Grayskull 💀 - Recipe generator for Conda


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Fix recipe name when generating from a github repository.


  • Generate recipes from Github repository
  • Added information about how to generate recipe for GitHub repository packages.
  • Add constrain for 3.6 in case it is --strict-conda-forge and it is noarch python
  • Add Python 3.9 as part of python version conda-forge supports
  • Small Improvements
  • Replace slash in test imports by a dot
  • Execute 'split' only if entry_point is a string
  • Added check for scripts in metadata


Add fastjsonschema and flair to the configuration file to convert names on pypi to conda-forge


Invoke the same python when running pip Constrain rapidfuzz to be less than 0.13.0


Moved grayskull to conda-incubator Added Github Actions for the tests and also testing on OSX and Windows Fix 194 - removed empty entry points Fix version value appearing as unquoted jinja expression


Constrain ruamel.yaml and progressbar2


Bugfix #178 . Fix when the list requirements is just a string in _fix_list_requirements


Added option --strict-conda-forge, with that enable grayskull will try to generate the recipe to be as close as possible with current conda-forge build. Fix license discovery on github repositories


Show a better message when the package is missing on PyPI Add pre-commit hook to sort yaml keys for the pypi configuration file Add new entries to map different package names on PyPI and conda-forge Changed CI checkers to run the entire pre-commit in all files and not just the flake8 and plugins Fix cases where the pypi url was not adding the right filename or right extension to the sdist package Change grayskull license to Apache-2.0 Fix bare exception to BaseException when handling distutils injection


Add new entry point greyskull


Add LGTM badge Fix LGTM alerts Add information about online grayskull Fix formatting error on Fix for dependencies which were informed as a sequence of sequences Fix imports for recipes which do not contain packages and just py_modules Exclude hidden folders from license discovery


Improvements regarding the output for missing packages Add python-graphviz to replace graphviz for packages on pypi Bug fix when the package setup raises an exception which was not covered by Exception


Change colours of the print message Reduce time to generate recipe Add feature to show if the packages are available on the channel Fix when github returns multiple users for the user search


Update pre-commit configuration Improve home url Fix when the project does not have



  • Add gitter badge as well
  • Use latest images on azure pipelines for Windows and OSX


  • Add possibility to disable output when running grayskull. It will disable the output when using grayskull as a module.

Bug Fix:

  • Return a better message when not executing grayskull correctly from the CLI


Fix for config.yaml on pypi regarding the metaplotlib keyword for conda-forge


Add feature to track different package names from repositories and conda-forge


  • Fixed entry points when they are specified as string instead of a list
  • Writting the license file with the same name as on the github repository.


Remove comments in dependencies


Replaced fuzzywuzzy by rapidfuzz. (@maxbachmann )


  • Handle packages without URL (@xhochy )
  • Fix dependencies loops which may occur for some corner cases


Default to the license which has the -or-later


Using the license identifier from instead of


Enabled pytest-xdist to run the tests on Azure Fix flat entry_points when the recipe has just one entry_points


Bug fix for setup not being executed when a dependency error occurs. Now it will force to execute the setup anyway to recover the metadata


Exclude local modules from requirements Improvements in the license discovery and matching license type Add BSD-4-Clause to Grayskull data


Fixed some bugs related to the recipe generation. Fixed noarch recipes when we have some specific cases for python_requires. The recipe is not generating the lower version for python as 3.6 anymore, it is taking in consideration the value received in the metadata. Selectors are putting just the "minimum" amount of empty spaces before the # Fixed corner cases for Apache licenses Fixed duplicated dependencies appearing in the recipe


Add option --download which will add to the package folder the sdist package and pypi metadata in a json format.


Add more images to the docs Fix widget progressbar when generating recipe for multiples projects Fix automated workflow to deploy on pypi


Fix when the user specifies the version of a package using the CLI Fix newlines after jinja variables Add test commands for entry points


CLI improvements Fix small bugs Fix bug when the user specified the package version Infrastructure improvements


Add option to the CLI to be able to add a list of maintainers to the recipe; Add feature to be able to specify the package version, such as grayskull pypi pytest=5.3.2 Fix github workflow to deploy the package


Fix wheels and sdist packages


Add license data to the package


Fix entry points


Removed gs entry point Added python requires on


grayskull with stable capabilities to generate recipes looking for pypi.

  • Generate python recipes looking for pypi
  • Get the correct license with the help of and internal database