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|PyGitUp|_ is a Python port of aanand/git-up <>__. It not only fully covers the abilities of git-up and should be a drop-in replacement, but also extends it slightly.

.. |PyGitUp| replace:: PyGitUp .. _PyGitUp:

Why use git up?

git pull has two problems:

* It merges upstream changes by default, when it's really more polite to `rebase
  over them <>`__,
  unless your collaborators enjoy a commit graph that looks like bedhead.

* It only updates the branch you're currently on, which means git push will
  shout at you for being behind on branches you don't particularly care about
  right now.



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Why use the Python port?

I wasn't able to use the original git-up, because I didn't want to install a whole Ruby suite just for git-up and even with Ruby installed, there were some problems running on my Windows machine. So, my reasons for writing and using this port are:

  1. Windows support.
  2. Written in Python ;)

How do I install it?

  1. Install git-up via pip <>__: $ pip install git-up
  2. cd to your project's directory.
  3. Run git up and enjoy!

Note for Windows users:

See `these instructions <>`__
for installing pip, if you haven't already installed it. And don't forget
to either:

- make your ``Python/Scripts`` and ``Python/Lib/site-packages`` writable for
- run ``pip`` with admin privileges
- or use ``pip install --user git-up`` and add ``%APPDATA%/Python/Scripts``
  to ``%PATH%``.

Otherwise pip will refuse to install ``git-up`` due to ``Access denied`` errors.

Python version compatibility:

Python 3.6 and upwards are supported :)

Options and Configuration

Command Line Arguments

- ``git up -h`` shows a help message.

- ``git up --quiet`` suppresses all output except for error messages.

- ``git up --no-fetch`` skips fetching the remote and rebases all local branches.

- ``git up --version`` shows the current version and optionally checks for
  updates (see below).


To configure ``PyGitUp``, you can set options in your git config. Run
``git config [--global] git-up.[name] [value]`` to set one of these

-  ``git-up.fetch.prune [*true*|false]``: If set to ``true``,
   ``PyGitUp`` will append the ``--prune``\ option to ``git fetch`` and
   thus remove any remote tracking branches which no longer exist on
   the remote (see `git fetch
   --help <>`__).

-  ``git-up.fetch.all [true|*false*]``: If set to ``false``, ``PyGitUp``
   will only fetch remotes for which there is at least one local
   tracking branch. Setting this option will make ``git up`` always fetch
   from all remotes, which is useful if e.g. you use a remote to push to
   your CI system but never check those branches out.

- `` [true|*false*]``: Push the current branch after
  rebasing and fast-forwarding.

- ``git-up.push.all [true|*false*]``: Push all branches when auto-pushing.

- ``git-up.push.tags [true|*false*]``: Push tags when auto-pushing.

-  ``git-up.rebase.arguments [string]``: If set, ``PyGitUp`` will use
   this string as additional arguments when calling ``git rebase``.
   Example: ``--preserve-merges`` to recreate merge commits in the
   rebased branch.

-  `` [*true*|false]``: If set to ``false``,
   ``PyGitUp`` won't rebase your branches for you but notify you that
   they diverged. This can be useful if you have a lot of in-progress
   work that you don't want to deal with at once, but still want to
   update other branches.

-  ``git-up.rebase.log-hook [cmd]``: Runs ``cmd`` every time a branch
   is rebased or fast-forwarded, with the old head as ``$1`` and the new
   head as ``$2``. This can be used to view logs or diffs of incoming
   changes. Example:
   ``echo "changes on $1:"; git log --oneline --decorate $1..$2``.

- `` [true|*false*]``: If set to ``true``,
  ``PyGitUp`` will show the hashes of the current commit (or the point
  where the rebase starts) and the target commit like ``git pull`` does.

New in v1.0.0:

- ``git-up.updates.check [*true*|false]``: When running ``git up --version``,
  it shows the version number and checks for updates. If you feel
  uncomfortable with it, just set it to ``false`` to turn off the checks.


The original ``git-up`` has been written by aanand:
`aanand/git-up/ <>`__.


v2.0.2 (*2020-12-30*)

- Remove old Python 2 code. Thanks `@hugovk <>`_
  for `Pull Request #104 <>`_.

v2.0.1 (*2020-08-26*)

- Update dependencies

v2.0.0 (*2020-08-15*)

- Drop Python 2 support in order to fix `Issue 102 <>`_
- Drop Ruby Bundler integration
- Migrate tests to ``py.test``

v1.6.1 (*2018-12-12*)

- Upgrade to click>=7.0.0. Thanks `@no-preserve-root <>`_
  for `Pull Request #87 <>`_.

v1.6.0 (*2018-10-26*)

- Skip stashing changes when possible. Thanks `@Chronial <>`_
  for `Pull Request #86 <>`_.
- Added faster fast-forward on branches that are not checked out. Thanks `@Chronial <>`_
  for `Pull Request #83 <>`_.

v1.5.2 (*2018-09-28*)

- Fixed version requirement for Click dependency (`#82 <>`__).

v1.5.1 (*2018-09-13*)

- Fixed crash on Cygwin with rebase log hook enabled (`#80 <>`__).

v1.5.0 (*2018-04-26*)

- Added auto-push support. Thanks `@WoLpH <>`_
  for `Pull Request #74 <>`_.

v1.4.7 (*2018-04-07*)

