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The Mockingbird Toolbox is an Objective-C-based set of general-purpose utility code for use in iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS applications.

The Mockingbird Toolbox is the lowest-level module in the Gilt Groupe’s open source Mockingbird project.

MBToolbox is part of the Mockingbird Library from Gilt Tech.

Xcode compatibility

This is the master branch. It requires Xcode 9.0 to compile.

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MBToolbox is distributed under the MIT license.

MBToolbox is provided for your use—free-of-charge—on an as-is basis. We make no guarantees, promises or apologies. Caveat developer.

Adding MBToolbox to your project

Carthage compatible

The simplest way to integrate MBToolbox is with the Carthage dependency manager.

First, add this line to your Cartfile:

github "emaloney/MBToolbox" ~> 3.0.0

Then, use the carthage command to update your dependencies.

Finally, you’ll need to integrate MBToolbox into your project in order to use the API it provides.

Once successfully integrated, just add the following statement to any Objective-C file where you want to use MBToolbox:

@import MBToolbox;

See the Integration document for additional details on integrating MBToolbox into your project.

MBToolbox Reference

The Mockingbird Toolbox includes the following tools, which are compatible with all four Apple platforms—iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS—except where noted otherwise:

Battery & Power Monitoring

The MBBatteryMonitor class (iOS only) reports the device's power status and battery level, and also posts events through the NSNotificationCenter when these values change.

Network Monitoring

The MBNetworkMonitor class (iOS, macOS, tvOS) provides details about the current status of the network, including:

  • Whether the device currently has network connectivity
  • Whether the device is currently connected via wifi

On iOS, the class also provides carrier information, such as:

  • Whether the device has an associated cellular carrier account
  • Whether the device is currently connected through a cellular carrier
  • The type of the current cellular connection, if any (eg. GPRS, Edge, HSDPA, LTE, etc.)

The MBNetworkMonitor can also be configured to post NSNotificationCenter events as network status changes occur.


Mockingbird Toolbox provides a simple but extensible caching architecture.

The base of this architecture is provided by MBThreadsafeCache, which implements a basic memory cache that can be safely shared across threads.

The MBThreadsafeCache does not implement an expiration policy. Instead, cache instances can be configured to purge themselves in response to memory warnings.

The MBFilesystemCache is a subclass of MBThreadsafeCache that adds a filesystem backing store to the memory cache.

The storage behavior of an MBFilesystemCache instance can be customized through the use of an MBFilesystemCacheDelegate. Delegates can be used to override serialization and deserialization of cache objects, and for controlling whether or not a given object is stored in the memory or filesystem component of the cache.

The MBFilesystemCache implements an age-based expiration mechanism, but the class also provides ample hooks for subclasses to supply alternate implementations.

Concurrency & Threading

The MBConcurrentReadWriteCoordinator class uses Grand Central Dispatch to provide an efficient mechanism for enforcing orderly read/write access to a shared resource. The coordinator ensures that concurrent access to the shared resource follows consistent rules.

The MBThreadLocalStorage class provides an interface for safely sharing thread-local storage among unrelated units of code.

To prevent key clashes between different code using thread-local storage, values are accessed by specifying the requesting Class. Classes can store multiple values by providing an additional key string for each value.

The MBThreadLocalStorage class also provides methods that allow treating thread-local storage as a lock-free cache. Objects that are expensive to create, such as NSDateFormatter instances, can be cached in thread-local storage without incurring the locking overhead required by a shared object cache like MBThreadsafeCache.

Regular Expressions

To simplify working with regular expressions on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, the Mockingbird Toolbox provides an NSString class extension and an NSMutableString class extension to help create, manipulate, and execute regular expressions.

These extensions make use of the MBRegexCache singleton for caching regular expressions, which can be expensive to create.

Message Digests

The MBMessageDigest class provides a high-level API for generating MD5 and SHA-1 secure one-way hashes (also known as message digests). Message digests can be created from strings, NSData instances, byte arrays, and files.

