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1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago
  • Fixed some small code issues
  • Added reccurring_transfer op in preparation for HF25 (@sicarius)
  • Added collateralized_convert op in preparation for HF25 (@sicarius)


2 years ago
  • Fix bug in ecda (convert mpz into int when not supported)
  • add coinactivity example script
  • add blockstats example script
  • Add Blocks class, which uses get_block_range
  • PR #272: correct blockchain virtual op batch calls (thanks to @crokkon)
  • PR #276: blockchain: get_account_reputations fix for first (thanks to @crokkon)
  • PR #287: beempy witnessproperties: fix interest rate options (thanks to @crokkon)
  • Fix #289: Unable to Claim Specific Reward Asset


2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • Fixed a bug when using skip_account_check=True
  • Refactor code in Account
  • Add more unit tests


2 years ago
  • Fix bug in bytes representation of an Amount which prevents sending certain amounts (e.g. 8.19 HIVE)
  • Added unit tests to check if 8.190 is correctly working


2 years ago
  • Add diff_match_patch dependency again, as the difflib implementation does not work


2 years ago
  • Add option add_tor to config storage, which allows it to use beempy in tails
  • Switch from pyyaml to ruamel.yaml
  • Remove Events requirements, beem.notify and beemapi.websocket, as it is not well tested and there are no websocket api nodes available on hive
  • Remove unnecessary requirements (pylibscrypt and future)
  • add new node ( and change change to
  • Replace diff_match_patch by difflib and add unit tests
  • Increase timeout and retry count in beempy
  • Remove obsolete replace_hive_by_steem parameter
  • skip_account_check added to account.transfer and account.transfer_to_vesting


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • Fix beempy witnessfeed for HF24
  • Fix more hbd renaming in beempy
  • improved RankedPosts class
  • New AccountPosts class for account feed and more
  • Comment class has been cleaned up, use_tags_api has been replaced by api
  • Add check if get_account_votes is still supported (is dropped in HF24)
  • New SupportedByHivemind exception has been added
  • Fix issue #263


2 years ago
  • assumes that a rpc server uses appbase


2 years ago
  • Add hbd_interest_rate to beempy witnessproperties
  • Add beempy listdelegations (thanks to @crokkon)
  • fix account_name assignment from dict in get_account_reputations() (PR #259)
  • Add new operation ids for HF 24
  • Remove remaining py2 code
  • Run unit tests on
  • Fix compatibility issues with HF 24
  • account get_follow_count, get_followers and get_following have been fixed
  • improved get_discussions calls, fallback to condenser when tags api not available
  • Fix detection when content does not exists on HF24
  • Fix detection when a vote does not exists on HF24


2 years ago
  • Support for update_proposal_operation (thanks to dkedzierski)
  • Remove not needed SECP256K1 import
  • Fix corner case last_irreversible_block_num == head_block_number for Transactionbuilder (thanks to dkedzierski)
  • import keyring only when needed
  • Add use_condenser to config (can be set wtih beempy set), when set to False, condenser calls are not used
  • Add set_expiration to Object Cache
  • Use floor instead of round in beembase/Amount in order to handle floats which have a higher precision than allowed
  • json_str parameter has been added to beembase.Amount, when True, a json dict is returned as string (needing when broadcasting with use_condenser=False)
  • Handle deleted comments in beempy pending thanks to @crokkon


2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • replace percent_hive_dollars by percent_hbd (to make beem HF24 ready)
  • Remove whaleshares related code
  • Fix adding of a wif in beempy
  • Remove SteemConnect
  • Fix set token in HiveSigner
  • Add Blurt
  • Add Community for community reladed requests and broadcasts
  • Improve community lookup for beempy createpost
  • Improved beempy history command output
  • Improved beempy stream


