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1 year ago
What's Changed

🔑 security fixes

Full Changelog: https://github.com/devmount/you-can-quit/compare/v1.2.3...v1.2.4


1 year ago

🔑 security fixes


2 years ago

➕ add Italian translation ➕ add language switch to footer


2 years ago

🔨 fix wrong progress calculation on alea achievement ➕ add service worker, make ycq a PWA 🔑 security fixes


3 years ago

📜 enhance readme and contribution guidelines ➕ add achievement progress bar ➕ add achievement stats to tooltip ➕ add about section ➕ add footer 🔨 fix calculation of initial streaks


3 years ago

This is the first release of ycq 1.x

Release notes

🔑 fix known security vulnerabilities ⚙️ replace db engine RDB (Firestore) by IndexedDB (Dexie.js) ➕ add administration section ➕ add export and import of backup files (JSON) ➕ add database wipe ➕ add year navigation 💚 use native key event handler instead of additional dependency (vue-shortkey) 💚 improve font, buttons and text appearance

Upgrading from ycq 0.x

The breaking change in version 1.x is, that the database was switched from Firebase to IndexedDB (Dexie.js). This means, it's no longer compatible with your current data from 0.x. If you rather want to migrate your data instead of starting from scratch (depends on how much days you already processed in this app), you can do the following:

  1. Export your Firebase data into a local .json file in the following format:

      "2019-02-02": 1,
      "2019-07-25": -1,
      "2019-01-10": -1,
      "2019-11-09": 1

    The order of dates doesn't matter. If you have any problems to do so, please create an issue.

  2. Update app files and dependencies

    cd you-can-quit
    git pull
  3. Run the app (see instructions in the Readmes Get started section) and import this data file in the administration section at the bottom.


4 years ago
  • fix error in future and past day calculation
  • improve appearance of day numbers
  • add responsive sections


4 years ago

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