An embed version of the built in help command for discord.py



version python


An embed version of the built in help command for discord.py and probably other forks of discord.py ie Nextcord, Novus, pycord, etc.

Inspired by the DefaultHelpCommand that discord.py uses, but revised for embeds and additional sorting on individual pages that can be "scrolled" through with reactions.


pip install discord-pretty-help


Example of how to use it:

from discord.ext import commands
from pretty_help import PrettyHelp

bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix="!", help_command=PrettyHelp())

Added Optional Args

  • color - Set the default embed color
  • ending_note - Set the footer of the embed. Ending notes are fed a commands.Context (ctx) and a PrettyHelp (help) instance for more advanced customization.
  • index_title - Set the index page name default is "Categories"
  • menu - set a custom menu for navigating pages. Uses a pretty_help.PrettyMenu() instance. Default is pretty_help.DefaultMenu()
  • no_category - Set the name of the page with commands not part of a category. Default is "No Category"
  • sort_commands - Sort commands and categories alphabetically
  • show_index - Show the index page or not

pretty_help.DefaultHelp args

  • active_time - Set the time (in seconds) that the message will be active. Default is 30s
  • delete_after_timeout - Delete the message after active_time instead of removing reactions. Default False
  • page_left - The emoji to use to page left
  • page_right - The emoji to use to page right
  • remove - The emoji to use to remove the help message

By default, the help will just pick a random color on every invoke. You can change this using the color argument:

from discord.ext import commands
from pretty_help import DefaultMenu, PrettyHelp

# ":discord:743511195197374563" is a custom discord emoji format. Adjust to match your own custom emoji.
menu = DefaultMenu(page_left="\U0001F44D", page_right="👎", remove=":discord:743511195197374563", active_time=5)

# Custom ending note
ending_note = "The ending note from {ctx.bot.user.name}\nFor command {help.clean_prefix}{help.invoked_with}"

bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix="!")

bot.help_command = PrettyHelp(menu=menu, ending_note=ending_note)

The basic help command will break commands up by cogs. Each cog will be a different page. Those pages can be navigated with the arrow embeds. The message is unresponsive after 30s of no activity, it'll remove the reactions to let you know.




  • Added delete_after_timeout kwarg so messages are deleted after the time limit instead of just removing emojis
  • Added command cooldown information to pages


  • discord.py must already be installed to use this
  • manage-messages permission is recommended so reactions can be removed automatically