2 years ago

  • add get_replace_hive_by_steem() to Hive(), for transition from HF23 to HF24 on HIVE
  • Replace HIVE by STEEM and SBD by HBD only when Hive HF < 24
  • Replace steem and sbd parameter names for Hive HF >= 24 by hive and hbd
  • Add get follow list to Account (only for HIVE and HF >= 24)
  • Add BLURT, SMOKE and VIZ chain_id
  • Remove not used STEEM chains (STEEMZERO and STEEMAPPBASE)
  • Improve chain detection
  • rshares_to_token_backed_dollar, get_token_per_mvest, token_power_to_vests, token_power_to_token_backed_dollar and vests_to_token_power have been added for chain independent usage
  • New beempy command followlist, which can be used on HIVE to receive info about follow lists
  • Fix beempy info on Hive
  • Use Hive() on beempy when setting default_chain to "hive"
  • Simplify chain identification
  • Fix more Token symbols in beempy
  • Fix unittest and add more unit tests


2 years ago
  • Fix encrypted memo decryption
  • from_account and to_account in Memo() can also be a publick and private key
  • Prepare for sbd/steem replacement by hbd/hive
  • Add unit test for beem.memo
  • Use reputation api
  • Add Server error to _check_error_message
  • Fix trx_id generation when sign return none
  • Retry up to 5 times when coingecko price api failes


2 years ago
  • New UnknownTransaction exception that is raised when using get_transaction with an unkown trx_id
  • New function is_transaction_existing which returns false, when a trx_id does not exists
  • beempy info does not show information for a trx_id
  • broadcast from TransactionBuilder can now return a trx_id, when set trx_id to True (default)
  • sign and finalizeOp from Hive and Steem return now the trx_id in a field
  • add export parameter to all broadcast commands in beempy
  • When setting unsigned in beempy, the default value of expires is changed to 3600
  • beempy history returns account history ops in table or stored in a json file


2 years ago
  • fixed missing module in


2 years ago
  • new beemstorage module
  • Config is handled by SqliteConfigurationStore or InRamConfigurationStore
  • Keys are handled by SqliteEncryptedKeyStore or InRamPlainKeyStore
  • Move aes to beemgraphenebase
  • Wallet.keys, Wallet.keyStorage, Wallet.token and Wallet.keyMap has been removed
  • has now the Key Interface that handles key management
  • Token handling has been removed from Wallet
  • Token storage has been move from wallet to SteemConnect/HiveSigner
  • handle virtual ops batch streaming fixed thanks to @crokkon


2 years ago
  • receiver parameter removed from beempy decrypt
  • beempy encrypt / decrypt is able to encryp/derypt a binary file
  • encrypt_binary, decrypt_binary and extract_decrypt_memo_data added to beem.memo
  • extract_memo_data added to beembase.memo


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • replace asn1 by asn1crypto


2 years ago
  • get_node_answer_time added to NodeList
  • New node added
  • new stored parameter: default_canonical_url
  • beempy notifications sorting is reversed, a new parameter can be used to change the sorting
  • New beempy createpost command, it can be used to create an empty markdown file with YAML header for a new post
  • beempy post has now a canonical_url parameter, when not set, default_canonical_url is set
  • New beempy draw command, can be used to generate pseudo random number from block identifiers using hashsums
  • remove enum34 dependency


2 years ago
  • Improve chain detection (Steem chain detection fixed and preparing for Hive HF24)
  • Add authored_by and description fields in YAMLM header
  • Improve doc
  • beempy post image upload includes the markdown file path now


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • Fix update_account_jsonmetadata and add posting_json_metadata property to Account
  • Add Ledger Nano S support
  • beempy -u activates ledger signing
  • beempy -u listkeys shows pubkey from ledger
  • beempy -u listaccounts searches for accounts that have pubkey derived from attached ledger
  • beempy -u keygen creates pubkey lists that can be used for newaccount and changekeys
  • new option use_ledger and path for Hive
  • Allow role selection in keygen


2 years ago
  • beempy --key key_list.json command can be used to set keys in beempy without using the wallet.


