Support for 'aoi_id' (saved geometry) queries in 'search' command.
  • More robust handling of potential download failures.


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

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