Knowage is the professional open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems.





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Knowage is the full capabilities open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems. Its features, such as data federation, mash-up, data/text mining and advanced data visualization, give comprehensive support to rich and multi-source data analysis. The suite is composed of several modules, each one conceived for a specific analytical domain. They can be used individually as complete solution for a certain task, or combined with one another to ensure full coverage of user’ requirements.

Knowage is now available on FIWARE Marketplace as FIWARE-ready software enabler, being fully compliant with FIWARE architecture and GEs. For more information check the FIWARE Marketplace entry for Knowage.

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Modules available

BDBig DataTo analyse data stored on big data clusters or NoSQL databases
SISmart IntelligenceThe usual business intelligence on structured data, but more oriented to self-service capabilities and agile prototyping
EREnterprise ReportingTo produce and distribute static reports
LILocation IntelligenceTo relate business data with spatial or geographical information
PMPerformance ManagementTo manage KPIs and organize scorecards, to monitor your business in real-time
PAPredictive AnalysisTo perform advanced analyses for forecasting and prescriptive purposes

Knowage supports a modern vision of the data analytics, providing new self-service capabilities that give autonomy to the end-user, now able to build his own analysis and explore his own data space, also combining data that come from different sources.


Knowage is available on two versions:

  • the community edition, with the whole set of analytical capabilities, it is part of the software stack managed by OW2 as SpagoBI was;
  • the enterprise edition, provided and guaranteed directly from Engineering Group - the leading Italian software and services company - with a commercial offering and some facilities for the administrator.

This repository contains the source code of the Community Edition.


Information about how to install Knowage is available on official documentation on Read the Docs within Installation & Administration Manuals.

An installer for Windows and Linux environments is available on Knowage website within the download area.

A Dockerfile is also available for your use - further information can be found here.


Information about how to use Knowage is available on official documentation on Read the Docs within User Guide and Functionalities sections.


Knowage is open to external contributions. You can submit your contributions into this repository through pull requests. Before starting, here there are a few things you must be aware of:

  • This project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by its terms.
  • When you open a pull request, you must sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement by stating in a comment "I have read the CLA Document and I hereby sign the CLA"
  • Please ensure that your contribution passes all tests. If there are test failures, you will need to address them before we can merge your contribution.


The official documentantion is available at Read the Docs.


Please visit the project website for information about the Enterprise Edition.


To build Knowage you need:

N.B.: You need to add the paths containing your java, node and npm commands to your PATH environment variable: see the official documentation of your operating system.

The main project is knowage-ce-parent and from within that directory you need to launch:

mvn package

At the end of the build you will find all the WAR files at the following paths:

  • knowage/target/knowage.war
  • knowage-api/target/knowage-api.war
  • knowage-vue/target/knowage-vue.war
  • knowagebirtreportengine/target/knowagebirtreportengine.war
  • knowagecockpitengine/target/knowagecockpitengine.war
  • knowagecommonjengine/target/knowagecommonjengine.war
  • knowagedataminingengine/target/knowagedataminingengine.war
  • knowagegeoreportengine/target/knowagegeoreportengine.war
  • knowagejasperreportengine/target/knowagejasperreportengine.war
  • knowagekpiengine/target/knowagekpiengine.war
  • knowagemeta/target/knowagemeta.war
  • knowageqbeengine/target/knowageqbeengine.war
  • knowagesdk/target/knowagesdk.war
  • knowagesvgviewerengine/target/knowagesvgviewerengine.war
  • knowagetalendengine/target/knowagetalendengine.war
  • knowagewhatifengine/target/knowagewhatifengine.war


To run tests, type

mvn test -DskipTests=false

from knowage-ce-parent folder.


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