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Odoo Product Attribute

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Available addons

base_product_mass_addition14. Product Mass Addition
packaging_uom14. uom in package
pos_product_cost_security14. between Point of Sale and Product Cost Security
product_assortment14. the ability to manage products assortment
product_assortment_description14. field for assortment
product_attribute_archive14. an active field on product attributes
product_attribute_value_menu14. attributes values tree and form. Import attribute values.
product_barcode_required14. product barcode required when enabled
product_bom_revision14. the revision of a product and a BOM
product_categ_image14. image on product category
product_category_active14. option to archive product categories
product_category_code14. to define a code on product categories
product_category_code_unique14. to set product category code field as unique
product_category_product_link14. to get products from a category
product_category_type14. Type field on Product Categories to distinguish between parent and final categories
product_code_mandatory14. Product Internal Reference as a required field
product_code_unique14. Product Internal Reference as Unique
product_cost_security14. cost security restriction view
product_custom_info14. custom field in products
product_dimension14. Dimension
product_form_pricelist14. pricelist in product form
product_logistics_uom14. product weights and volume UoM
product_lot_sequence14. ability to define a lot sequence from the product
product_main_supplierinfo14. the main vendor of a product.
product_manufacturer14. manufacturers and attributes on the product view.
product_medical14. structure to handle medical products
product_model_viewer14. model viewer for products
product_multi_category14. - Many Categories
product_multi_image14. Images in Products
product_net_weight14. 'Net Weight' on product models
product_order_noname14. moylop260 luisg123vSpeedup product retrieve
product_packaging_dimension14. packaging dimensions and weight
product_packaging_type14. Packaging Type
product_packaging_type_pallet14. packaging of pallet type
product_packaging_type_required14. dcrierProduct Packaging Type Required
product_packaging_unit_price_calculator14. to calculate a unit price from a packaging price
product_pricelist_assortment14. assortment and pricelist
product_pricelist_button_box14. to define a button_box section on pricelist form
product_pricelist_direct_print14. price list from menu option, product templates, products variants or price lists
product_pricelist_revision14. Pricelist Revision
product_pricelist_supplierinfo14. to create priceslists based on supplier info
product_profile14. sebastienbeau kevinkhaoAllow to configure a product in 1 click
product_sale_manufactured_for14. to indicate in products that they were made specifically for some customers.
product_seasonality14. rules for products' seasonal availability
product_secondary_unit14. a secondary unit per product
product_sequence14. Sequence
product_state14. introducing a state field on product template
product_state_active14. to define option on product state to activate or inactivate product
product_state_history14. to store product state history for reporting purpose
product_status14. Status Computed From Fields
product_stock_state14. legalsylvain kevinkhaoCompute the state of a product's stockthe stock level and sale_ok field
product_supplierinfo_for_customer14. to define prices for customers in the products
product_supplierinfo_group14. Supplierinfo Group
product_supplierinfo_revision14. Supplierinfo Revision
product_template_tags14. ivantodorovichThis addon allow to add tags on products
product_template_tags_code14. addon allow to add code on products tags
product_tier_validation14. a tier validation process for Products
product_total_weight_from_packaging14. estimated weight based on product's packaging weights
product_uom_updatable14. products uom to be modified after be used in a stock picking if the product uom is of the same category
product_variant_attribute_name_manager14. how to display the attributes on the product variant name.
product_video_link14. Video on product and category
product_weight14. to calculate products weight from its components.
product_weight_logistics_uom14. module for product_weight and product_logistics_uom
purchase_product_template_tags14. product tags menu in Purchase app
sale_product_template_tags14. product tags menu in Sale app
stock_product_template_tags14. product tags menu in Inventory app
uom_extra_data14. mm, ml, week, work_week uom


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

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