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Command Line Interface tool to download, organise and search free ebooks from your terminal in a moment.

by Costis V.

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BookCut is a Python Command Line Interface tool, that help the user to download free e-books, organise them in folders by genre, retrieve book details by ISBN or title, get a list with all the books from a writer and save them to .txt file.

With the help of LibGen, ArXiv and OpenLibrary.


  • Python 3
  • python3-pip


  • Install with pip:

.. code:: bash

pip install bookcut
#or if you have also Python 2
pip3 install bookcut


Searching and downloading books:

  • Download a single book:

.. code:: bash

bookcut book -b "White Fang" -a "Jack London"
  • Download a list of books:

.. code:: bash

bookcut list "FreeEbooksToDownload.txt"
  • Organise a folder full of e-books to folders according to genre:

.. code:: bash

bookcut organise "full/path/to/folder"

  • Search LibGen, output the results and download e-book:

.. code:: bash

bookcut search -t 'Homer Odyssey'
  • Search more book repositories with the --repos option:

.. code:: bash

bookcut search -t 'Homer Odyssey' --repos 'libgen,arxiv'

Available book repositories: Libgen, ArXiv

  • Get the details of a book by title and author, or simply ISBN.

.. code:: bash

bookcut details -b 'Homer Iliad'
  • Get a list with all the books from an author,with an option to save to .txt:

.. code:: bash

bookcut all-books -author 'Stephen King'

Searching and downloading articles:

Now you can use bookcut to search and download scientific articles.

  • Search with the Digital Object Identifier:

bookcut article --doi "10.1126/science.196.4287.293"

  • Search with the exact title:


bookcut article --title "Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase  A Two-Layered, Square-Shaped Molecule of Symmetry"


  • Also you can change some basic settings of BookCut. For more check:

.. code:: bash

bookcut config --help


  • Add Tests
  • Add documentation
  • Add more sources with free e-books
  • Fix organiser so it can use all types of files
  • Add a logger.


Please use the bookcut app to download only free e-books that are legally distributing through BookCut repositories. Bookcut contributors do not have any responsibility for the use of the tool.


Pull requests are welcome, this is my first project so be kind. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


MIT <>__

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