Helpful django cprofiling middleware.





This is a simple profiling middleware for Django applications. I wrote it because I got tired of printing "start" "stop" "stop 2" in my programs to find the bottlenecks.

I found a simple example on @dcramer's slideshare and modified it to support sorting.


$ pip install django-cprofile-middleware

Then add django_cprofile_middleware.middleware.ProfilerMiddleware to the end your MIDDLEWARE in settings.py. This option was called MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in versions of Django before 1.10.

For example:


The profiler will only be available when the Django setting DEBUG is set to True. By default it's also required to be an authenticated user with is_staff set to True which is making the request to be profiled. The is_staff check can be configured as follows:


Running & Sorting Results

Once you've installed it, log in as a user who has staff privileges and add ?prof to any URL to see the profiler's stats. For example to see profile stats for http://localhost:8000/foo/, visit http://localhost:8000/foo/?prof.

You can also pass some options:

count: The number of results you'd like to see. Default is 100.

sort: The field you'd like to sort results by. Default is time. For all the options you can pass, see the docs for pstats.

download: Download profile file, that can be visualized in multiple viewers, e.g. SnakeViz or RunSnakeRun


Email me with any questions: omar.bohsali@gmail.com.