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A toolbox for comparing brain maps

by netneurolab

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pypi i neuromaps

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The neuromaps toolbox is designed to help researchers make easy, statistically-rigorous comparisons between brain maps (or brain annotations).

The accompanying paper is published in Nature Methods <>_.

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Installation requirements

Currently, neuromaps works with Python 3.7+ and requires a few dependencies:

  • matplotlib
  • nibabel (>=3.0)
  • nilearn (>=0.7)
  • numpy (>=1.14)
  • scikit-learn (>=0.17)
  • scipy

You can get started by installing neuromaps from the source repository with:

.. code-block:: bash

git clone
cd neuromaps
pip install .

You will also need to have Connectome Workbench <https://www.humanconnectome. org/software/connectome-workbench>_ installed and available on your path in order to use most of the transformation / resampling functionality of neuromaps.

.. _installation:


If you use the neuromaps toolbox, please cite our paper <>_. If you use data included in the neuromaps repository, be sure to cite the original paper that published this data. A table with references for each brain map can be found in the Wiki.

License information

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License cc-by-nc-sa. The full license can be found in the LICENSE < /LICENSE>_ file in the neuromaps distribution.

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