2 years ago
  • Add missing diff_match_patch to requirements
  • beempy download without providing a permlink will download all posts
  • Improve Yaml parsing


2 years ago
  • Bip39 and Bip32 support has been added to beempy keygen
  • Privatekey derivation based on Bip39/Bip22 has been added
  • Several unit tests have been added
  • price/market fix for custom nodes (thanks to @crokkon)
  • Replace brain key generation by BIP39 for beempy keygen
  • Remove password based key generation for beempy changekeys
  • Improved yaml header for beempy download


2 years ago
  • bugfix for beempy post
  • post detects now communities and set category correctly
  • option added to remove time based suffix in derive_permlink
  • beempy download added to save posts as markdown file
  • beempy post is improved, automatic image upload, community support, patch generation on edit
  • Unit test added for beempy download


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • setproxy function added to Account (thanks to @flugschwein)
  • addproxy and delproxy added to beempy (thanks to @flugschwein)
  • updatenodes works in shell mode
  • Fix offline mode for Hive
  • add about command to beempy
  • Add hive node
  • update_account function added to blockchaininstance
  • normalize added to PasswordKey, so that a Brainkey can be set as PasswordKey
  • Fixed vote percentage calculation when post rshares is negative
  • new beempy command changekeys
  • beempy keygen can be used to generate account keys from a given password and is able to generate new passwords
  • add option to beempy keygen to export pub account keys as json file
  • add option to beempy newaccount and changekeys to import pub account keys from a json file


2 years ago
  • set hive as default for default_chain
  • get_steem_nodes added to NodeList
  • Prepared for Hive HF 24
  • steem object in all classes is replaced by blockchain
  • Hive class has been added
  • Hive and Steem are now BlockChainInstance classes
  • Hive and Steem have now is_hive and is_steem properties
  • Each class has now blockchain_instance parameter (steem_instance is stil available)
  • shared_blockchain_instance and set_shared_blockchain_instance can be used for Hive() and Steem() instances
  • token_symbol, backed_token_symbol and vest_token_symbol
  • Rename SteemWebsocket to NodeWebsocket and SteemNodeRPC to NodeRPC
  • Rshares, vote percentage and SBD/HBD calculation has been fixed for votes
  • post_rshares parameter added to all vote calculations
  • Account class has now get_token_power(), get_voting_value() and get_vote_pct_for_vote_value()
  • HF 23 and HF24 operations were added thanks to @flugschwein
  • Downvote power was added to Snapshot thanks to @flugschwein


2 years ago
  • add click_shell to turn beempy into a shell utility with autocompletion
  • new click_shell added as requirements
  • Installer added for beempy on windows
  • Add get_hive_nodes and get_steem_nodes functions to NodeList
  • beempy command resteem renamed to reblog
  • When using in shell mode, beempy walletinfo --unlock can be used to unlock the wallet and walletinfo --lock to unlock it again
  • Add get_blockchain_name to Steem, returns either steem or hive
  • Add switch_blockchain to Steem, can be used to switch between hive and steem
  • Storage has now a new config "default_chain", can be either hive or steem
  • updatenode --hive switches to hive and use hive nodes
  • updatenode --steem switches to steem and use steem nodes


3 years ago
  • HiveSigner support added
  • api link to steemconnect has been fixed
  • change recovery account added to beempy
  • hive node has been added
  • add account get_notifications and mark_notifications_as_read
  • beempy notifications has been added
  • bridge api support added
  • config storage improved and add get_default_config_storage, get_default_key_storage and get_default_token_storage
  • list_all_subscriptions and get_account_posts added
  • image upload url fixed for HIVE
  • reduce number of performed api calls on Steem object creation


3 years ago
  • Add hive node
  • get_feed uses now discussion_by_feed
  • get_account_votes has been fixed
  • ActiveVotes has been fixed
  • Discussions has been fixed
  • raw_data parameter added to all discussions
  • beempy curation, beempy votes and beempy pending has been fixed
  • Votes table improved
  • fix curation and author reward calculation


3 years ago
  • Fix asset check in Amount and Price
  • Fix get_curation_rewards for comments
  • Fix empty return in _get_account_history
  • Fix several unit tests
  • Fix deprecated collections import
  • Fix more HIVE/HBD symbols in beempy for HIVE
  • Add information about HIVE in the documentation


3 years ago


3 years ago
  • add steem node
  • fix 'dict' object has no attribute 'split


3 years ago
  • Allow to use HIVE/HBD also in operations


3 years ago
  • Fix HIVE/HBD symbols in operations


3 years ago
  • Add hive_btc_ticker and hive_usd_ticker
  • use coingecko API
  • add HIVE/HBD to all marker operation in beempy


