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What's Changed
  • Various TypeScript improvements (#2335, #2363)
  • Migrated victory-axis to TypeScript (#2379)
  • Migrated victory-scatter to TypeScript (#2394)
  • Migrated victory-errorbar to TypeScript (#2395)
  • Migrated victory-box-plot to TypeScript (#2387)
  • Migrated victory-errorbar to TypeScript (#2395)
  • Migrated victory-brush-container and victory-brush-line to TypeScript (#2393)
  • Update source code with minor lint-based improvements (see #2236). (#2403)

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What's Changed

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What's Changed

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5 months ago
What's Changed

We are continuing our internal typescript migration, and making some changes to our test infrastructure and build pipeline. This work includes a couple typescript-related bug fixes.

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6 months ago
What's Changed

In 36.5.0 we pushed a lot of changes to our internal tooling. We replaced mocha and enzyme tests with Jest and React Testing Library, migrated some core parts of our codebase to Typescript, and bumped our React version to React 18. 🎉

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What's Changed

This release includes mostly testing improvements, with one bugfix for prop types by @gustaff-weldon.

New Contributors

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7 months ago
What's Changed Introducing the victory-vendor package

In order to safely upgrade d3-packages while still allowing Node.js users to use ESM imports, we introduced a new package called victory-vendor for babelifying our d3 packages to make them more compatible with Victory. For more info, check out the description here.

This should not make much of a difference for the end user, but there are a couple changes to be aware of. Upgrading d3-scale introduced some minor scaling changes. If you (like us) are using Chromatic or another visual regression testing tool, it may pick up some very small differences in the placement of axes and data points. d3-scale also introduced some changes to the scale.tickFormat function that changes the default formatting for log scales.


If you are using a log scale and don't wish to use d3's default label formatting, You can use the tickFormat prop on a VictoryAxis component to override this default formatting.

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What's Changed New Contributors

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What's Changed New Contributors

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What's Changed New Contributors

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  • #1733 - Fix TS definitions affection multi-line labels and tooltip orientations. Thanks @paolostyle!
  • #1732 - Fix a bug affecting stacked histograms. Thanks @keithbro!


2 years ago


  • #1728 - Use exact versions for Victory interdependencies to make it easier for users to specify exact versions
  • #1726 - Decrease throttle on VictoryCursorContainer for smoother movement. Thanks @Alexander-AJ-Berman!


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  • #1724 Fixes a regression introduced in 35.3.0 affecting charts whose dimensions are updated via a useEffect hook

  • #1723 - Avoids unnecessary re-renders caused by empty events. Thanks @Hypnosphi!


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  • #1715 Adds a dependency on json-safe-stringify in VictorySharedEvents
  • #1716 Changes how event updates are cached to support React Strict Mode


2 years ago

#1628 - Correct typescript error


2 years ago
Label and Theme Improvements!

This release introduces new label features and makes improvements to themes. This release includes breaking style changes. Please double check your label and tooltip styles when upgrading. Polar axes and pie charts may be particularly impacted.

New Features!
  • VictoryLabel now supports label backgrounds, which are rendered as rect elements behind your labels. Backgrounds are styled via the new backgroundStyle prop on VictoryLabel. This prop may be given as a style object, or an array of objects for styling multi-line labels. Background elements are sized for their corresponding text elements, but padding may also be added with the backgroundPadding prop, which accepts a single number, an object with values for "top", "bottom", "left" and "right", or an array of either of these for adding background padding to multi-line labels.

  • VictoryTooltip has a new flyoutPadding prop that may be used to add padding between the edge of the flyout and the label within it. The flyoutPadding prop may be given as a single number of as an object with values for "top", "bottom", "left" and "right". This is a breaking change, as style.padding no longer adds padding between the flyout and its label. Both of Victory's built-in themes have been altered so that tooltips get flyoutPadding={5} by default.

  • VictoryPie now supports the labelPlacement prop used in polar charts. Possible values are "vertical" "parallel" and "perpendicular". When not given, vertical labels are rendered as before.

  • Themes now support polarAxis, polarDependentAxis, and polarIndependentAxis namespaces that are merges with the less specific axis, dependentAxis, and independentAxis themes as appropriate.

