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Security Notice

Magpie is no longer under active development. There has been a disclosure_ of a bug that exposes the entire filesystem through Magpie.

.. image::

magpie: [ma]rkdown, [g]it, [pie]thon

Git-backed Evernote replacement



(outside of PyPI):

  • Python 2.7
  • Pip/Easy Install
  • Git
  • libmagic_ (OS X specific issue; it's already installed on most Linux distros)
  • cygwin (Windows only requirement; see issue #4_)

Installing magpie

If you're a Python person, and you are using virtual environments, just::

pip install magpie

If you don't know what Python virtual environments are::

sudo pip install magpie

Setup Git Repo

git init


    mkdir -p /path/to/notes/repo/
    cd /path/to/notes/repo/
    git init

On `Github`_

On `Bitbucket`_

git config

Depending on what your environment is like, you may get a nasty error the first time you try to do something useful. This happened to me when I setup magpie to work with supervisor. In order to resolve this, I had to set the and fields in git config. The error message on the magpie page will tell you the syntax.

Launch magpie

In a Python virtualenv::


If you installed magpie with sudo::

sudo magpie


In browser, go to http://localhost:8080


On the main page, there should be a link to configure magpie. (Alternatively, http://localhost:8080/config)

Enter as much info here as you want. Username / Password are not required, but recommended. The only required field is repo. The path from "Init Git Repo" above should be entered here.

Home Dir Config

As of version 0.0.4, if you have a ".magpie" directory in your home directory,
you can store config files there, instead of the default path. You'll need to
make this directory after installing magpie and before running it.
Alternatively, you can create the directory and move the config files there

Useful Links

* `magpie documentation`_
* `magpie on Github`_
* `magpie in PyPI`_
* `magpie blog`_
* `magpie mailing list`_
* `Contributing`_
* `To Do`_

What is magpie?
I *love* `Evernote`_, but I no longer trust my data to cloud providers. Magpie
is an attempt to make a reasonably sufficient Evernote replacement where the
users control their data.

Basically, magpie is just a web tool for managing text files in a git repo. In
it, you can create notebooks (which are just folders); create, edit, and delete
notes (which are just files). That's pretty much it. However, when you make any
of these changes, they are automatically committed to git.

`A demo of magpie is available here`_

(If you make changes and they disappear, it's because the demo resets itself
every 15 minutes.)

What isn't magpie?

* Complete (see `contributing`_)

* Secure (magpie is only as safe as you make it. If your git repo is hosted on
  a public server, people will be able to read your notes. If you run it on an
  open network, people may be able to access your notes. Etc.)

* Shiny (This is a side project written and maintained - so far - by a single
  person. It's never going to be as good or as useable as Evernote.)


* Markdown & HTML notes are rendered on the page

* Uses git as a backend

    * Easy backups (if you know git): clone once, then push/pull to backup notes

    * track history, etc, just like with git (using git, not via magpie's web
      interface ... yet?)

* Render "[ ]" and "[x]" as check boxes. Clicking them changes and saves the

* Email yourself notes (see `emailing notes`_)

* Scrape PDFs to make them searchable in magpie (see `pdf_scraper`_)

Image Attribution
Logo/favicon courtesy of `Kieran Palmer`_, as licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic.

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.. _Contributing:
.. _To Do:
.. _Evernote:
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