3 years ago
  • Add workaround to allow transfers of HIVE/HBD in HIVE (opertion need to use STEEM/SBD internally)


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago
  • Fix #195 - comment.downvote(100) will now downvote with 100%, negative numbers are not allowed anymore
  • comment.upvote(), negative numbers are not allowed anymore
  • Fix #193 - was added, so that voting is possible without tags_api
  • PR #181 - improve permlink derivation by crokkon
  • PR #192 - fixes compatibility issues with WhaleShares HF2 / v2.5 by alexpmorris
  • Fix bug for get_estimated_block_num when a block is skipped


3 years ago
  • Fix float entered in Amount will be reduced by 0.001 due to rounding issues
  • fix Amount.amount and added Amount.amount_decimal
  • Prevent that wrong reputation in a Comment API answer break the Comment object


3 years ago
  • Fix typo (PR #161)
  • Add feature request #162 - one-time private keys can be used in beempy
  • set num_retries to a default of 100, in order to prevent crashing when a wrong node is set
  • Fix issue #171 - Account.get_balance function shows summed value of liquid balance and unclaimed reward (thanks to @sourovafrin)
  • Use Decimal class to store the amount in the Amount class
  • Add option fixed_point_arithmetic to Amount, which will activate fixed-point arithmetic with the defined asset precision


4 years ago
  • Fix pyinstaller for windows
  • Improve derive_permlink and allow replies of comments with permlink lenght > 235
  • Broadcast custom_json with active authority
  • Add new beempy command customjson


4 years ago
  • get_blog, get_followers and get_following works with (issue #146)
  • beempy newaccount - possible to provide owner, posting, active, and memo pub_key to create a new account
  • added to nodelist
  • NodeList.get_nodes() has a new parameter exclude_limited. When True (default value), is not returned as node.
  • PR #150: fix empty block handling (by crokkon)
  • PR #151: Add support for EFTG appbase chain (by pablomat)
  • PR #153: fix issue with adding posting auth to new accounts (by netuoso)


4 years ago
  • Fix transfer rounding error, which prevent transfering of e.g. 1.013 STEEM.
  • get_account_votes works again with
  • Use secp256k1prp as better replacement for secp256k1


4 years ago
  • Fix beempy walletinfo and sign


4 years ago
  • Improve file reading for beempy sign and broadcast
  • add option to write file for beempy sign
  • Disable not working nodes
  • add missing prefix to comment_options op (by crokkon)
  • fix beempy verify --use-api (by crokkon)
  • Update installation.rst (by Nick Foster)


4 years ago
  • unit tests fixed
  • Account: support for retrieving all delegations (thanks to crookon, PR #129)
  • Change recovery account / list recovery account change requests (thanks to crokkon, PR #130)
  • Exclude sbd_interest_rate, as it is not present on the VIT blockchain (thanks to svitx, PR #132)
  • connect for beempy createwallet (thanks to crokkon, PR #133)


4 years ago
  • beempy post improved
  • beempy imageuploader added
  • issues #125 and #126 fixed
  • VotedBeforeWaitTimeReached exception added


4 years ago
  • pep8 formating improved
  • Too Many Requests error handled
  • different limit handling in WLS fixed for account history
  • percent-steem-dollars and max-accepted-payout added to beempy post


4 years ago


4 years ago
  • update_account_keys added for changing account keys
  • comment, witness, account classes fixed for chains without SBD
  • RC costs adapted on changes from 0.20.6
  • VIT chain fixed
  • beempy commands for post, reply and beneficiaries added


4 years ago
  • add missing scrypt to the pyinstaller
  • prepare for removed witness api in rpc nodes


4 years ago
  • fix hardfork property in steem
  • Fix resource_market_bytes calculation
  • Adding additional parameter to recharge time calculations by flugschwein (PR #103)
  • fix Comment reward calculations by crokkon (PR #105)
  • Fix typo in witness update feed
  • Fix appveyor CI