  • Changes Victory's default branch from master to main 🖤

  • Textsize approximations have changed, and are much more accurate in most cases. This may be a breaking change for layouts that depended on approximated text size

  • Tooltip themes are now correctly merged with label styles and props.

  • VictoryPolarAxis elements are now rendered relative to the origin independently, rather than being translated as a group. This allows for correct positioning of elements within VictoryPortal This may be a breaking change for custom components in VictoryPolarAxis

  • Corrects the labelPosition prop on VictoryPie (previously startAngle and endAngle were inverted) This is a breaking change

  • Alters material and greyscale themes. The following theme updates may cause breaking style changes

    • Uses more widely available default fonts for labels
    • Reduces default label padding for boxplot and candlestick
    • Adds polarDependentAxis settings to the material theme
    • Zero padding on from tooltip styles override label styles on all other theme namespaces. This means that tooltips pointers will now all start exactly at the data element they correspond to by default. To alter this behavior, either 1) provide a different theme, 2) alter padding in via label styles like so:
          style={{ labels: { padding: 5 } }}
          labelComponent={<VictoryTooltip />}
          <VictoryTooltip style={{ padding: 5 }} />
Associated PRs
  • #1583 - Initial label background work
  • #1625 - Label and theme improvements
  • #1627 - Switch CI to main


3 years ago

#1531 - Adds a VictoryHistogram component. Huge thanks to @NgoKnows for this new feature!

  bins={[0, 20, 50, 500]}
    { value: 1 }, { value: 1 }, { value: 2 }, { value: 3 } ...

Histogram bins may be defined with the bin prop, which takes either an array of bin edges, or a single number which corresponds to an approximate number of bins. VictoryHistogram is meant to work with continuous data, and expects a data prop as an array of objects with x values. By default, histogram bins will be laid out with no spaces between bins, but the optional binSpacing prop may be provided to change this behavior. Additional documentation and examples here:


3 years ago

#1481 - Add typescript types from the definitely-typed project so that we can maintain them more easily going forward


3 years ago
Breaking Changes

This version uses the context API introduced in react@16.3.0

  • #1462 - Updates to the new context API. Thanks @fabianishere!


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Breaking Changes

Changes for functional props and styles:

Related PR: #1360

Functional props like labels and functional styles will now be called with a single argument instead of datum and active. The argument passed to functional props and styles will be an object containing all the props that control the rendering of the the target the prop applies to. Including things like datum, active, index, data, scale, etc. We hope this will give users a lot more flexibility and control. In most cases, this change should be very straightforward to apply


labels={(d) => `x: ${d.x}`}


labels={({ datum }) => `x: ${d.x}`}


  • Some of the props passed into functional props and styles may themselves be functions. These will not be evaluated, because we have no way to determine evaluation order. So, if you create a cornerRadius function that depends on barWidth, do not also make barWidth a function of some other prop.
  • A few props that take functions do not follow this pattern. These include data accessor functions like y and x, and tickFormat. The arguments for these props have not changed.

Changes for VictoryCandlestick labels

Related PR: #1295

VictoryCandlestick now has granular support for labels corresponding to each portion of the candle. The current labels and labelComponent props will be joined by new props corresponding to each part of the candle. New props lowLabels lowLabelComponent highLabels highLabelComponent openLabels openLabelComponent closeLabels closeLabelComponent

This will be a breaking change affecting the positioning of the default label. In earlier versions, the default label was positioned above the candle, it will now be positioned next to the center of the candle. To use older label positioning, use highLabels / highLabelComponent rather than label / labelComponent. If you are using tooltips with VictoryCandlestick, you will need to register a custom event to trigger your highLabels tooltip:


  highLabels={({ datum }) => datum.high}
  highLabelComponent={<VictoryTooltip />}
    target: "data",
    eventHandlers: {
      onMouseOver: () => ({ target: "highLabels", mutation: () => ({ active: true }) }),
      onMouseOut: () => ({ target: "highLabels", mutation: () => ({ active: false }) })

The style prop for VictoryCandlestick now also has namespaces for the new labels in addition to the current labels namespace. When both labels and specific label styles (e.g. highLabels) are provided, the styles will be merged

