npm i window-table


Windowing Table for React based on React Window

by Pubudu Dodangoda

1.0.0 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i window-table


Render large amounts of data in a HTML table in React

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Checkout window-table.netlify.com for getting started, API docs, examples and guides.

Check a simpler Demo and the corresponding editable code-sandbox

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This is a light-weight, powerful implementation of a virtualized table, based off react-window. Why Window Table?

  • Supports HTML5 table tags
  • Tiny footprint - ~10kB
  • Easy to customize - Custom tags, class names and what not


  • React Fluid Table, a drop in replacement for window-table with a ton of more features.
  • React Base Table, a library which also offers a ton more features, with a slightly different API.

Looking for contributions

I, the author of this library, have been unable to provide support for the issues opened in the library in the past few months. Contributions highly appreciated.

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