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"Skeletonr's main goal is to conquer the mysterious fortress of Castle Grayskull, from which He-Man draws his powers. If he succeeds, Skeletor would be able to conquer not only Eternia, but the whole universe."
Adapted from Wikipedia


Grayskull is an automatic conda recipe generator.
The main goal of this project is to generate concise recipes for conda-forge. The Grayskull project was created with the intention to eventually replace conda skeleton.
Presently Grayskull can generate recipes for Python packages available on PyPI and also those not published on PyPI but available as GitHub repositories. Future versions of Grayskull will support recipe generation for packages of other repositories such as CRAN and Conan etc..


It is possible to install this project using pip:

pip install grayskull

or conda, using the conda-forge channel:

conda install -c conda-forge grayskull

It is also possible to clone this repo and install it using pip:

git clone
cd grayskull
pip install -e .


It is pretty simple to use grayskull. Just call it, pass the repository (just pypi for now) and the package name.

  • Example:
grayskull pypi pytest

After that grayskull will create a folder with the same name as the package and inside this folder the generated recipe will be present (meta.yaml).

  • Example with pytest (grayskull pypi pytest):

Grayskull CLI

If your package is a GitHub repository just replace the package name with the GitHub repository URL.
For example:

grayskull pypi

Online Grayskull

It is also possible to use Grayskull without any installation. You can go to this website and inform the name and the version (optional) of the package and it will create the recipe for you.


Copyright Marcelo Duarte Trevisani and contributors, 2020-2021.

Distributed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, grayskull is free and open source software.