Changes for VictoryVoronoiContainer

Related PR: #1371

Before this version VictoryVoronoiContainer had limited functionality for mouse-following tooltips, and for constraining a tooltip to the chart area, but it was only usable for multi-point tooltips (with voronoiDimension), and was not user configurable. This version aims to correct these limitations:

  • mouseFollowTooltips: This new boolean prop on VictoryVoronoiContainer determines whether the labels should follow the mouse position or snap into place. (Note that in charts using voronoiDimension, the tooltip still follows the mouse in the non-voronoiDimension, as demonstrated in the charts below (both with voronoiDimension="x")



  • constrained tooltips: multi-point tooltips rendered by VictoryVoronoiContainer will no longer be constrained to the chart area by default. Instead, add the constrainToVisibleArea prop to VictoryTooltip to enable this behavior for both multi-point and single point tooltips: example:
    labelComponent={<VictoryTooltip constrainToVisibleArea />}

Changes for VictoryTooltip and VictoryLabel

Related PR:#1371

The changes we wanted to make to support new behaviors in VictoryVoronoiContainer required some changes to VictoryTooltip and VictoryLabel

New props for VictoryTooltip:

  • constrainToVisibleArea is a boolean prop that, when true, will alter the position of the tooltip so that it exactly fits within the svg Victory renders. The tooltip's center will be moved, but the pointer will remain pointing at the associated x, y value of the tooltip. When this prop is set to true, pointerLength may not be respected

  • center is a prop that may be given as an object with values or functions for "x" and "y". When this prop is set, it will position the center of the tooltip (centered around the main body of the tooltip, minus the pointer). When this prop is not set, it will be calculated from other props such as x, y, pointerLength, etc. This prop was added to enable mouse-following tooltips in VictoryVoronoiContainer.

  • centerOffset is a prop that may be given as an object with values or functions for "x" and "y". When this prop is set, the center of the tooltip will be offset by some amount from the x, y value it points to, resulting in a slanted pointer. When this prop is set, pointerLength will not be respected (because the pointer will be slanted)

  • flyoutHeight (formerly height): This optional prop determines the height of the tooltip flyout (minus pointer). The name of this prop was changed so that it would not conflict with the height prop now passed to VictoryTooltip by its parents

  • flyoutWidth (formerly width): This optional prop determines the width of the tooltip flyout (minus pointer). The name of this prop was changed so that it would not conflict with the width prop now passed to VictoryTooltip by its parents

  • width: the overall width of the parent svg. This prop will be passed down from any victory component that uses VictoryTooltip as a label

  • height: the overall height of the parent svg. This prop will be passed down from any victory component that uses VictoryTooltip as a label

Changes Affecting VictoryLabel and VictoryTooltip

  • The x and y values passed to labels by their parent components have all been adjusted so that their values match the position of the data point they correspond to. All padding is now accounted for in the dx and dy props instead of being added directly to x and y. This will be a breaking change for anyone who is wrapping label components and relying on the x and y props they receive, or providing their own dx / dy props. These breaking changes may take a bit of manual adjustment to correct, but we hope this change will make label positioning easier to reason about in the long run.

Other Changes We have been concurrently working on improving performance and the stability of events in victory-native. The following changes have been added to support these efforts:

Related PR: #1373

  • A prependDefaultAxes boolean prop has been added to VictoryChart. This prop will be set true by default in victory-native to reduce the possibility of axis elements to interfere with events.
  • Invisible ticks and grids will no longer be rendered unless they have events attached to them. This is again to reduce interference with events.

Related PR: #1365

  • Swapped out React component primitives (Bar, Path etc) with for function primitives to match performance-improving changes in victory-native. (This is a breaking change for anyone extending from victory components)


4 years ago


#1271 Replace PropTypes.exact with PropTypes.shape


4 years ago


#1266 Fixes area stroke on polar charts Thanks @mettjus!


4 years ago


Horizontal Chart Improvements!


The goal of this change is to make it possible to turn any existing chart into a horizontal chart by adding the horizontal prop to the chart without needing to alter any other props.

