fut is a simple library for managing Fifa 19 Ultimate Team.





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WARNING: I've review requests and this version looks as safe as stable versions for fifa18 but i might have miss something so please be careful.



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fut is a simple library for managing Fifa Ultimate Team. It is written entirely in Python.

Click here to get Slack invitation <https://gentle-everglades-93932.herokuapp.com>_


Documentation is available at http://fut.readthedocs.org/.

Players database: https://www.easports.com/uk/fifa/ultimate-team/fut/database

Players database (json): https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/content/B1BA185F-AD7C-4128-8A64-746DE4EC5A82/2018/fut/items/web/players_meta.json

Consumables database provided by koolaidjones: https://github.com/koolaidjones/FUT-Consumables-Resource-IDs

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Click here to get Slack invitation <https://gentle-everglades-93932.herokuapp.com>_

PHP ported version by InkedCurtis

If You prefer php language, there is ported version made by InkedCurtis: https://github.com/InkedCurtis/FUT-API

AutoBuyer GUI

If You're looking for "user friendly" autobuyer take a look at hunterjm's project (dead probably): https://github.com/hunterjm/futgui/releases



Optional parameters:

  • code: [string] email/sms code for two-step verification (make sure to use string if your code starts with 0).
  • platform: [pc/ps3/ps4/xbox/xbox360] pc default.
  • emualte: [and/ios] use this feature to avoid webapp errors (BE WARE IT'S HIGH RISK).
  • debug: [True/False] enables debug.
  • cookies: [filename] saves cookies after every request and load it from given file when restaring app (just like browser).
  • proxies: [dict] http/socks proxies in requests's format http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/user/advanced/#proxies
  • anticaptcha_client_key: [str] API key for Anti Captcha. Requires setting proxies. After you encounter Captcha exception while making a request you should reinitialize Core object (it will relaunch session and enter Captcha).

.. code-block:: python

>>> import fut
>>> session = fut.Core('email', 'password', 'secret answer')

Be sure to set :code:platform= to your platform and :code:sms=True if you use SMS for 2 Factor Authentication.

Optional parameters:

  • min_price: [int] Minimal price.
  • max_price: [int] Maximum price.
  • min_buy: [int] Minimal buy now price.
  • max_buy: [int] Maximum buy now price.
  • level: ['bronze'/'silver'/gold'] Card level.
  • start: [int] Start page number.
  • category: ['fitness'/'?'] Card category.
  • assetId: [int] assetId.
  • defId: [int] defId.
  • league: [int] League id.
  • club: [int] Club id.
  • position: [int?/str?] Position.
  • zone: ['attacker'/'?'] zone.
  • nationality: [int] Nation id.
  • rare: [boolean] True for searching special cards.
  • playStyle: [str?] playStyle.
  • page_size: [int] Amount of cards on single page (changing this might be risky).

.. code-block:: python

>>> items = session.searchAuctions('player')


Optional parameters:

  • FAST: [boolean] True for skipping trade status & credits check.

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.bid(item['tradeId'], 600)


Optional parameters:

  • buy_now: [int] Buy now price.
  • duration: [int] Auction duration in seconds (3600 default).

.. code-block:: python

>>>     session.sell(item['id'], 150)

Before selling a newly-bought item, you have to send it to the tradpile. :code:session.sendToTradepile(item_id)

Quick sell

single item:

.. code-block:: python

>>> item_id = 123456789
>>> session.quickSell(item_id)

multiple items:

.. code-block:: python

>>> item_id = [123456789, 987654321]
>>> session.quickSell(item_id)

Piles (Watchlist / Tradepile / Unassigned / Squad / Club)

.. code-block:: python

>>> items = session.tradepile()
>>> items = session.unassigned()
>>> items = session.squad()
>>> items = session.club(count=10, level=10, type=1, start=0)
>>> items = session.clubConsumablesDetails()
>>> session.sendToTradepile(item_id)                         # add card to tradepile
>>> session.sendToClub(trade_id, item_id)                    # add card to club
>>> session.sendToWatchlist(trade_id)                        # add card to watchlist
>>> session.tradepileDelete(trade_id)                        # removes item from tradepile
>>> session.watchlistDelete(trade_id)                        # removes item from watch list (you can pass single str/ing or list/tuple of ids - like in quickSell)

>>> session.tradepile_size  # tradepile size (slots)
>> len(session.tradepile())  # tradepile fulfilment (number of cards in tradepile)
>>> session.watchlist_size  # watchlist size (slots)
>> len(session.watchlist())  # watchlist fulfilment (number of cards in watchlist)


It's cached on every request so if you want the most accurate info call fut.keppalive()

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.credits


Relists all expired cards in tradepile.

