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By Xmartlabs SRL.


XLSwiftKit is a collection of helpers and extensions we use internally. It is a constantly being updated with new snippets. Feel free to use it or to contribute. You can see a list of helper functions and extensions here. Please keep that list updated if you add new functions


import XLSwiftKit
// your code using XLSwiftKit


  • iOS 9.2+
  • Xcode 9.0+
  • Swift 4

Getting involved

  • If you want to contribute please feel free to submit pull requests.
  • If you found a bug or need help please check older issues, FAQ and threads on StackOverflow before submitting an issue..

Before contribute check the CONTRIBUTING file for more info.

If you use XLSwiftKit in your app, We would love to hear about it! Drop us a line on twitter.


Follow these 3 steps to run Example project: Clone XLSwiftKit repository, open XLSwiftKit workspace and run the Example project.



CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects.

To install XLSwiftKit, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'XLSwiftKit', '~> 3.2.0'


Carthage is a simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa.

To install XLSwiftKit, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "xmartlabs/XLSwiftKit" ~> 3.2.0

Implemented functions

This is a list of the helper functions and extensions implemented in this pod.



  • func toJSON() -> AnyObject?: serializes a NSData object to JSON representation


  • func isOver18Years() -> Bool: returns if a date is over 18 years ago
  • func monthName() -> String: returns the month of a date in MMMM format
  • func year() -> String: returns the year of a date in yyyy format
  • func day() -> String: returns the day of a date in dd format


  • class func topViewController(base: UIViewController? = UIApplication.sharedApplication().keyWindow?.rootViewController) -> UIViewController?: returns the top most view controller in the view hierarchy considering a base rootViewController.
  • static func changeRootViewController(rootViewController: UIViewController, animated: Bool = true, from: UIViewController? = nil, completion: ((Bool) -> Void)? = nil): changes the rootViewController of the applications main window
  • static func changeRootViewControllerAfterDismiss(from: UIViewController? = nil, to: UIViewController, completion: ((Bool) -> Void)? = nil): Same as the previous one but dismisses the current view controller before changing root view controller
  • static func makePhoneCall(phoneNumber: String) -> Bool: Creates a NSURL with the phoneNumber parameter and opens the URL if possible.
  • var bundleIdentifier: String
  • var buildVersion: String
  • var appVersion: String
  • var bundleName: String


  • func setTransparent(transparent: Bool): Makes the navigationBar transparent or not
  • func shake(duration: CFTimeInterval = 0.3): Executes a shake animation on a view
  • func spin(duration: CFTimeInterval, rotations: CGFloat, repeatCount: Float): Spins a view around its z axis
  • static public func verticalStackView(views: [UIView], alignLeading: Bool = true, alignTrailing: Bool = true, frame: CGRect? = nil, width: CGFloat = UIScreen.mainScreen().bounds.width) -> UIView: returns a view containing the views passed as parameter as if it was a vertical stack view (putting all views vertically one after the other). Thought to be a iOS 8 alternative to real UIStackViews


  • func showError(title: String, message: String? = nil): shows an UIAlertController alert with error title and message

Double and Int

  • func currencyString() -> String?: Returns a formatted currency String from an Int or Double. Currency formatter used is defined under Constants.Formatters.currencyFormatter


  • func isValidAsEmail() -> Bool: Returns if a string is valid as email
  • func isValidAsPhone() -> Bool: Returns if a string is valid as phone number
  • func isNumberString() -> Bool: Returns if a string is composed just of numbers or '-' symbol
  • func findFirstNumberInString() -> String?: Returns the first number in a String if found
  • func renderedHeightWithFont(font: UIFont, width: CGFloat) -> CGFloat: Return the height necessary for a text given a width and font size. Same as heightForString extension on UIFont
  • func getFirstAndLastName() -> (String,String)?: Parses a first and a last name from a String. Takes last whitespace as separator for these values.
  • By conforming the String type to ParametrizedString protocol and specifying a parameter format like "{i}":
    • func parametrize(parameters: CustomStringConvertible...) -> String: Replace "{i}" substring with the i-th element of parameters. For example: "Hey {0}! It's been {1} years!".parametrize("Arnold", 3) gives you "Hey Arnold! It's been 3 years!"
    • parametrize(withDictonary dictonary: [Int: CustomStringConvertible]) -> String: Same behaviour as above but specifying the parameters as a dictonary.