  • supports horizontal versions of all chart types without needing to alter data
  • supports all event containers for horizontal charts
  • enforces consistency across props that take x and y values so that the x value always refers to the independent dimension, and the y value always refers to the dependent dimension.
  • the orientation of VictoryAxis components is no longer tied to whether or not they are the dependentAxis

Breaking Changes

Most Horizontal Charts The change in how props with x and y values are treated (i.e. scale, domain, etc) will be a breaking change for most horizontal charts. In most cases, reversing the x and y values of props you are providing to your horizontal chart will be sufficient to correct the change. For example:

<VictoryChart horizontal scale={{ x: "log" }} domain={{ y: [4, 9] }}>
      { x: 5, y: 0.1 },
      { x: 6, y: 1 },
      { x: 7, y: 10 },
      { x: 8, y: 100 }

Should be changed to:

<VictoryChart horizontal scale={{ y: "log" }} domain={{ x: [4, 9] }}>
      { x: 5, y: 0.1 },
      { x: 6, y: 1 },
      { x: 7, y: 10 },
      { x: 8, y: 100 }

Props affected by this change are: scale, domain, maxDomain, minDomain, domainPadding, and categories

Horizontal Charts with Event Containers Dimension props such as brushDimension have changed so that they always refer to the dimension of the target variable (x for the independent variable, and y for the dependent variable). For example, a VictoryBrushContainer component with brushDimension="x" will move and expand only in the independent dimension regardless of whether the chart is horizontal.

Props affected by this change are: brushDimension, cursorDimension, selectionDimension, voronoiDimension, and zoomDimension

Horizontal Charts with Custom dataComponents The position values (i.e. x, y, x0, y0) supplied to custom dataComponents from components like VictoryChart will be scaled for the layout of the horizontal chart. Users who rely on these values may need to flip them or adjust them depending on their use case

Horizontal VictoryBoxPlot Previously VictoryBoxPlot required data to be flipped (x values flipped with y values) in order to plot horizontal charts. This is no longer required, and providing data in this format will no longer work correctly. To correct for this change, it should be sufficient to flip the data used in horizontal charts


4 years ago


  • #1177 Adds support for controlling radius, innerRadius, cornerRadius, padAngle, sliceStartAngle and sliceEndAngle for each individual slice of a pie:

Details: The Slice primitive used by VictoryPie now takes radius, cornerRadius, innerRadius, padAngle, sliceStartAngle and sliceEndAngle props. Each of these props may be given as number or a function of datum and active. padAngle, radius, cornerRadius and innerRadius will be passed down from props on VictoryBar, but sliceStartAngle and sliceEndAngle must be defined directly on the Slice instance, These values should be given in degrees. To make these values easier to use as functional props, startAngle, endAngle, and padAngle (in degrees) are added to each datum passed into Slice. (If your data already has these properties they will not be overridden)

Breaking Changes The Slice primitive will still take a pathFunction prop, but this prop will no longer be provided by VictoryPie. This will not be a breaking change for most users. This will only affect users who were wrapping the Slice component and making use of the pathFunction prop provided by VictoryPie Users who were providing their own pathFunction prop to Slice should not be affected.


4 years ago


  • #1152 Bugfix: barWidth functions were not being correctly evaluated
  • #1158 cornerRadius improvements for VictoryBar
    • Artifacts caused by cornerRadius values larger than the height of the bar have been corrected
    • cornerRadius now supports topLeft, topRight, bottomLeft and bottomRight values in addition to existing values. This is not a breaking change. These values may be used alongside existing values for top and bottom, but more specific values will override less specific values.


4 years ago
  • #1135 - Allow closed paths for cartesian and polar VictoryLine
  • #1130 - Adds a labelPosition prop to VictoryPie with options startAngle, endAngle and centroid (default). Thanks @sikolio!
  • #1126 - Ensures that onBrushDomainChangeEnd is called for dragging and panning actions. Thanks @jeloagnasin!


4 years ago
  • #1121 - Adds a separate onBrushDomainChangeEnd event handler for VictoryBrushContainer that is only called on mouse up events. Thanks @jeloagnasin!


