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Build native mobile apps in python with enaml

by codelv

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Build native mobile apps in python using enaml and native widgets! Build Status codecov Help chat Documentation Status

The goal of this project is to be the python version of react-native. It targets apps that need to have a "native" look and feel and achieves this by reusing existing native Android and iOS widgets from python. It allows you to declaratively define a UI using python based language called enaml. The rest is "normal" python.

Kivy is still recommended for games and applications that need custom widgets that native Android and iOS libraries do not provide.

This is still a very young project but the results and feedback have been positive and promising. Thanks for dropping by!

Docs and Examples

See the project site or the api docs

There's also some short tutorials and examples on youtube.

Need help? Try the gitter group https://gitter.im/enaml-native/Lobby


Drawer Demo

Add-on Packages

Enaml-native was redesigned so separate "packages" can be created and installed to add new native widgets and other apis. Similar to the kivy-garden but it borrows the concepts of the react-native package manager.

Packages can be created using the enaml-native init-package <your-package-name> command. Once made they can be installed with pip or the enaml-native install command (recommended).


Created a package? Send a PR and add it here!


  1. Enaml's features: declarative syntax, conditional and looper rendering, automatic data binding
  2. Layouts with flexbox
  3. Live app code reloading (like react-native's live reload)
  4. Versioned package management and native library linking
  5. Remote debugging with your favorite IDE (like react-native's remote debugger)


Apps using enaml-native can be found here.


  1. Try out the beta demo app here on google play
  2. Try out code without installing the android SDK or NDK via the Python Playground!



Currently enaml-native's Android support is good enough to make real usable app. A lot of components are supported and several apps have already been released using enaml-native.


Currently enaml-native's iOS support is not yet good enough to make a real app. Only a few components are implemented at the moment and a lot of work is needed to get it to the point where it's really usable, but my "proof of concept" demo shows that it does work.

Thanks to

This project is built on top of several existing projects:

  1. enaml
  2. python-for-android
  3. pybridge
  4. react-native (inspiration)
  5. pyjnius
  6. kivy-ios

Please give them a star, thanks, and/or donation as without these this project would not exist!


Contributions of any kind are welcome. Please use the numpydoc format for docstrings and the pep-8 code style to be consistent with enaml.

This is a project I develop in my free time. If you use enaml-native or simply like the project and want to help continue the development of it please consider donating.

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