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Humble Bundle Manager

Python library and command line tool to manage Humble Bundle games

List your bundles and games, Show their info, Download, Install and Uninstall them! It's like apt-get for Humble Bundle :)


  • Python (tested in Python 2.7, can easily be ported to Python 3)
  • Bash (for the install hooks. Some may require version 4+)

Python and Bash are already installed by default in virtually all GNU/Linux distros.


The above can be installed in any modern Debian-like distros (like Ubuntu/Mint) with:

sudo apt-get install python-{lxml,progressbar,keyring,xdg}


Just clone the repository and optionally symlink the main script from somewhere in your $PATH:

cd ~/some/dir
git clone

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
ln -s ~/some/dir/humblebundle/ ~/.local/bin/humblebundle
echo 'PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.profile  # or ~/.bashrc

To use as a python library, also add the repository directory to your $PYTHONPATH environment.

(Yes, this project desperately needs a!)


Just delete the directory! And the symlink, if you created it:

rm -rf ~/some/dir/humblebundle
rm -f ~/.local/bin/humblebundle

Usage as a command-line tool

Adapted from --help:

Usage: humblebundle [general options] [command] [command options]

Optional arguments:
                    show this help message and exit
  -g|--loglevel {debug,info,warn,error,critical}
                    set logging level, default is 'warn'
                    alias for --loglevel debug

                    Fetch all games and bundles data from the server,
                    rebuilding the cache

Login options:
  -U|--username USERNAME
                    Account login, the user's email
  -P|--password PASSWORD
                    Account password
  -A|--auth AUTH
                    Account _simpleauth_sess cookie

  -l|--list [REGEX]
                    List all available Games (Products), including
                    Soundtracks and eBooks, optionally filtering
                    by REGEX (Regular Expression)
                    List all available Bundles (Purchases), including
                    Store Front (single product) purchases

  -s|--show GAME
                    Show all info about selected game
  -S|--show-bundle BUNDLE
                    Show all info about selected bundle

  -d|--download GAME
                    Name of the game to download. See --list

  -i|--install GAME
                    Install selected game
  -I|--uninstall GAME
                    Uninstall selected game

Download options:
  -t|--type NAME
                    Type (name) of the download, for example '.deb',
                    'mojo', 'flash', etc
  -a|--arch {32,64}
                    Download architecture: 32-bit (also known as i386) or
                    64-bit (amd64, x86_64, etc)
  -p|--platform {windows,mac,linux,android,audio,ebook,comedy}
                    Download platform. Default is 'linux'
  -F|--server-file FILE
                    Basename of the server file to download. Useful when
                    no combination of --type, --arch and --platform is
                    enough to narrow down choices to a single download.
                    Download bittorrent file instead of direct download
  -f|--path PATH
                    Path to download. If PATH is a directory, default
                    download basename will be used. By if omitted,
                    download to current directory.

Show options:
                    Output --show/--show-bundle in machine-readable, JSON

Install options:
  -m|--method {custom,deb,apt,mojo,air,steam}
                    Use this method instead of the default for
                    (un-)installing a game

Command line interface is heavily inspired on apt workflow:

  • List games and bundles to get their humble bundle id

  • Show info on a particular game or bundle (similar to apt-cache show)

  • Download a game archive (similar to apt-get download, and as such not needed for install)

  • Install and Uninstall a game (as easy as apt-get install)

Examples and sample output:

Authenticating (only needed once, it stores credentials in keyring):

$ humblebundle --username '' --password '1234' --update --list

Show bundle and game info:

$ humblebundle --show-bundle androidbundle5

Bundle    : androidbundle5
Name      : Humble Bundle with Android 5
Category  : bundle
Price US$ :
Games     :
    Beat Hazard Ultra   [beathazardultra]
    Beat Hazard Ultra   [beathazardultra_android]
    Beat Hazard Ultra   [beathazardultra_soundtrack]
    Crayon Physics Deluxe   [crayonphysicsdeluxe_android_pc_soundtrack]
    Dungeon Defenders + All DLC [dungeondefenders_dlc_android_pc]
    Dynamite Jack   [dynamitejack_android_pc]
    NightSky    [nightsky_android_pc]
    NightSky    [nightsky_soundtrack]
    Solar 2 [solar_android_pc]
    Splice  [splice]
    Splice  [splice_android]
    Splice Soundtrack   [splice_soundtrack]
    Super Hexagon   [superhexagon_android_pc]
    Super Hexagon   [superhexagon_asm]
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP  [swordandsworcery_android_pc_soundtrack]

$ humblebundle --list solar


$ humblebundle --show solar_android_pc

Game      : solar_android_pc
Name      : Solar 2
Developer : Murudai
URL       :
Bundles   :
    Humble Bundle with Android 5 [androidbundle5]
    Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 [androidbundle8]
Downloads :
        Download                 45.3 MB    Solar2_Android_1.13_1388267491.apk
        MP3                      53.5 MB
        FLAC                    179.9 MB
        .deb                    101.3 MB    solar2_1.10_i386_1409159048.deb
        .tar.gz                 101.3 MB    solar2-linux-1.10_1409159048.tar.gz
        Download                 69.5 MB    solar2-mac-1.10_1409159048.dmg
        Download                 41.2 MB    solar2-windows-1.10_1409159048.exe

Download a file:

$ humblebundle --download solar_android_pc --platform audio --type mp3

Downloading 'Solar 2' [solar_android_pc] 'MP3' 53.5 MB
  27% of 53.5 MiB |................                       |   1.23 M/s ETA:  00:00:3

Install a game (may require an entry in gamedata.json or manual options):

$ humblebundle --install dontmove

Downloading "Don't Move" [dontmove]  (64-bit)  4.7 MB  DontMove_v1-3_Linux-64.tar
Installing Don't Move

Usage as a library

import humblebundle

hb = HumbleBundle('', '1234')


for name in
    game = hb.get_game(name)
      # or simply[name] - It's a dictonary! (for now)
    print game['human_name']

    # Blame Humble Bundle for their weird dictionary structure, not me!
    for platforms in game.get('downloads', []):
        for download in platforms.get('download_struct', []):
            url = download.get('url', {}).get('web', '')
            if url:
               print url

filename ='dontmove', platform='linux', arch=64)


Patches are welcome! Fork, hack, request pull! Here is my current to-do list:

  • Better documentation: Improve this README, document installers/ usage, custom hooks/ interface, explain how credentials are used and stored, gamedata.json format and usage, config dir structure. And, most important, describe the install mechanics in more detail.

  • Install: create a decent, possibly uploading to Pypi

  • Classes: convert the games and bundles dictionaries to classes with attributes and methods. HumbleBundle.get_game() would return a Game instance, methods .install(), .download() etc would be there and not on the "main" HumbleBundle class.

If you find a bug or have any enhancement request, please to open a new issue

Written by

Rodrigo Silva (MestreLion)

Copyright (C) 2014 Rodrigo Silva (MestreLion)

License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later

This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.

There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

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