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django-changuito, is a simple cart based on django-cart, it allows you to have a session cart for logged and not logged users, it's born from the need of features that weren't available on django-cart and the previous main developer seems to doesn't have more free time, we are very thankful for his work but we don't want to maintain our own version of django-cart, so we forked and did our changes and make everything open source on a public repo and uploaded to PyPI.

We are already using it on production and we want to encourage old users of django-cart or forked projects of django-cart to migrate to changuito instead.


  • Django 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
  • Python 2.7 and Python 3.4+
  • django content type framework in your INSTALLED_APPS


To install this just type:

python setup.py install


pip install django-changuito


For running the test suite please do:

python setup.py test 

Or simply run tox (if you want to test all the envs)

After installation is complete:

  1. add 'changuito' to your INSTALLED_APPS directive and
  2. Syncronize the DB: ./manage.py migrate


A basic usage of django-changuito could be (example):

MIDDLEWARE_CLASES += ('changuito.middleware.CartMiddleware', )
# views.py
from myproducts.models import Product

def add_to_cart(request, product_id, quantity=1):
    product = Product.objects.get(id=product_id)
    cart = request.cart 
    cart.add(product, product.unit_price, quantity)

def remove_from_cart(request, product_id):
    cart = request.cart 

def get_cart(request):
    return render_to_response('cart.html', dict(cart=CartProxy(request)))
# templates/cart.html
{% extends 'base.html' %}

{% block body %}
            <th>Total Price</th>
        {% for item in cart %}
            <td>{{ item.product.name }}</td>
            <td>{{ item.product.description }}</td>
            <td>{{ item.quantity }}</td>
            <td>{{ item.total_price }}</td>
        {% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

Some Info

This is from the original project that I've forked, I just renamed the project since is not officialy dead and continued my work on this project

This project was abandoned and I got it and added tests and South migrations, 
and I will be maintaining it from now on. 

A note on the authors of this project

This project is a fork of django-cart which was originally started by Eric Woudenberg and followed up by Marc Garcia http://vaig.be, and then continued by Bruno Carvalho, which adds a lot of stuff and then wasn't much aware of the status of the project. The last change ocurred in Jan 29 2012. Bruno and other authors added tests and cool stuff and we are thankful for that, and we will continue with that spirit.

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