- Added shorthand commandline arguments (``-V, -q, -h``, see `#73 <>`__).

v1.4.6 (*2017-12-19*)

- 3rd party dependencies have been updated (see `#65 <>`__).

v1.4.5 (*2017-01-02*)

- Fixed problems when working with branches containing hash signs in their name
  (`#55 <>`__).
- No longer installs a now unneeded script on ``pip install``. Thanks `@ekohl <>`_
  for `Pull Request #60 <>`_.

v1.4.4 (*2016-11-30*)

- Fixed a bug when working with ``git worktree`` (`#58 <>`__).

v1.4.3 (*2016-11-22*)

- Fixed a bug with GitPython <= 2.0.8 (`#56 <>`__, `#57 <>`__).

v1.4.2 (*2016-09-29*)

- Switched the command line argument parsing library (`#53 <>`__).

v1.4.1 (*2016-08-02*)

- Include tests in PyPI distribution (`#51 <>`__).

v1.4.0 (*2016-02-29*)

- 3rd party dependencies have been updated.
- Dependencies on 3rd party libraries have been loosened to better interact with other installed packages.
  Thanks `MaximilianR <>`_ for `Pull Request #45 <>`_.
- Added an command line argument to turn of fetching (``--no-fetch``). Thanks `@buoto <>`_
  for `Pull Request #46 <>`_.
- Don't show a stacktrace anymore when stashing fails (`#35 <>`_).
- Fixed a bug that caused problems with submodules if the submodule had unstashed changes/ Thanks
  `@Javex <>`_ for `Pull Request #27 <>`_.

v1.3.1 (*2015-08-31*)

- Fixed a bug when showing the version on Python 3 `#34 <>`__.

v1.3.0 (*2015-04-08*)

- Support for Python 3 has been added. Thanks `@r4ts0n <>`_
  for `Pull Request #23 <>`_
  and `@Byron <>`_ for quickly merging a Pull Request
  in `GitPython <>`_
  and releasing a new version on which this release depends.

v1.2.2 (*2015-02-23*)

- Now updates submodules when called from ``git submodule foreach`` (`#8 <>`__).

v1.2.1 (*2014-12-16*)

- Fixed a problem with ``setuptools 8.x`` (`#19 <>`__).
- 3rd party dependencies have been updated

v1.2.0 (*2014-12-10*)

- Added an option to show hashes when fast-forwarding/rebasing like ``git pull``
  does (````).
- Fixed a bug when having branches with both local tracking branches and
  remote tracking branches (`#17 <>`__).

v1.1.5 (*2014-11-19*)

- 3rd party dependencies have been updated to fix a problem with a 3rd party
  library (`#18 <>`__).

v1.1.4 (*2014-04-18*)

- Fixed some typos in README and ``PyGitUp`` output.
- 3rd party dependencies have been updated.

v1.1.3 (*2014-03-23*)

- ``ahead of upstream`` messages are now cyan (see `aanand/git-up#60 <>`__).
- Fixed problem when using % in the log hook (`#11 <>`__).

v1.1.2 (*2013-10-08*)

- Fixed problems with the dependency declaration.

v1.1.1 (*2013-10-07*)

- Fix for `#7 <>`__
  (AttributeError: 'GitUp' object has no attribute 'git') introduced by

v1.1.0 (*2013-10-07*)

- Prior to v1.1.0, ``PyGitUp`` tried to guess the upstream branch for a local
  branch by looking for a branch on any remote with the same name. With v1.1.0,
  ``PyGitUp`` stops guessing and uses the upstream branch config instead.

  This by the way fixes issue `#6 <>`__
  (``git up`` doesn't work with local only branches).

  This change may break setups, where a local branch accidentally has
  the same name as a remote branch without any tracking information set. Prior
  to v1.1.0, ``git up`` would still fetch and rebase from the remote branch.
  If you run into troubles with such a setup, setting tracking information
  using ``git branch -u <remote>/<remote branch> <local branch>`` should help.

- 3rd party dependencies have been updated.

- Allows to run ``git up --version`` from non-git dirs, too.

v1.0.0 (*2013-09-05*)

Finally ``PyGitUp`` reaches 1.0.0. You can consider it stable now :)

- Added a comprehensive test suite, now with a coverage of about 90%.
- Lots of code cleanup.
- Added option ``-h`` to display a help screen (``--help`` **won't** work, because
  ``git`` catches this option and handles it before ``PyGitUp`` can do).
- Added option ``--version`` to show, what version of ``PyGitUp`` is running.
  Also checks for updates (can be disabled, see configuration).
- Added option ``--quiet`` to be quiet and only display error messages.

v0.2.3 (*2013-06-05*)

- Fixed issue `#4 <>`__ (ugly
  exception if remote branch has been deleted).

v0.2.2 (*2013-05-04*)

- Fixed issue `#3 <>`__ (didn't
  return to previous branch).

v0.2.1 (*2013-03-18*)

- Fixed problem: check-bundler.rb has not been installed when installing via
  PyPI (problems with

v0.2 (*2013-03-18*)

- Incorporated `aanand/git-up#41 <https://github
  .com/aanand/git-up/pull/41>`__: Support for ``bundle install --local`` and
  ``rbenv rehash``.
- Fixed issue `#1 <>`__ (strange
  output buffering when having multiple remotes to fetch from).
- Some under-the-hood improvements.

v0.1 (*2013-03-14*)

- Initial Release

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