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What is Openbase?

Openbase is the leading platform where developers discover open-source packages.

Every month, over half a million developers use Openbase to research and choose packages, with countless categories, in-depth stats and insights, and user reviews.

Your package is here!

Openbase has over 3 million open-source package pages across 6 different ecosystems: npm, PyPi and Maven, Go, CocoaPods and Crates.

You don’t have to do anything for your package to appear on the site, as Openbase continuously fetches new package versions from the package registries, as well as fresh data from GitHub.

You can find your package on Openbase by using our search - be sure to choose the right language (JS, Python) in the search bar.

How can Openbase help you succeed?

Claim your package page

While your package is likely already on Openbase, there are many benefits to claiming your package, it’s easy and 100% free. Read more about it here:

[Claim your package]

Get more reviews to build trust

One of the ways developers make a choice about which package to use is by reading reviews by fellow developers. The more reviews you have on your package page - the more trustworthy it is.

Feel free to ask your users to write authentic reviews of your package.

After claiming the package, you’ll have access to a “Rate” badge that you can embed within your README to encourage more reviews:

In addition, you can send users directly to your reviews page to make it easy for them to leave a review.

Add more tutorials to help your users

Whenever developers choose your package, you want to set them up for success.

One of the easiest ways of doing so is adding more tutorials to your Openbase package page, which only takes a minute. Start by visiting the tutorials page for your package.

Want to grow your package or product faster?

You can upgrade your profile page to get more exposure, grow your package faster, and give developers the confidence to choose your package:

[Upgrade your package page]

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