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Django Human DateTime Parsing

:Authors: Justin Quick justquick@gmail.com :Version: 0.1

This tool uses the parsedatetime package <http://code.google.com/p/parsedatetime/>_ to turn human readable form input (like 'tomorrow 7PM') into datetime objects (like datetime.datetime(2010, 4, 9, 19, ...)). This app requires parsedatetime and pytz. The app comes with a set of fields to replace Django's own DateTimeField, DateField, and TimeField. Get them by using::

from humandt.fields import HumanDateTimeField, HumanTimeField, HumanDateField

Then use them however you like as form fields in your own Django Forms::

from django.forms import Form

class ExampleForm(Form):
    datetime = HumanDateTimeField(required=False)
    time = HumanTimeField(required=False)
    date = HumanDateField(required=False)

Example Project

Download the most recent sourcecode and start up the development server. Make sure you have the most recent version of django::

git clone git://github.com/justquick/django-human-datetime.git
cd django-human-datetime
pip install parsedatetime pytz django
python setup.py install
cd example_project
python manage.py runserver

If all goes well it will be available at There is an example form up there that just spits out the parsed date/time input. Look at the example_project.views for useage example. To test the humandt app, stop the server and run this::

python manage.py test humandt

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