An elegant selection list or dropdown menu for iOS with single or multiple selections.





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An elegant selection list or dropdown menu for iOS with single or multiple selections.

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  • Single and Multiple selection.
  • Show menu with presentation styles like Present, Push, Popover, Formsheet, Alert, Actionsheet
  • Set UITableViewCell types like Basic, Subtitle, Right Detail
  • Set UITableViewCell selection style Tickmark or Checkbox
  • Search Items from the list
  • Works with Custom UITableViewCells
  • Works with Custom model classes and structs
  • Set Maximum selection limit
  • Provide Empty data set text
  • Provide header row as Empty, All, None or Custom Text
  • Customizable design for UINavigationBar and UISearchBar

What's new in 7.1.3

  • Popover Style Improvements
  • Now you can specify UITableView.Style while initializing

Already using? Migrate to 7.1.3

  • Remove all references of UniquePropertyDelegate, uniquePropertyName, and getUniquePropertyName()
  • Conform to Equatable in your model classes (if required)


iOS 9.0+ | Xcode 8.3+ | Swift 3.0+



pod 'RSSelectionMenu' or pod 'RSSelectionMenu', '~> 7.1.3'


Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.

You can install Carthage with Homebrew using the following command:

$ brew update
$ brew install carthage

To integrate RSSelectionMenu into your Xcode project using Carthage, specify it in your Cartfile:

github "rushisangani/RSSelectionMenu" ~> 7.1

Then follow below steps:

  • Run carthage update to build the framework.
  • Set Framework search path in target build settings : Build Settings -> Framework Search Paths : $(PROJECT_DIR)/Carthage/Build/iOS
  • Add RSSelectionMenu.framework in Embedded Binaries.
  • Add RSSelectionMenu.framework in Linked Frameworks and Libraries.


Simple Selection List

let simpleDataArray = ["Sachin", "Rahul", "Saurav", "Virat", "Suresh", "Ravindra", "Chris"]
var simpleSelectedArray = [String]()

// Show menu with datasource array - Default SelectionStyle = single
// Here you'll get cell configuration where you'll get array item for each index
// Cell configuration following parameters.
// 1. UITableViewCell   2. Item of type T   3. IndexPath

let selectionMenu = RSSelectionMenu(dataSource: simpleDataArray) { (cell, item, indexPath) in
    cell.textLabel?.text = item

// set default selected items when menu present on screen.
// here you'll get handler each time you select a row
// 1. Selected Item  2. Index of Selected Item  3. Selected or Deselected  4. All Selected Items

selectionMenu.setSelectedItems(items: simpleSelectedArray) { [weak self] (item, index, isSelected, selectedItems) in

    // update your existing array with updated selected items, so when menu show menu next time, updated items will be default selected.
    self?.simpleSelectedArray = selectedItems

// show as PresentationStyle = push .push, from: self)

Multiple Selection List

let selectionMenu = RSSelectionMenu(selectionStyle: .multiple, dataSource: simpleDataArray) { (cell, name, indexPath) in

    cell.textLabel?.text = name

    // customization
    // set image
    cell.imageView?.image = #imageLiteral(resourceName: "profile")
    cell.tintColor = #colorLiteral(red: 0.2745098174, green: 0.4862745106, blue: 0.1411764771, alpha: 1)
  • Set Maximum selection limit (Optional)
selectionMenu.setSelectedItems(items: selectedDataArray, maxSelected: 3) { (item, selected, selectedItems) in
// or 
selectionMenu.maxSelectionLimit = 3

Cell Selection Style

selectionMenu.cellSelectionStyle = .tickmark
// or
selectionMenu.cellSelectionStyle = .checkbox

Presentation Style - Formsheet, Popover, Alert, Actionsheet

// show as formSheet .formSheet, from: self)

// show as popover .popover(sourceView: sourceView, size: nil), from: self) 

// or specify popover size .popover(sourceView: sender, size: CGSize(width: 200, height: 300)), from: self)

// show as alert .alert(title: "Select", action: nil, height: nil), from: self)

// or specify alert button title .alert(title: "Select", action: "Done", height: nil), from: self)

// show as actionsheet .actionSheet(title: nil, action: "Done", height: nil), from: self)

Auto Dismissal

Prevent auto dismissal for single selection

selectionMenu.dismissAutomatically = false

Event Handlers

On Dismiss

selectionMenu.onDismiss = { [weak self] selectedItems in
    self?.selectedDataArray = selectedItems
    // perform any operation once you get selected items

On WillAppear

selectionMenu.onWillAppear = {
    /// do something..