4 years ago
  • #1088 - Bugfix: don’t ignore angle: 0 for text styles
  • #1091 - Fix inconsistent defaultBrushArea behavior. Thanks @bees
  • #1093 - Remove trailing whitespace and incorrect zeroes in transform strings
  • #1094 - Support direction prop for VictoryLabel and Text primitive
  • #1096 - Fix bug in horizontal zooming and panning
  • #1101 - Fix arguments in VictoryVoronoiContainer label function. Thanks @evsheino


4 years ago
  • 1061 Fixes default bar width for chart with only one bar. Thanks @40x
  • 1062 Improvements for victory-native stability
    • Supports clipPath prop on all primitive components
    • generates keys based on name or id prop.
  • 1063 Makes prop-types a real dependency


4 years ago

Victory is becoming a monorepo!

This will not be a breaking change for the majority of users, especially those importing all components from the main victory npm package

Breaking Changes

  • The Axis / Grid primitive component has been renamed LineSegment
  • Victory no longer supports git installs
  • victory-chart and victory-core packages export different sets of packages than they used to. See the complete list below

New Package Organization

  • victory exports everything exported from the packages below
  • victory-axis@30.0.0 exports VictoryAxis
  • victory-area@30.0.0 exports VictoryArea and Area
  • victory-bar@30.0.0 exports VictoryBar and Bar
  • victory-box-plot@30.0.0 exports VictoryBoxPlot
  • victory-brush-container@30.0.0 exports VictoryBrushContainer, BrushHelpers and brushContainerMixin
  • victory-brush-line@30.0.0 exports VictoryBrushLine
  • victory-candlestick@30.0.0 exports VictoryCandlestick and Candle
  • victory-chart@30.0.0 exports VictoryChart
  • victory-core@30.0.0 still exports several packages that are used by several Victory components:
    • VictoryAnimation
    • VictoryClipContainer
    • VictoryContainer
    • VictoryLabel
    • VictoryPortal and Portal
    • VictoryTheme
    • VictoryTransition
    • Several primitive components: Arc, Border / Box, Circle, ClipPath, LineSegment (formerly Axis / Grid), Line, Path, Point, Rect, Text, TSpan, Whisker
    • Several utilities:
      • addEvents, Axis, Collection, CommonProps, Data, DefaultTransitions, Domain, Events, Helpers, Immutable, LabelHelpers, Log, PropTypes, Scale, Selection, Style, TextSize, Timer, Transitions, Wrapper
  • victory-create-container@30.0.0 exports createContainer, combineContainerMixins and makeCreateContainerFunction
  • victory-cursor-container@30.0.0 exports VictoryCursorContainer, CursorHelpers and cursorContainerMixin
  • victory-errorbar@30.0.0 exports VictoryErrorBar and ErrorBar
  • victory-group@30.0.0 exports VictoryGroup
  • victory-legend@30.0.0 exports VictoryLegend
  • victory-line@30.0.0 exports VictoryLine and Curve
  • victory-pie@30.0.0 exports VictoryPie and Slice
  • victory-scatter@30.0.0 exports VictoryScatter
  • victory-selection-container@30.0.0 exports VictorySelectionContainer, SelectionHelpers and selectionContainerMixin
  • victory-shared-events@30.0.0 exports VictorySharedEvents
  • victory-stack@30.0.0 exports VictoryStack
  • victory-tooltip@30.0.0 exports VictoryTooltip and Flyout
  • victory-voronoi@30.0.0 exports VictoryVoronoi and Voronoi
  • victory-voronoi-container@30.0.0 exports VictoryVoronoiContainer, VoronoiHelpers and voronoiContainerMixin
  • victory-zoom-container@30.0.0 exports VictoryZoomContainer, RawZoomHelpers, ZoomHelpers and zoomContainerMixin


4 years ago


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4 years ago


  • VictoryTooltip no longer automatically adds the active prop to data when hovered. To turn this behavior on, set the new activateData boolean prop on VictoryTooltip
  • Deprecates label in favor of labels in VictoryLine and VictoryArea, allowing individual data labels for these components like in other Victory components. This will be a breaking change for anyone using the label prop in VictoryLine or VictoryArea. Series labels will need to be configured manually.
  • VictoryZoomContainer now zooms both x and y dimensions, use the prop dimension="x" to return to the old behavior
  • VictoryZoomContainer now centers zoom behavior on the mouse position rather than the center of the chart
  • VictoryZoomContainer has a minimum zoom level of the extent of the domain / 1000. Set a custom minimum with the minimumZoom prop, which takes an object with numeric values for x and/ or y.
  • VictoryBrushContainer no longer has dimension="x" as the default value.

