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Partner External Maps

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In the old days of Odoo/OpenERP, back in version 6.1, there was an official google_map module ; this module added a Map button on the partner form view and, when the user clicked on that button, it would open a new tab on its web browser and go to Google Map with a search on the address of the partner.

This module aims at restoring this feature with several improvements:

  • Each user can select the map website he wants to use in its preferences
  • There are now two buttons on the partner form view: one to open a regular map on the address of the partner, and another one to open an itinerary map from the start address configured in the preferences of the user to the address of the partner.

This module supports several map websites:

  • Google Maps <https://www.google.com/maps>
  • OpenStreetMap <https://www.openstreetmap.org/>
  • Bing Maps <https://www.bing.com/maps/>
  • Here Maps <https://www.here.com/>
  • MapQuest <http://www.mapquest.com/>

If the module base_geolocalize from the official addons is installed on the system, it will use the latitude and longitude to localize the partner (instead of the address) if this information is present on the partner.

Table of contents

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If you want to create additional map websites, go to the menu Settings > Technical > Map Websites > Map Websites. You are invited to send the configuration information of your additional map websites to one of the authors of the module, so that the module can be updated with more pre-configured map websites.


First, you need to configure in your preferences:

  • The map website to use for the regular maps,
  • The map website to use for the route maps,
  • The start address for the route maps.

Then you can use the two new buttons on the partner form to open a regular map or a route map.

Known issues / Roadmap

  • Let decide if the user prefers to use addresses instead coordinates when base_geolocalize is installed.

Bug Tracker

Bugs are tracked on GitHub Issues <https://github.com/OCA/partner-contact/issues>. In case of trouble, please check there if your issue has already been reported. If you spotted it first, help us smashing it by providing a detailed and welcomed feedback <https://github.com/OCA/partner-contact/issues/new?body=module:%20partner_external_map%0Aversion:%2013.0%0A%0A**Steps%20to%20reproduce**%0A-%20...%0A%0A**Current%20behavior**%0A%0A**Expected%20behavior**>.

Do not contact contributors directly about support or help with technical issues.



* Akretion
* Tecnativa

  • Akretion <http://www.akretion.com>__:

  • Tecnativa <https://www.tecnativa.com>__:

    • Pedro M. Baeza
    • Ernesto Tejeda
    • João Marques


This module is maintained by the OCA.

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   :alt: Odoo Community Association
   :target: https://odoo-community.org

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose
mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and
promote its widespread use.

This module is part of the `OCA/partner-contact <https://github.com/OCA/partner-contact/tree/13.0/partner_external_map>`_ project on GitHub.

You are welcome to contribute. To learn how please visit https://odoo-community.org/page/Contribute.
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