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Convert any LCSC components (including EasyEDA) to KiCad library

by uPesy Electronics

0.5.4 (see all)License:AGPL-3.0
pypi i easyeda2kicad

easyeda2kicad v0.5.4

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A Python script that convert any electronic components from EasyEDA or LCSC to a Kicad library including 3D model in color. This tool will speed up your PCB design workflow especially when using JLCPCB SMT assembly services. It supports library format for both Kicad v6.x and Kicad v5.x.

ğŸŽ† Sponsor and Support

A big thanks to JLCPCB for sponsoring this project !

If this tool save you a lot of time when designing a PCB, please consider to support the project by :

💾 Installation

pip install easyeda2kicad

💻 Usage

# For symbol + footprint + 3d model (with --full argument)
easyeda2kicad --full --lcsc_id=C2040
# For symbol + footprint + 3d model
easyeda2kicad --symbol --footprint --3d --lcsc_id=C2040
# For symbol + footprint
easyeda2kicad --symbol --footprint --lcsc_id=C2040
# For symbol only
easyeda2kicad --symbol --lcsc_id=C2040
# For footprint only
easyeda2kicad --footprint --lcsc_id=C2040
# For 3d model only
easyeda2kicad --3d --lcsc_id=C2040
# For symbol in Kicad v5.x legacy format
easyeda2kicad --symbol --lcsc_id=C2040 --v5

By default, all librairies are saved in C:/Users/your_name/Documents/Kicad/easyeda2kicad/, with :

  • easyeda2kicad.kicad_sym for Kicad v6.x symbol library
  • easyeda2kicad.lib for Kicad v5.x legacy symbol library
  • easyeda2kicad.pretty/ for footprint libraries
  • easyeda2kicad.3dshapes/ for 3d models

If you want to save components symbol/footprint in your own libs, you can specify the output lib path by using --output option.

easyeda2kicad --full --lcsc_id=C2040 --output ~/libs/my_lib

This command will save:

  • the symbol in ~/libs/my_lib.kicad_sym file for symbol library. The file will be created if it doesn't exist.
  • the footprint in ~/libs/my_lib.pretty/ folder for footprint libraries. The folder will be created if it doesn't exist.
  • the 3d models in ~/libs/my_lib.3dshapes/ folder for 3d models. The folder will be created if it doesn't exist.

You can use the option --overwrite to update a component symbol/footprint that is already in a Kicad library (generated by easyeda2kicad)

easyeda2kicad --symbol --footprint --lcsc_id=C2040 --output ~/libs/my_lib --overwrite

By default, easyeda2kicad will generate a symbol library for Kicad v6.x (.kicad_sym). You can generate a symbol lib in legacy format for Kicad v5.x (.lib) using --v5 argument.

easyeda2kicad --symbol --lcsc_id=C2040 --v5

🔗 Add libraries in Kicad

These are the instructions to add the default easyeda2kicad libraries in Kicad. Before configuring KiCad, run at least once time the script to create lib files. For example :

easyeda2kicad --symbol --footprint --lcsc_id=C2040
  • In KiCad, Go to Preferences > Configure Paths, and add the environment variables EASYEDA2KICAD :
    • Windows : C:/Users/your_username/Documents/Kicad/easyeda2kicad/,
    • Linux : /home/your_username/Documents/Kicad/easyeda2kicad/
  • Go to Preferences > Manage Symbol Libraries, and Add the global library easyeda2kicad : ${EASYEDA2KICAD}/easyeda2kicad.kicad_sym
  • Go to Preferences > Manage Footprint Libraries, and Add the global library easyeda2kicad : ${EASYEDA2KICAD}/easyeda2kicad.pretty
  • Enjoy 😉

🔥 Important Notes


The correctness of the symbols and footprints converted by easyeda2kicad can't be guaranteed. Easyeda2kicad speed up custom library design process, but you should kept careful and always double check the footprints and symbols generated.


  • We FORBID the illegal use of converting others files and libraries with the distribution of this program.
  • We FORBID the use that is outside the EasyEDA Terms of Use with the distribution of this program.

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