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Listing, table, with toolbars, automatic search and insert forms and much more for Django

by Eric Lapouyade

0.0.12 (see all)License:GPLv3+
pypi i django-listing



.. image:: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elapouya/django-listing/master/docs/_static/readme_intro1.png .. image:: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elapouya/django-listing/master/docs/_static/readme_intro2.png

Django app for building HTML listings / tables, it includes many features :

  • Any iterable, Django QuerySet or model can be used.
  • Most listings can be configured into a template file without touching a python file
  • A class-based ListingView is provided if you want to code a listing at python side
  • It as an Ajax mode to save requests to the server
  • Uses JQuery if ajax is activated
  • Customized for Bootstrap by default, but can be easily customized in many way (templates, icons, etc...)
  • You can select columns to display, columns title, default sorting etc..
  • Pagination is highly customizable (buttons to display, goto page, ellipsis, icons et labels)
  • Rows can be
    instead of , so it is possible to format data in many ways
  • A lot of column types are provided, they are automatically created when a QuerySet or a model is provided
  • Columns are class-bases and one can create custom ones
  • Columns manage One-to-many, Many-to-many and foreign relations
  • Provides aggregation columns : sum, avg, min, max values
  • Provides page-level and global aggregation : sum, avg, min, max values displayed at listing last row
  • Provides columns to make a link to the object, a custom link, checkbox, select box, text input...
  • Provides "action column" that comes with many actions : show, edit, delete, move up, move down...
  • is able to manage multiple variations to present data in multiple way at the same place (text only listing, text+image listing, image only listing for example)
  • Uses Django translation framework : one can translate the listing as needed
  • Toolbars can be added at the top and/or at the bottom to make actions
  • Built-in toolbar action are : sorting, select a listing variation, number of rows per page, export data. They are customizable.
  • Toolbar items are class-based : one can create a custom one easily
  • django-listing can automatically create a filter form (aka search form)
  • Listing rows can be selectable in order to apply some actions
  • Listings can be editable for mass updates
  • django-listing can automatically create a form for inserting data to database
  • One can upload files/images into a listing, it uses DropzoneJS (Work in progress)
  • ListingView can manage itself database inserting, editing, deleting, filtering, uploads and actions : no need to develop any code for that.
  • django-listing comes with hundreds of icons as a scalable font
  • django-listing is faster than django-table2


If you have docker you can run the demo with this command::

docker run -p 8123:8123 elapouya/django-listing-demo

And then open your browser at this url : http://localhost:8123

To install docker on Linux, just use this command::

curl -sSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh

Otherwise, you can upload from here : https://docs.docker.com/get-docker/

Code ....

The demo code is available on github here : django-listing-demo <https://github.com/elapouya/django-listing-demo>_


Django-listing is licensed under the GPLv3 license for all open source applications. A commercial license is required for all commercial applications or non-open applications

See LICENSE.rst <https://github.com/elapouya/django-listing/blob/master/LICENSE.rst>_ file for more informations.


Please, read the doc <http://django-listing.readthedocs.org>_ (Work in progress)


0.0.12 (2022-07-04)

  • Add django-like filter syntax for sequences

0.0.11 (2022-06-02)

  • Add JsonDateTimeColumn class

0.0.10 (2022-05-17)

  • Add support for python 3.10

0.0.9 (2021-11-09)

  • Add possibility to create custom action button linked with listing method

0.0.7 (2020-07-14)

  • First running version

0.0.1 (2018-02-03)

  • Skeleton commit

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