  • init(color: UIColor, size: CGSize = CGSize(width: 1, height: 1))
  • init(view: UIView)
  • init(image: UIImage, scaledToSize: CGSize)
  • class func imageWithColor(color: UIColor, size: CGSize = CGSize(width: 1, height: 1)) -> UIImage
  • class func imageWithView(view: UIView) -> UIImage
  • class func imageWithImage(image: UIImage, scaledToSize size: CGSize) -> UIImage: Returns a new image scaled to desired size
  • func imageScaledToSize(size: CGSize) -> UIImage: Same as previous
  • func saveToCameraRoll(completion: ((succeded: Bool) -> Void)? = nil): Saves an image to Saved Photos Album


  • func setFooterWithSpacing(view: UIView): Adds a footer to a tableView that covers the rest of the screen.
  • func reloadDataAnimated(duration: NSTimeInterval = 0.4, completion: (() -> ())?): Performs a reloadData call using a cross-dissolve transition.


  • mutating func merge(dict: [Key: Value]): Merges two dictionaries of the same Key and Value type


  • init(red: Int, green: Int, blue: Int): Creates a color from RGB values between 0 and 255
  • init(netHex:Int): Creates a color from a Hexa string


  • func maxScreenLength() -> CGFloat: Returns the maximum screen length of the current device

The following helpers return if the device is of certain type depending on the devices maxScreenLength

  • func iPhone4() -> Bool
  • func iPhone5() -> Bool
  • func iPhone6() -> Bool
  • func iPhone6Plus() -> Bool

Other helpers:

  • fontSizeForDevice(size: CGFloat, q6: CGFloat = 0.94, q5: CGFloat = 0.86, q4: CGFloat = 0.80) -> CGFloat: Returns the suggested font size for every device (iPhone only).


  • func heightForString(string: NSString, width: CGFloat) -> CGFloat: Return the height necessary for a text given a width and font size. Same as renderedHeightWithFont extension on String



  • func suggestedVerticalConstraint(value: CGFloat, q6: CGFloat = 0.9, q5: CGFloat = 0.77, q4: CGFloat = 0.65) -> CGFloat: Scale a value for a vertical constraint constant depending on the current device. Works for iPhone apps only. All coefficients have reasonable default values for vertical constraints
  • func suggestedHorizontalConstraint(value: CGFloat, q6: CGFloat = 0.9, q5: CGFloat = 0.77, q4: CGFloat = 0.77) -> CGFloat: Scale a value for a horizontal constraint constant depending on the current device. Works for iPhone apps only. All coefficients have reasonable default values for horizontal constraints


This is a publis struct with functions inside:

  • static func removeBackImageIndicatorFromNavigationBar(): Removes the navigation bars backIndicator image


  • static let mainQueue: DispatchQueue: Returns the main queue
  • static let backgroundQueue: DispatchQueue: Returns a background queue
  • static func delay(_ delay: Double, block: @escaping () -> ()): Executes a block after a given delay
  • static func runOnMainThread(_ block: @escaping () -> ()): Executes a block on the main thread
  • static func runOnBackgroundThread(_ block: @escaping () -> ()): Executes a block on the background queue
  • static func synced(_ lock: AnyObject, closure: () -> ()): Locks an object


Box is a Wrapper: e.g. Used to wrap any structs in a class so that they can be used where AnyObject is required


  • RoundedView, RoundedImageView and RoundedButton are subclasses of UIView, UIImageView and UIButton with a rounded appearance.
  • GradientView renders a gradient from an array of colors and a direction specified by the colors and direction properties. It spreads the colors evenly through the space.
  • OwnerView is intended to wrap xib views in order to reuse them in storyboards and also instantiate them in code.
    • Usage
      • Create a subclass of OwnerView
      • Set it as the File's Owner of your xib.
      • Connect your xib's view outlets to your subclass if any.
      • Override func viewForContent() -> UIView? to provide the xib's view.
      • Override func setup() to initialize the view. Your xib's view will be accessible through the contentView property.


  • public func JSONStringify(value: AnyObject, prettyPrinted: Bool = true) -> String: Converts a JSON object to a printable String


Change Log

This can be found in the CHANGELOG.md file.

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