  • You'll get notified via handler, when user starts typing in searchbar.
// show searchbar
selectionMenu.showSearchBar { [weak self] (searchText) -> ([String]) in

  // return filtered array based on any condition
  // here let's return array where name starts with specified search text

  return self?.dataArray.filter({ $0.lowercased().hasPrefix(searchText.lowercased()) }) ?? []

Cell Style - Right Detail or Sub Title

let selectionMenu = RSSelectionMenu(selectionType: .single, dataSource: dataArray, cellType: .rightDetail) { (cell, item, indexPath) in

    // here you can set any text from object
    // let's set firstname in title and lastname as right detail

    let firstName = item(separatedBy: " ").first
    let lastName = item.components(separatedBy: " ").last

    cell.textLabel?.text = firstName
    cell.detailTextLabel?.text = lastName

selectionMenu.setSelectedItems(items: selectedDataArray) { [weak self] (item, selected, selectedItems) in
    self?.selectedDataArray = selectedItems

// show as default self)

Custom Cells

  • Provide custom cell with xib file name and cell identifier.
let cellNibName = "CustomTableViewCell"
let cellIdentifier = "cell"

// create menu with multi selection and custom cell

let selectionMenu =  RSSelectionMenu(selectionStyle: .multiple, dataSource: customDataArray, cellType: .custom(nibName: cellNibName, cellIdentifier: cellIdentifier)) { (cell, person, indexPath) in

    // cast cell to your custom cell type
    let customCell = cell as! CustomTableViewCell

    // here you'll get specified model object
    // set data based on your need

Header Row - Empty, None, All, or Custom

// To show first row as Empty, when dropdown as no value selected by default
// add first row as empty -> Allow empty selection

let isEmpty = (selectedDataArray.count == 0)
selectionMenu.addFirstRowAs(rowType: .empty, showSelected: isEmpty) { (text, selected) in

    /// do some stuff...
    if selected {
        print("Empty Option Selected")

Empty Data String

// show message 'No data found'

// or
menu.showEmptyDataLabel(text: "No players found")

DataSource - Equatable conformance

struct Employee: Equatable {
    let empId: Int?
    let name: String?


class Person: NSObject {

    let id: Int
    let firstName: String
    let lastName: String

    init(id: Int, firstName: String, lastName: String) { = id
        self.firstName = firstName
        self.lastName = lastName

UI Customization

  • Set Title, BarButton Titles, TintColor, and Title Color
// set navigation bar title and attributes
selectionMenu.setNavigationBar(title: "Select Player", attributes: [NSAttributedString.Key.foregroundColor: UIColor.white], barTintColor: #colorLiteral(red: 0.1019607857, green: 0.2784313858, blue: 0.400000006, alpha: 1), tintColor: UIColor.white)

// right barbutton title - Default is 'Done'
selectionMenu.rightBarButtonTitle = "Submit"

// left barbutton title - Default is 'Cancel'
selectionMenu.leftBarButtonTitle = "Close"


  • Set Placeholder, Tint Color
// show searchbar with placeholder and barTintColor
selectionMenu.showSearchBar(withPlaceHolder: "Search Player", barTintColor: UIColor.lightGray.withAlphaComponent(0.2)) { [weak self] (searchText) -> ([String]) in

    return self?.dataArray.filter({ $0.lowercased().starts(with: searchText.lowercased()) }) ?? []


See Example for more details.


RSSelectionMenu is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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