npm i yarmd


yarmd - Yet Another Recursive Multi-thread Downloader

A recursive downloader parsing Nginx's autoindex page, and depends on aria2 for multi-thread downloading and easy interrupting / resuming.


Recently I've set up a PT (Private Tracker) seedbox on one of my servers for better downloading / uploading speed than my local computer.

It works really well, but one problem bothers me a lot - that I could not find a great recursive downloader (wget supports recursive mode but it can only download with single connection.). This is really something when I pulled a large torrent that is made up of a directory and want to download them back to my PC.

Thus, I wrote this script.


Usage: yarmd [-h] [-n count] [-d directory] URL

Yet Another Recursive Multi-thread Downloader. This program downloads recursively from an Nginx server with autoindex enabled.
If you want to resume a previous download, just make sure the parameters remain the same.
Please note that this program ONLY supports servers with NGINX autoindex, and it requires Aria2 to work!

  -n, --threads    The number of threads while downloading a file.                                                                        [default: 3]
  -d, --directory  Directory to download into. YARMD will create a new directory in that directory named with the directory to download.  [default: "$PWD"]
  -h, --help       Print help information                                                                                                 [default: false]

Why Aria2?

Because aria2 has done all the stuff (except recursive download) greatly. Rewriting the download logic by myself can only bring more problems. Thus, we just call aria2c for every single file.

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