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Openbase has over 3 million open-source package pages across 6 different ecosystems: npm, PyPi and Maven, Go, CocoaPods and Crates.

You don’t have to do anything for your package to appear on the site, as Openbase continuously fetches new package versions from the package registries, as well as fresh data from GitHub.

However, there are many advantages to claiming your package page, and it’s 100% free!

Benefits of claiming your package page

  • Get the Claimed icon (V) to appear more prominently on the site
  • Choose which category your package belongs to
  • README Badges to get more reviews and exposure
  • Getting notified of any reviews or discussions of your package (coming soon)
  • Adding a “Donate” button to your package (coming soon)
  • Support from the Openbase team

Claim your package now

  1. Search for your package - be sure to choose the right language (JS, Python) in the search bar
  2. Go to your package page and click "Claim This Page"
  3. Follow the instructions to verify you’re the maintainer of that package.
    You’ll need to login with your GitHub account and have write access to the repository in GitHub.

ⓘ Work in your marketing department and have no access to the repository on GitHub? Contact and we’ll help you claim the package

Voila! 🎉

You can now access your maintainer dashboard by clicking “Manage” in the bottom left corner of the package page.

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