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Available addons

product_supplierinfo_for_customer_sale14. in every sale order line the customer code defined in the product
sale_advance_payment14. to add advance payments on sales and then use them on invoices
sale_automatic_workflow14. Automatic Workflow
sale_automatic_workflow_delivery_state14. module for sale_automatic_workflow and sale_delivery_state
sale_automatic_workflow_payment_mode14. Automatic Workflow - Payment Mode
sale_by_packaging14. sale of packaging
sale_cancel_confirm14. Cancel Confirm
sale_commercial_partner14. stored related field 'Commercial Entity' on sale orders
sale_commitment_date_mandatory14. commitment data mandatory and don't allowto add lines unless this field is filled
sale_delivery_state14. the delivery state on the sale order
sale_discount_display_amount14. addon intends to display the amount of the discount computed on sale_order_line and sale_order level
sale_exception14. exceptions on sale order
sale_force_invoiced14. to force the invoice status of the sales order to Invoiced
sale_invoice_blocking14. you to block the creation of invoices from a sale order.
sale_isolated_quotation14. kittiuSale Isolated Quotation
sale_last_price_info14. Last Price Info - Sale
sale_mail_autosubscribe14. subscribe partners to their company's sale orders
sale_mrp_bom14. define a BOM in the sales lines.
sale_order_archive14. Sale Orders
sale_order_carrier_auto_assign14. assign delivery carrier on sale order confirmation
sale_order_disable_user_autosubscribe14. the salesperson from autosubscribed sale followers
sale_order_general_discount14. discount per sale order
sale_order_line_date14. a commitment date to each sale order line.
sale_order_line_description14. order line description
sale_order_line_menu14. a Sale Order Lines Menu
sale_order_line_note14. on sale order line
sale_order_line_packaging_qty14. quantities according to product packaging on sale order lines
sale_order_line_price_history14. order line price history
sale_order_lot_generator14. mourad-ehm bealdavSale Order Lot Generator
sale_order_lot_selection14. Order Lot Selection
sale_order_note_template14. sale orders terms and conditions template that can be used to quickly fullfill sale order terms and conditions
sale_order_qty_change_no_recompute14. recompute if only quantity has changed in sale order line
sale_order_revision14. track of revised quotations
sale_order_type14. Order Type
sale_partner_incoterm14. the customer preferred incoterm on each sales order
sale_pricelist_from_commitment_date14. sale order commitment date to compute line price from pricelist
sale_product_brand_exception14. rules for sale order and brands
sale_product_category_menu14. 'Product Categories' menu item in Sales
sale_product_multi_add14. Product Multi Add
sale_product_rating_verified14. if a user has previously bought a product
sale_product_seasonality14. rules for products' seasonal availability with sales
sale_product_set14. product set
sale_product_set_packaging_qty14. packaging and quantities on product set lines
sale_quotation_number14. sequence for sale quotations
sale_shipping_info_helper14. shipping amounts on sale order
sale_start_end_dates14. start date and end date on sale order lines
sale_stock_picking_blocking14. you to block the creation of deliveries from a sale order.
sale_tier_validation14. the functionality of Sale Orders to support a tier validation process.
sale_transaction_form_link14. to display a link to payment transactions on Sale Order form view.
sale_validity14. a default validity delay on quotations
sale_wishlist14. sale wishlist for partners
sales_team_security14. ivantodorovichNew group for seeing only sales channel's documents
sales_team_security_crm14. sales_team_security with crm
sales_team_security_sale14. sales_team_security with sale


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to OCA policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

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