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@boneskull has swooped in and fix two things in LABHR:

  • wiki contributors now consolidate properly when they are also github contributors
  • pagination now uses the 100 per_page value, the maximum allowed by the GitHub API

Thanks @boneskull! 🎉


6 years ago

Python 3 only now -- we have hard blockers to prevent installation or running in a python 2 environment

Wiki duplicates where the author name matches the displayname of a main repo contribution are now removed from the end output


6 years ago

We can't assume we have access to git, especially in a container

So, I've added some Dockerfile changes, and a check on wiki.py to failsafe if git isn't available

Thanks to @rogeriopradoj for reporting this bug in #81


6 years ago

You can now declare custom contributors; define them with either a github handle, twitter handle, or email address, in a specifically formatted CONTRIBUTORS file, and they'll appear via octohatrack

Also, the sections of the report have been relabelled.

Any user returned from the GitHub API defined 'contributors' is "GitHub Contributors"

Everyone who's contributed to the repo, including code, comments, replies; are now listed under 'All Contributors'

All configs for showing wiki results et al are now default flags; these flags have been deprecated from the CLI. All contributor calls should fail-safe and not take the CLI down with it should they fail (e.g. failures getting wiki contributors, etc)

Thanks to @mjec for the pointer with the suppressing deprecated flags, and @ossanna16 for the help with correcting the section labelling in #79


7 years ago

New Flag - Wiki Contributions

  • if your GitHub project has a wiki, you can now direct octohatrack to add the people who have written in the wiki to the contributors list

Deprecation - HTML Output

  • This has been deprecated in favour of the web-based HatRack

Bug Fix - 30+ Code Contributors

  • A bug existed where pagination would fail for contribution listings, and thus only the first page of 30 contributors would be displayed. This is now fixed.


7 years ago

With massive thanks to @edunham, octohatrack can now run optionally without cache.


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7 years ago

With thanks to @davidjb and @krockode, octohat now works in Python 3, and installs requirements correctly.

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