Deprecation Notice VictoryVoronoi and VictoryVoronoiTooltip have been replaced by VictoryVoronoiContainer and will be deprecated in version 0.20.0


  • VictoryTooltip no longer automatically adds the active prop to data when hovered. To turn this behavior on, set the new activateData boolean prop on VictoryTooltip
  • Adds a theme prop to VictoryContainer so that custom containers may pick up themes from their parents
  • Removes default title and desc props from VictoryContainer
  • Adds support for providing text as an array for VictoryLabel
  • Adds support for providing style as an array for VictoryLabel so that each line of a multi-line label may be styled independently
  • Changes how null data values are handled by Area and Curve primitives
  • Adds a reduceChildren method to Helpers to ensure order consistency when working with nested children


  • implements data sorting for all components with a sortKey props


  • Adds VictoryVoronoiContainer for hover events (tooltips). VictoryVoronoiContainer has several benefits over VictoryVoronoi and VictoryVoronoiTooltip
    • Supports multi-dataset voronoi
    • Much better performance (voronoi polygons are not actually rendered, so the number of nodes rendered is dramatically lower)
    • Supports multi-data tooltips
    • Supports rectangular selections with a dimension prop i.e. dimension="x" creates vertical hover areas for every unique x value in all child data
  • Deprecates label in favor of labels in VictoryLine and VictoryArea, allowing individual data labels for these components like in other Victory components. This will be a breaking change for anyone using the label prop in VictoryLine or VictoryArea. Series labels will need to be configured manually
  • Changes how null values are handled in VictoryArea, and groups all line and area segments (i.e. split by null values) into the same eventKey, so that they operate as a single line for the purposes of events.


  • Supports x and y dimension zooming in VictoryZoomContainer
  • Adds a minimumZoom prop for VictoryZoomContainer
  • Zooming centers on mouse position rather than in the center of the chart


  • Adds a translateY prop for ClipPath to support x, y zoom behavior
  • Removes default clipPadding in ClipPath


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5 years ago
  • victory-chart/429
  • Throttles onWheel and onMouseMove events on Victory container components
  • Exports container event helpers


5 years ago

This release includes major breaking changes related to VictoryZoom

  • victory-core/189 and 191
    • Adds VictoryLegend component
  • victory-core/190
    • Allows VictoryContainer to render either <g> or <svg> depending on the value of the standalone prop
    • Passes a timer down in context for VictorySharedEvents
    • Event handlers have access to the context they are being called from via an argument
      • i.e. onClick: (event, targetProps, eventKey, context) => {...}
    • Enhances addEvents so that evented components can pick up "parentControllerProps" from parent state
      • useful for VictoryZoomContainer
    • Adds the ability to define callbacks in the events prop that will be called after setState
      • useful for allowing VictoryZoomContainer to call methods like resumeAnimation
  • victory-chart/427
    • Adds VictoryBrushContainer
    • Adds VictoryZoomContainer to replace VictoryZoom
    • See pull request for examples
    • Deprecates VictoryZoom
    • Changes default styles for VictorySelectionContainer
    • Adds override-able selectionComponent for VictorySelectionContainer
    • Adds domain and standalone to list of props that get stored in parent state
    • Simplifies and standardizes container rendering across components.


5 years ago
  • Adds VictorySelectionContainer
  • Changes when functional styles and props are evaluated (this may be a breaking change) Functional styles and props are now evaluated in the primitive components (Point, Bar etc.)
  • Supports an active prop on all primitive components that is used when evaluating functional styles and props
  • Tooltips now trigger active: true on both labels and data components
  • defaultEvents are supported for containerComponents


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6 years ago

The following components documented and ready to use; API subject to change:

  • victory-animation
    • victory-axis
    • victory-bar
    • victory-chart
    • victory-label
    • victory-line
    • victory-pie
    • victory-scatter

Functional styles and functional props (where appropriate) are implemented for all the data primitives (VictoryBar, VictoryLine etc.) and VictoryAxis

Components use d3-modules

Basic code coverage across all Victory components.

We make no promises about any code prior to this release. From this point on, you can expect a regular release schedule (~every two weeks) with detailed release notes. Check out our roadmap for upcoming features


6 years ago

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