Class extensions for NSString and NSData are also provided to simplify creating message digests from existing objects.

Network Activity Indicator

The network activity indicator appearing in an iOS device's status bar is a shared resource the use of which needs to be coordinated if you have, say, multiple network operations running simultaneously on several threads.

The Toolbox provides the MBNetworkIndicator class class (iOS only) to coordinate use of the status bar's network activity indicator.


The Toolbox contains a UIColor class extension for iOS and tvOS that:

  • Determines whether a color is opaque
  • Determines whether a color is light or dark (depending on its brightness value)
  • Can create an appropriate highlight color for a given color
  • Can create a new color by adjusting an existing color's brightness

The MBColorTools.h header file defines a set of macro functions for creating UIColor and CGColorRef instances from individual 8-bit RGB and RGBA components, as well as from RGB and RGBA hexadecimal values.


The Toolbox contains a UIImage class extension compatible with iOS and tvOS that adds methods for scaling images, as well as a UIView class extension for capturing the contents of a view as a UIImage, CIImage or CGImageRef.


The MBBitmapPixelPlane class represents a plane of pixels that can be accessed individually, regardless of the underlying pixel format. This allows direct extraction and manipulation of pixel data within a bitmap.

Empty MBBitmapPixelPlane instances can be created directly and populated manually. Instances can also be created using a source UIImage, CGImage or a bitmap-based CGContextRef.

You can use MBBitmapPixelPlane on iOS, macOS and tvOS.

Runtime Services

Certain services available at runtime are expensive to leave enabled for the duration of an application's lifetime.

For example, just having the UIDevice's batteryMonitoringEnabled property always set to YES can cause additional battery drain, because an app that would otherwise remain suspended in the background will instead be periodically activated to process UIDeviceBatteryLevelDidChangeNotification and UIDeviceBatteryStateDidChangeNotification event notifications.

The best practice for such services is to leave them disabled until they're needed, and then to disable them immediately once they’re needed no longer.

If multiple units of code need access to these services, some mechanism is needed to coordinate when these services should be enabled and disabled.

The MBServiceManager class is designed for such cases.

Classes that provide interfaces for shared services adopt the MBService protocol, and clients that need access to that service coordinate by attaching to and detaching from that service through the MBServiceManager.

The MBBatteryMonitor and MBNetworkMonitor classes are implemented as services in order to minimize their impact on the user's device.

Rounded Rectangles

The MBRoundedRectTools class provides a set of tools for handling rounded rectangles, including methods to help size corner radii based on rectangle size, and methods for creating CGPathRefs that can be used to draw rounded rectangles.

String Formatting

Mockingbird Toolbox provides an NSString class extension with methods to indent the individual lines within a string using a single tab, multiple tabs, or an arbitrary prefix string.

The static inline C function MBForceString() takes an id as a parameter and is guaranteed to return a non-nil NSString.

The static inline C function MBTrimString() takes an id as a parameter and is guaranteed to return a non-nil NSString with no leading or trailing whitespace or newline characters.

The MBFieldListFormatter class can be used to create lists of fields that are displayed in an easy-to-read format when rendered in a monospaced font.

String Measurement

For iOS and tvOS, there's also a UIFont class extension that provides a simple API for performing common text measurement tasks.

...and more

There's even more to Mockingbird Toolbox, but we want to leave you with at least a few treats to find on your own!

Discover more in the API documentation below, and also in the freely-available Mockingbird Toolbox source code.

API documentation

For detailed information on using MBToolbox, API documentation is available.


Over the years, Gilt Groupe has used and refined Mockingbird Library as the base for its various Apple Platform projects.

Mockingbird began life as AppFramework, created by Jesse Boyes.

AppFramework found a home at Gilt Groupe and eventually became Mockingbird Library.

In recent years, Mockingbird Library has been developed and maintained by Evan Maloney.


API documentation is generated using appledoc from Gentle Bytes.

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