4 years ago
  • Fix issue #97 get_discussions() does not finish if discussions are empty by espoem
  • Fix issue #99 DivisionByZero Error in Account.get_rc_manabar() by crokkon
  • Add claimaccount to beempy and some improvements for steem.sbd_symbol
  • newaccount adapted for HF20 and can be used to create claimed account
  • Correct operationids for WLS
  • Improve steem.refresh_data() reading
  • Set network prefix in Signed_Transaction and Operation for using the correct operationids
  • Fix test_block unit test


4 years ago
  • fix issue #93 - Wrong input parameters for Discussions_by_author_before_date in Docstring and get_discussions by espoem
  • Add support for whaleshares (WLS) and Financial Transparency Gateway ()
  • Using generic asset symbols by crokkon
  • Bug fixes for python 2.7
  • Fix for witness update


4 years ago
  • fix get_effective_vesting_shares()


4 years ago
  • get_effective_vesting_shares() added to calculated max_mana correctly
  • dict key words adapted to steemd for get_manabar() and get_rc_manabar()
  • Voting mana fixed for 0 SP accounts
  • comment_benefactor_reward adapted for snapshot
  • Custom_json RC costs added to print_info


4 years ago
  • add RC class to calculate RC costs of operations
  • add comment, vote, transfer RC costs in account.print_info() and beempy power
  • Shows number of possible comments, votes, tranfers with available RCs in account.print_info() and beempy power
  • get_rc_cost was added to steem to calculation RC costs from resource count
  • bug regarding new amount format in witness update fixed (also for beempy witnessenable and witnessdisable)


4 years ago
  • estimated_mana is now capped by estimated_max
  • print_info fixed()
  • get_api_methods() and get_apis() added to Steem


4 years ago
  • Improved get_rc_manabar(), get_manabar() output
  • get_voting_power() fixed again
  • print_info for account improved
  • get_manabar_recharge_time_str(), get_manabar_recharge_timedelta() and get_manabar_recharge_time() added
  • added to nodelist


4 years ago
  • Fully supporting hf20
  • add get_resource_params(), get_resource_pool(), claim_account(), create_claimed_account() to Steem
  • fix 30x fee for create_account
  • add find_rc_accounts() to Blockchain
  • get_rc(), get_rc_manabar(), get_manabar() added to Account
  • get_voting_power() fixed


4 years ago
  • last hf19 release
  • working witness_set_properties operation
  • witness_set_properties() added to steem
  • beempy witnessproperties added
  • beempy pricefeed uses witnessproperties when witness wif is provided


4 years ago
  • adding methods to claim and create discounted accouts (PR #84) by crokkon
  • Make vote rshare calculations HF20 ready (PR #85) by flugschwein
  • Issue #80 fixed
  • Fix some Warnings
  • improved for appbase format
  • All unit tests are fixed and non-appbase related tests were removed
  • get_voting_power fixed
  • HF20 testnet fixed


4 years ago
  • Issue #72 fixed by crokkon
  • Improved Docu by jrswab
  • Add get_vote_pct_for_SBD, sbd_to_vote_pct and sbd_to_rshares by flugschwein
  • beembase/objects: fix serialization of appbase trx by crokkon
  • Fix many documentation errors (based on error messages when building) by flugschwein
  • Appbase detection fixed
  • Unit tests fixed


4 years ago
  • Issue #69 fixed
  • bug in batched streaming + cli fixed
  • Nodelist updated
  • unit tests improved
  • Add last_current_block_num parameter to wait_for_and_get_block for reducing the number of api calls
  • not_broadcasted_vote parameter added for improving vote calculation accuracy thanks to flugschwein


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago
  • Class to access Steemit Conveyor instances added by crokkon
  • Option added to loed custom chains into the Steem object


4 years ago
  • add get_parent() to comment
  • fix for beempy reward
  • fix #46 (used power calculation may treat downvotes incorrectly) by crokkon
  • fix #49 (discussions: set steem inst. as keyword argument) by crokkon
  • Fix issue #51 (Discussions.get_discussions("blog", ...) returns the same two comments over and over)
  • Fix #52 discussions.Replies_by_last_update() by crokkon
  • Some bug fixes for Discussions
  • Fix #54 (discussions may fail to handle empty responses correctly) by crokkon
  • Snapshot improved
  • Unit tests fixed
  • Examples account_vp_over_time, account_reputation_by_SP
  • Spelling errors fix by crokkon
  • Adding account methods for feed, blog, comments and replies by crokkon
  • Fix #57 (SteemConnect expects double quotes in JSON)
  • Improved handling of "Client returned invalid format. Expected JSON!" erros


