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3 months ago

changed environment:

  • scikit-learn >=1.0 >=0.23
  • rasterio >=1.2.7,<1.3 >=1.2.7

new features:

  • Warning class added. Allows creating warning maps from generic 2d-maps, or form Hazard or Impact objects.
  • Set of lines and polygons util functions. Exposures with lines and/or polygons can be disaggregated to points, which can be used to compute impacts that can be reaggregated afterward.

updated features:

  • Offline mode for API client enabled. Results from the CLIMADA data api can be cached and re-used later without internet connection.

minor changes:

  • Most tutorials and guides have been overhauled and consolidated.
  • Updated API wrapper functions: get clearer error messages when data doesn't exist and added method to get the standard centroids to create new hazards.
  • If more than one dataset with equal data-type and name meet the requirements, the API client only fetches the newest version, unless version='any' is specified.


5 months ago


8 months ago

updated features:

  • new function get_admin1_geometries: return GeoDataFrame with geometries of admin 1 regions within given countries.
  • 'set' method deprecated. New methods 'from'.
  • '+init CRS specs' deprecated.
  • data-api client refactored:
    • method names changed, list_data_type_infos returns only data types with active datasets (data types with only test data are hidden)
    • concatenation of CLIMADA objects was removed from get_hazard and get_exposures
  • util.interpolate
    • refactoring: the module util.interpolate was removed and the methods therein were refactored and integrated in util.coordinates.
    • a new method _nearest_neighbor_euclidean was added to find nearest neighbors with a k-d tree using Euclidean metric.
    • the default distance for exposure.assign_centroids was changed to euclidean. This is faster than haversine for (quasi-)gridded data but less accurate.
  • TCTracks.from_ibtracs_netcdf: now stores selected agency for each track variable
  • Uncertainty Quantification
    • renaming module from uncertainty_quantification to unsequa
    • updating of all plotting methods
    • addition of helper methods for the most common uncertainty input parameters for exposures, hazard, impact functions, entities, measures.
  • works with extent.
  • addition of hazard.select_tight to reduce a hazard to a box around an exposure.
  • adaptations to Natural Earth (v5.0.0) from 2021-12-08. The file format has changed and posed a problem to the shapefile.Reader, which consequently was replaced by shapereader.Reader.\ Note: This may lead to a KeyError 'GDP_MD' in various places, e.g. To come over it, remove the cached Natural Earth files in ~/.local/share/cartopy/shapefiles/natural_earth/.

changed environment:

  • cartopy >= 0.20 (0.18 - 0.19)
  • cfgrib 0.9.7 - 0.9.9 (>= 0.9.7)
  • contextily 1.0 - 1.1 (1.0)
  • numba != 0.55.0
  • rasterio >= 1.2.7 (1.1 - 1.2.6)


1 year ago

Hotfix for possibly biased results from the api_client.Client.get_hazard method. Limit hazard concatenation to a single dataset by default

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