npm i webpack-cli
siddhupatil4523 Ratings23 Reviews
November 2, 2021
Bleeding Edge

An amazing and excellent library for webpack . I've used this library for my few internal projects and using this library has saved me a lot of time . This library helps to interracee webpack using command lines. This helps me to increase my development speed. And also help me to config/setting up webpack projects in a fast way . amazing library for react and webpack project. Documentation is well written and understandable.

sahebrao7268 Ratings57 Reviews
March 16, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable

Webpack is really useful and helpful library for managing JavaScript file formats and for beginner is little bit difficult but using this library i solve my all issue when i was learning react and then i also start learn webpack and that time webpack but very hard to understand but now using this library you will get a superpower webpack cli using this you can manage webpack files very powerful and useful library with great documentation and easy to use library.

ShaminKochi, Kerala51 Ratings50 Reviews
Full stack engineer & open source enthusiast
April 27, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable

I use webpack cli directly for all the apps where I use webpack. And the newer version of webpack (5) is super simplified and it automatically installs the required dependencies so I don’t have to search docs for installing the dependencies required for using cli. Webpack as a whole is well maintained and has very good documentation. The maintainers are also super helpful.

Cronus 6 Ratings0 Reviews
classs Me { constructor(name,passion){ this.name= "Ritish Thareja" this.passion = "Open Source Developer" }
November 1, 2020
Nitin KumarINDIA1 Rating0 Reviews
Helping maintain @webpack and @eslint
August 12, 2020
Great Documentation
Easy to Use
Responsive Maintainers

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