4 years ago
  • Fix issue #45 (upvote() and downvote() of a pending post/comment without vote did not work)
  • fix Amount for condenser broadcast ops on appbase nodes (fixes transfer broadcast for example)
  • Added get_all_replies() to Comment for fetching all replies to a post
  • bemepy claimreward improved
  • Amount handling in Account improved
  • upvote and downvote in beempy fixed
  • update_vote and build_vp_arrays added to AccountSnapshot for showing vote power history
  • account_vp_over_time added to examples


4 years ago
  • Some bug fixes
  • Unit tests using testnet fixed
  • beem.snapshot improved
  • Example account_sp_over_time added
  • Example account_curation_per_week_and_1k_sp added
  • Add block_number check to wait_for_and_get_block


4 years ago
  • Force refresh of chain_params on node switch
  • Replace recursive call in _get_followers
  • Nodelist updated and node disabled
  • First testing version of beem.snapshot with example added (thanks to crokkon for his example)


4 years ago
  • Add RLock to ObjectCache (ObjectCache is threadsafe now)
  • Fix Blockchain Version comparison
  • Add support for RPC Nodes below 0.19.5
  • Add Example for measuring objectcache performance


4 years ago
  • Fix start and datetime in history_reverse
  • add lazy option to all Discussion classes
  • VIT and SMT testnet added to chains
  • estimate_virtual_op_num improved by crokkon (fixes issue #36)


4 years ago
  • Fix minimal version in known_chains from 0.0.0 to 0.19.5


4 years ago
  • improve parse_body for post()
  • Add conversion of datetime objects to timestamp in get_steem_per_mvest
  • Fix beem for steem update 0.19.5 and 0.19.10


4 years ago
  • Issue #34 fixed thanks to crokkon
  • "Bad or missing upstream response" is handled
  • Use thread_num - 1 instances for blocks with threading
  • Fix missing repsonses in market
  • add parse_body to post() (thanks to crokkon)
  • Examples added to all Discussions classes
  • Discussions added for fetch more than 100 posts


4 years ago
  • Improvement of blocks/stream with threading (issue #32 fixed)
  • Remove 5 tag limit
  • Empty answer fixed for discussions
  • Add fallback to condenser api for appbase nodes


4 years ago
  • get_feed_entries, get_blog_authors, get_savings_withdrawals, get_escrow, verify_account_authority, get_expiring_vesting_delegations, get_vesting_delegations, get_tags_used_by_author added to Account
  • get_account_reputations, get_account_count added to Blockchain
  • Replies_by_last_update, Trending_tags, Discussions_by_author_before_date
  • ImageUploader class added
  • Score calculation improved in update_nodes
  • apidefinitions added to docs, which includes a complete condenser API call list.


4 years ago
  • Bug fixes
  • Bool variables for SteemConnect link creation fixed
  • Account handling in beem.account is improved
  • json_metadata property added to beem.account
  • missing addTzInfo added to beem.blockchain
  • json_metadata update for comment edit improved
  • use_stored_data option added to
  • poloniex removed and huobi and ubpit added to steem_btc_ticker()
  • Add timeout to websocket connections
  • Documentation improved by crokkon
  • "time", "reputation" and "rshares" are parsed from string in all vote objects and inside all active_votes from a comment object
  • lazy and full properly passed
  • "votes", "virtual_last_update", "virtual_position", "virtual_scheduled_time", "created", "last_sbd_exchange_update", "hardfork_time_vote" are properly casted in all witness objects
  • "time" and "expiration" are parsed to a datetime object inside all block objects
  • The json() function returns the original not parsed json dict. It is available for Account, Block, BlockHeader, Comment, Vote and Witness
  • json_transactions and json_operations added to Block, for returning all dates as string
  • Issues #27 and #28 fixed (thanks to crokkon for reporting)
  • Thread and Worker class for blockchain.blocks(threading=True)

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