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Interactive Maps with Geopandas

by sangarshanan

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pypi i geopatra

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Create Interactive maps 🗺️ with your geodataframe

Geopatra extends geopandas for interactive mapping and attempts to wrap the goodness of amazing mapping libraries like Folium, Plotly,, hvplot etc for rapidly creating interactive maps with Geodataframes

You can already create interactive maps easily with geopandas and Folium/ Plotly/ Geopatra is merely meant to make this easier and is more geared towards ease and currently does not support complex maps or intricate style control


Everything is always a pip away

pip install geopatra

Basic Usage

To quickly plot a geodataframe with folium, you gotta understand workflows in geopandas and folium.

import folium
import geopandas
world = geopandas.read_file(geopandas.datasets.get_path('naturalearth_lowres'))
m = folium.Map(location = [4,10], zoom_start = 3)

With Geopatra all the parameters you set with folium become optional so you don't have to care about folium

import geopatra
m = world.folium.plot()

Now you have a folium map object, which you can now use for more complex mapflows

Check out docs for more examples


Clone the repo

git clone

Run pre-commit install to install pre-commit into your git hooks. pre-commit will now run on every commit

Install the package with the amazing poetry

poetry install

Make the bla-bla-bla changes to code and run the tests and when full moon is nigh, build & publish

poetry build
poetry publish

To update versions

poetry add geopandas@^0.8.0
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