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Django Sekizai

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Sekizai means "blocks" in Japanese, and that's what this app provides. A fresh look at blocks. With django-sekizai you can define placeholders where your blocks get rendered and at different places in your templates append to those blocks. This is especially useful for css and javascript. Your sub-templates can now define css and Javascript files to be included, and the css will be nicely put at the top and the Javascript to the bottom, just like you should. Also sekizai will ignore any duplicate content in a single block.

There are some issue/restrictions with this implementation due to how the django template language works, but if used properly it can be very useful and it is the media handling framework for the django CMS (since version 2.2).

.. note::

    This project is endorsed by the `django CMS Association <>`_.
    That means that it is officially accepted by the dCA as being in line with our roadmap vision and development/plugin policy. 
    Join us on `Slack <>`_.

Contribute to this project and win rewards

Because this is a an open-source project, we welcome everyone to get involved in the project <> and receive a reward <> for their contribution. Become part of a fantastic community and help us make django CMS the best CMS in the world.

We'll be delighted to receive your feedback in the form of issues and pull requests. Before submitting your pull request, please review our contribution guidelines <>_.

We're grateful to all contributors who have helped create and maintain this package. Contributors are listed at the contributors <>_ section.


See REQUIREMENTS in the <>_ file for additional dependencies:

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Please refer to the documentation in the docs/ directory for more information or visit our online documentation <>_.

Running Tests

You can run tests by executing::

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r tests/requirements.txt
python test

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