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.relist()  # relist all expired cards in tradepile

Apply consumable

Apply consumable on player.

  • item_id: [int] Player's item_id.
  • resource_id: [int] Consumable's resource_id.

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.applyConsumable(item_id, resource_id)

Card stats and definiction IDs

Returns stats and definition IDs for each card variation.

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.searchDefinition(asset_id, start=0, count=35)


Sends keepalive ping and returns current credits amount (you have to make at least one request every ~10 minutes to avoid session expire/logout).

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.keepalive()


Logs out nicely (like clicking on logout button).

.. code-block:: python

>>> session.logout()


Database if fully cached at first invocation so there won't by any additional requests:

.. code-block:: python

>>> fut.nations
>>> fut.leagues
>>> fut.teams
>>> fut.stadiums
>>> fut.players
>>> fut.playstyles

You can access database even without login:

.. code-block:: python

>>> import fut
>>> nations = fut.core.nations()
>>> leagues = fut.core.leagues()
>>> teams = fut.core.teams()
>>> stadiums = fut.core.stadiums()
>>> players = fut.core.players()
>>> playestyles = fut.core.playstyles()

Convert Team/League/Nation/Player id to name ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.. code-block:: python

>>> nations[1]
... 'Albania'
>>> leagues[1]
... 'Alka Superliga'
>>> teams[1]
... 'Arsenal'
>>> stadiums[1]
... 'Old Trafford'
>>> players[1]
... {'rating': 88, 'lastname': 'Seaman', 'id': 1, 'firstname': 'David', 'nationality': 14, 'surname': None}
>>> playstyles[250]
... 'BASIC'

Item object (dict) structure ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.. code-block:: python

>>> for item in items:
...     trade_id = item['tradeId']
...     buy_now_price = item['buyNowPrice']
...     trade_state = item['tradeState']
...     bid_state = item['bidState']
...     starting_bid = i['startingBid']
...     item_id = i['id']
...     timestamp = i['timestamp']  # auction start
...     rating = i['rating']
...     asset_id = i['assetId']
...     resource_id = i['resourceId']
...     item_state = i['itemState']
...     rareflag = i['rareflag']
...     formation = i['formation']
...     injury_type = i['injuryType']
...     suspension = i['suspension']
...     contract = i['contract']
...     playStyle = i['playStyle']  # used only for players
...     discardValue = i['discardValue']
...     itemType = i['itemType']
...     owners = i['owners']
...     offers = i['offers']
...     current_bid = i['currentBid']
...     expires = i['expires']  # seconds left

to be continued ;-)


How to report bug/attach logs? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  1. enable debug

.. code-block:: python

session = fut.Core('email', 'password', 'secret answer')

  1. reproduce error - for example if there is bug when searching market, just search market with enabled debug
  2. open fut.log, search for password/login and remove it
  3. publish fut.log to help us find root cause of a bug

Getting "requests.exceptions.SSLError:....'utas.mob.v4.fut.ea.com' doesn't match 'utas.mobapp.fut.ea.com'"? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is a new error, but here's a temporary fix to try:

  1. Re-download the api from github
  2. Go into fut/urls.py
  3. On line 7, change :code:auth_url = rc['authURL'] to :code:auth_url = 'utas.mobapp.fut.ea.com'
  4. Run python setup.py install
  5. Try your script again
  6. Please report in the Slack channel whether or not this worked!!

Bans ^^^^

To avoid getting ban take a look at our little discussion/guide thread: https://github.com/oczkers/fut/issues/259

Generally speaking, you should send no more than 500 requests per hour and 5000 requests per day. Be somewhat human. If you encounter a captcha, try to answer/solve it as soon as possible.

Somehow i've sent card to full tradepile and it disappeared ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Make space in tradepile and just call one command to restore it:

.. code-block:: python

session.sendToTradepile(-1, id)

I've got card with None tradeId so cannot move/trade it ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Make space in tradepile and just call one command to restore it:

.. code-block:: python

session.sendToTradepile(-1, id)

PermissionDenied exceptions raises when trying to sell cards directly from watchlist ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The solution is to send the items to Tradepile and offer from there.

CLI examples

.. code-block:: bash

not yet



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