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Python PyPi staging server and packaging, testing, release tool

by devpi

6.0.2 (see all)License:MIT
pypi i devpi-client


devpi-client: manage devpi-server, Python packaging and testing

The devpi command line tool is typically used in conjunction with devpi-server <>_. It allows to upload, test and install packages from devpi indexes.

See for quickstart and more documentation.


If you find a bug, use the issue tracker at Github_.

For general questions use GitHub Discussions or the mailing list.

For support contracts and paid help contact mail at

.. _issue tracker at Github: .. mailing list: .. _GitHub Discussions:



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6.0.2 (2022-09-28)

Bug Fixes

  • Better error message when trying to use devpi index which requires authentication (devpi-lockdown).

6.0.1 (2022-08-16)

Bug Fixes

  • fix #913: main.Hub.workdir cleanup (exit) can now handle read-only files (like those created by git).

  • Print info when DEVPI_INDEX environment variable is in use and allow relative index specification for it.

6.0.0 (2022-07-19)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Removed support for --detox option.

  • When uploading we no longer "register" the package first. That requirement was removed from PyPI and devpi-server for some time.

  • Use sphinx-build command instead of build_sphinx when building documentation.

  • Removed tox dependency, instead devpi test looks for the tox binary in the path.

  • The --venv option will abort when no virtualenv exists at the location, it will not create a virtualenv anymore.


  • Fix #218: use new pip.conf location by default and warn if the legacy location exists.

  • Fix #38: add --user/-u option to use command to limit index listing to a specific user.

  • Fix #437: when the DEVPI_INDEX environment variable is set, it temporarily overwrites the current index.

  • Fix #691: allow anonymous uploads if the server has acl_upload=:ANONYMOUS: set on index.

  • Fix #863: allow --only-docs upload for files containing .docs. instead of .doc. and support gzipped tar files.

  • The --user/-u option for devpi use can be used to switch the current user and the authentication data of previous logins is preserved.

  • Use build <>_ package when possible and fall back to only for deprecated release types.

  • When the DEVPI_USER environment variable is set, it temporarily overwrites the current user name.

  • Support query strings on path for getjson command. This enables using ?no_projects=.

  • The devpi index -l [username] command now actually lists indexes of other users and works without login.

  • Fix #443 and #444: pass authentication info to pip via environment variable for devpi install and devpi test.

  • When pushing to an external index with pypi:..., a PyPI token is detected and pypitoken is installed a new unique time limited token is derived for the upload.

  • With devpi use --local a local configuration is created in the currently active virtualenv and automatically used as long as the virtualenv is activated.

  • Warn if the server changes the scheme, host or port during devpi use.

  • Using --list or --urls with use command and a URL won't change the current index anymore.

  • Existing authentication data is validated on devpi use and removed if expired.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #562: encode username and url in devpiclient_get_password with sys.stdout.encoding.

  • Fix #627: support --index option when no index is currently selected.

  • Fix #808: Use mkdtemp from Python tempfile module to prevent permission and locking errors during devpi test and devpi upload.

  • Fix #831: only download matching wheels if --select is in use.

  • Give helpful error message when specified/configured virtualenv is missing.

Other Changes

  • When there is no json error message only the HTML error code and reason is printed now, to get the full HTML output use the --debug flag.

5.2.3 (2021-11-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Bump upper version limit on pluggy to <2.0.

5.2.2 (2021-02-19)

Bug Fixes

  • fix #406: support --all to show all versions when listing more than one project.

  • Pin tox to <4dev. The next major version of devpi-client will use tox as a binary to support newer versions.