A Django email backend that uses a celery task for sending the email.





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django-celery-email - A Celery-backed Django Email Backend

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A Django email backend that uses a Celery queue for out-of-band sending of the messages.

.. Celery: http://celeryproject.org/ .. Django: http://www.djangoproject.org/

.. warning::

This version requires the following versions:

* Python >= 3.5
* Django 2.2, and 3.0
* Celery 4.0

Using django-celery-email

To enable django-celery-email for your project you need to add djcelery_email to INSTALLED_APPS::

INSTALLED_APPS += ("djcelery_email",)

You must then set django-celery-email as your EMAIL_BACKEND::

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'djcelery_email.backends.CeleryEmailBackend'

By default django-celery-email will use Django's builtin SMTP email backend for the actual sending of the mail. If you'd like to use another backend, you may set it in CELERY_EMAIL_BACKEND just like you would normally have set EMAIL_BACKEND before you were using Celery. In fact, the normal installation procedure will most likely be to get your email working using only Django, then change EMAIL_BACKEND to CELERY_EMAIL_BACKEND, and then add the new EMAIL_BACKEND setting from above.

Mass email are sent in chunks of size CELERY_EMAIL_CHUNK_SIZE (defaults to 10).

If you need to set any of the settings (attributes) you'd normally be able to set on a Celery Task_ class had you written it yourself, you may specify them in a dict in the CELERY_EMAIL_TASK_CONFIG setting::

    'queue' : 'email',
    'rate_limit' : '50/m',  # * CELERY_EMAIL_CHUNK_SIZE (default: 10)

There are some default settings. Unless you specify otherwise, the equivalent of the following settings will apply::

    'name': 'djcelery_email_send',
    'ignore_result': True,

After this setup is complete, and you have a working Celery install, sending email will work exactly like it did before, except that the sending will be handled by your Celery workers::

from django.core import mail

emails = (
    ('Hey Man', "I'm The Dude! So that's what you call me.", 'dude@aol.com', ['mr@lebowski.com']),
    ('Dammit Walter', "Let's go bowlin'.", 'dude@aol.com', ['wsobchak@vfw.org']),
results = mail.send_mass_mail(emails)

results will be a list of celery AsyncResult_ objects that you may ignore, or use to check the status of the email delivery task, or even wait for it to complete if want. You have to enable a result backend and set ignore_result to False in CELERY_EMAIL_TASK_CONFIG if you want to use these. You should also set CELERY_EMAIL_CHUNK_SIZE = 1 in settings if you are concerned about task status and results.

See the Celery docs_ for more info.

len(results) will be the number of emails you attempted to send divided by CELERY_EMAIL_CHUNK_SIZE, and is in no way a reflection on the success or failure of their delivery.

.. Celery Task: http://celery.readthedocs.org/en/latest/userguide/tasks.html#basics .. Celery docs: http://celery.readthedocs.org/en/latest/userguide/tasks.html#task-states .. _AsyncResult: http://celery.readthedocs.org/en/latest/reference/celery.result.html#celery.result.AsyncResult


3.0.0 - 2019.12.10

  • Support for Django 3.0
  • Support for Python 3.8
  • Droppped support for Django 1.x, Django 2.0 and Django 2.1
  • Droppped support for Python 2.7

2.0.2 - 2019.05.29

  • Reduce memory usage by running emailto_dict on chunks. Thanks Paul Brown.
  • Simplify dictto_email for readability and efficiency. Thanks Paul Brown.
  • Update test matrix for supported versions of Django, Celery and Python. Thanks James_.

.. _Paul Brown: https://github.com/pawl .. _James: https://github.com/jmsmkn

2.0.1 - 2018.18.27

  • Fix bug preventing sending text/* encoded mime attachments. Thanks Cesar Canassa_.

.. _Cesar Canassa: https://github.com/canassa

2.0 - 2017.07.10

  • Support for Django 1.11 and Celery 4.0
  • Dropped support for Celery 2.x and 3.x
  • Dropped support for Python 3.3

1.1.5 - 2016.07.20

  • Support extra email attributes via CELERY_EMAIL_MESSAGE_EXTRA_ATTRIBUTES setting
  • Updated version requirements in README

1.1.4 - 2016.01.19

  • Support sending email with embedded images. Thanks Georg Zimmer_.
  • Document CELERYEMAIL_CHUNK_SIZE. Thanks Jonas Haag.
  • Add exception handling to email backend connection. Thanks Tom_.

.. _Georg Zimmer: https://github.com/georgmzimmer .. _Tom: https://github.com/tomleo

1.1.3 - 2015.11.06

  • Support setting celery.base from string. Thanks Matthew Jacobi_.
  • Use six for py2/3 string compatibility. Thanks Matthew Jacobi_.
  • Pass contentsubtype back in for retries. Thanks Mark Joshua Tan.
  • Rework how tests work, add tox, rework travis-ci matrix.
  • Use six from django.utils.
  • Release a universal wheel.

.. _Matthew Jacobi: https://github.com/oppianmatt .. _Mark Joshua Tan: https://github.com/mark-tan

1.1.2 - 2015.07.06

  • Fix for HTML-only emails. Thanks gnarvaja_.

.. _gnarvaja: https://github.com/gnarvaja

1.1.1 - 2015.03.20

  • Fix for backward compatibility of task kwarg handling - Thanks Jeremy Thurgood_.

.. _Jeremy Thurgood: https://github.com/jerith

1.1.0 - 2015.03.06

  • New PyPI release rolling up 1.0.5 changes and some cleanup.
  • More backward compatability in task. Will still accept message objects and lists of message objects.
  • Thanks again to everyone who contributed to 1.0.5.

1.0.5 - 2014.08.24

  • Django 1.6 support, Travis CI testing, chunked sending & more - thanks Jonas Haag_.
  • HTML email support - thanks Andres Riancho_.
  • Support for JSON transit for Celery, sponsored by DigiACTive_.
  • Drop support for Django 1.2.

.. Jonas Haag: https://github.com/jonashaag .. Andres Riancho: https://github.com/andresriancho .. _DigiACTive: https://github.com/digiactive

1.0.4 - 2013.10.12

  • Add Django 1.5.2 and Python 3 support.
  • Thanks to Stefan Wehrmeyer_ for the contribution.

.. _Stefan Wehrmeyer: https://github.com/stefanw

1.0.3 - 2012.03.06

  • Backend will now pass any kwargs with which it is initialized to the email sending backend.
  • Thanks to Fedor Tyurin_ for the contribution.

.. _Fedor Tyurin: https://bitbucket.org/ftyurin

1.0.2 - 2012.02.21

  • Task and backend now accept kwargs that can be used in signal handlers.
  • Task now returns the result from the email sending backend.
  • Thanks to Yehonatan Daniv_ for these changes.

.. _Yehonatan Daniv: https://bitbucket.org/ydaniv

1.0.1 - 2011.10.06

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in tasks that were throwing errors reporting success.
  • If there is an exception thrown by the sending email backend, the result of the task will now be this exception.

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